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  1. My son earned his DPT in May 2018 and has been very busy since.
  2. In April this year I switched my phone service to T-Mobile and although their customer service was GREAT their coverage was not so great even in Chattanooga, TN. I am no longer with T-Mobile!
  3. I like the S637 Sailuns on our Montana so well that I put Sailun Terramax tires on my F350 4x2. Have about 20,000 on them and so far are great.
  4. Sailun S637 14 ply is comparable to GY G614 and are excellent tires at 1/2 cost of G614. Check with independent tire stores not big brand tire stores. When I needed them a local Chattanooga independent got them overnight. Also check Simpletire.com.
  5. Mine is also setup as always on and hasn't been off since October 31, 2017 and I turned it off then for a few minutes. I will add though that I'm a VERY light user of mine. Casual web surfing mostly...no streaming.
  6. I got it one piece at a time and it didn't cost me a dime!
  7. You can't fix STUPID! Here's his sign.
  8. I have never "stayed" at a Walmart and don't plan to BUT I would before I would stay at KOA!
  9. This is very similar to mine except they also detail my truck weekly included in price.
  10. Call back and ask what you need to do to terminate your DTV service. They will likely connect you with a retention specialist who will really help you.
  11. I went to your link to have a look and couldn't believe the condition of the rotors in the pictures provided showing the product in use. Good product though.
  12. I'm surprised that no one has asked if the slide out in question is a Schwintek or is it a cable operated. +$500 to replace the motor seems EXCESSIVE to me.
  13. There are many businesses that offer a military discount but don't advertise it. I ask almost everywhere and am happy most times to get a discount. I went to Verizon once to buy a hotspot that was on sale @ $99.00. I ask about military discount and flashed my retiree ID. A few minutes later I walked out with the hotspot for $5.80.
  14. I have had to re-aim a dish once and that was after a large tree limb fell on it. Took more than a re-aim actually.
  15. It is an old Sears that was converted by them to a MC. Have had it since 1981.
  16. I have considered one of them but only a manual one and a much shorter one to put on one slide-out. Shouldn't be too heavy because would only be about 6 feet.
  17. Same here PLUS I use one of our regular credit cards which gives me 10% off ALL service stations, restaurants, and grocery stores and play it off when billed.
  18. "Whatever happened to the tripod and dish pointing" was written by the OP. Sounds to me like tripod & manual dish is what he wants. He also says he's "confused" not physically/mentally challenged.
  19. For 11 years 9 of which are full time I have used the Dish Network 1000.2 HD dish mounted on a surveyor's tripod using the mounting kit from tv4rv.com. I use both EA & WA Hybrid lnb depending on which is needed due to obstacles and this dish setup is feeding a Hopper3 receiver. I also carry 250 feet of RG6 if it's necessary to get out a bit from the RV. I don't use any type of meter but do use SatFinder Lite just to take a peek when necessary. My normal setup time is about 10 minutes (15 if lnb change required). I am happy with this method and highly doubt I will go with one of the auto type.
  20. I took the thread seriously but still agree with both responses.
  21. Have you thought about getting a V tailgate? I like mine.
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