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  1. I was just a cook.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving Shipmate!!!
  3. For us a king with the less room for us. We have a couple of labs that sleep with us when we have other people in the 5th wheel. We are not in the bedroom that often in a 24 hour period. We have plenty of room at the end of the bed or in the bathroom to get dressed.
  4. Though It doesn't bother me as near as it bothers you I want it to end as well. Spring forward and leave it there. Now they are once again talking about it again next year to abolish it. That would be nice.
  5. That is some funny stuff right there. My bad I thought you said you painted them ON your wife. Thought you were being funny. lol
  6. Loosen up those spincters people. Your walking your dogs around in the campground people are going to want to pet them. There is a lot more issues out there than someone wanting to pet fido. My 2 labs get offended if you don't want to pet them. Wear a sign around you neck that says don't ask to pet my dog!!! People walking through my site under my awning out the other side irritates me way more. But I guess that has long been debated.
  7. I just received a similar one from amazon stating that my prime account was not paid. What really sucks is I'm sure a lot of people fall for these scams and give up personal information to these crooks.
  8. I totally agree. We were in a campground in Central Arizona about 10 days ago. The seasonal full timers still had their gatherings. On ST Patrick's Day they had there potluck and Corn Hole Tournament. Their attitude was "we are rebels and don't follow the rules". Most of these 35-40 people were 65 and up. Needless to say me and the wife did not participate. I hope all is well with them folks. It was a great RV Park and I look forward to visiting it again.
  9. Sounds like a great plan. I pray you health improves. Who wrote this? The DW or the DH? The writing contradicts each other. Just curious.
  10. Isn't that crazy??? We were there Feb 28-Mar 2. Total Opposite.
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