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  1. Loosen up those spincters people. Your walking your dogs around in the campground people are going to want to pet them. There is a lot more issues out there than someone wanting to pet fido. My 2 labs get offended if you don't want to pet them. Wear a sign around you neck that says don't ask to pet my dog!!! People walking through my site under my awning out the other side irritates me way more. But I guess that has long been debated.
  2. I just received a similar one from amazon stating that my prime account was not paid. What really sucks is I'm sure a lot of people fall for these scams and give up personal information to these crooks.
  3. I totally agree. We were in a campground in Central Arizona about 10 days ago. The seasonal full timers still had their gatherings. On ST Patrick's Day they had there potluck and Corn Hole Tournament. Their attitude was "we are rebels and don't follow the rules". Most of these 35-40 people were 65 and up. Needless to say me and the wife did not participate. I hope all is well with them folks. It was a great RV Park and I look forward to visiting it again.
  4. Sounds like a great plan. I pray you health improves. Who wrote this? The DW or the DH? The writing contradicts each other. Just curious.
  5. Isn't that crazy??? We were there Feb 28-Mar 2. Total Opposite.
  6. Nah I don't like them because they suck. They have built a culture of I don't give a crap about you because there's another person coming in the door behind you. It's a fact more people post negative comments about a business then positive ones. CW has A LOT of negative ones.
  7. You have to think outside the box. There is also porch pickup, driveway pickup, curb pick up..... I have not seen a slow down of ads on nextdoor or facebook. People are making it happen. It's the gougers that irritate me.
  8. Oil has been below $30 a barrel for sometime now and diesel is still $3.49 a gallon where I live in California. Gouging pieces of shi t.
  9. USAA has catchy commercials but they are aren't the best for everything. We use 2 credit unions. Alliant Credit union is one. We did our first RV loan with them. Great rates. 50K limit on mobile deposits. Our main bank is Kitsap Credit Union in Washington State. We live in California but have been with them for many years. I can't tell you how long it's been since I've been in a bank. We do everything online, ATM, mobile, store checkouts, and Direct Deposit. As someone said you can use any bank. Make sure you get one that has no fees and reimburses ATM fees. Our current RV loan is through First Internet Bank.
  10. good call on figuring out what will not work for your back. I suspect Tesla has made a bundle with cancelled $100 deposits.
  11. My current loan is through First Internet bank out of Indiana and I live in California. Our previous loan was through Alliant Credit Union. I sold my first unit private sale. The buyers lender issued a check to my Lien holder (after the process) and that was that. It was a pretty easy process.
  12. We are from Antioch. Still trying to make it work with our schedule.
  13. We will be visiting the South Rim in the middle of March. Can't wait.
  14. Also where did I miss the dollar sign moving to after the numbers? I write $1800. But I see 1800$ from a lot of people. Did I miss something with the movement of the dollar sign? James
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