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Found 15 results

  1. LeeS

    Lube and Oil info

    New to a class A diesel pusher and need to get a lube and oil change on my 2009 Monaco Knight. Any reliable recommendations near me would be appreciated... maybe Denton, Texas? Thanks in advance
  2. Residence with RV port, attic and storage area in beautiful east Texas. Located approximately 25 miles west of Tyler, TX and 85 miles east of Dallas, TX. $165,000 (open to offers) Built in 2014 (completed July 2014) Living area has 900 square feet with the following amenities: 1 bedroom 1 bath Large walk-in shower Walk in closet with 2 built in chest of drawers Dual fuel stove/oven (cook top is propane; oven is electric) Washer/dryer hook-ups with overhead storage Large walk-in pantry Wood floor in living and dining area Tile floor in kitchen, bathroom and hall/laundry Carpet in bedroom and closet Granite counter top in kitchen with stainless steel sink 9 foot ceilings with fans in bedroom and living room Tankless water heater Separate 10’ x 12’ storage room (currently used as a sewing room) Attic covers the living area, storage room and walkway between the two, providing approximately 1,000 square feet of area. Some of the area is taken up with A/C ducting and the slope of the roof. Much of it is usable and open. A/C and heat are piped into the storage area and the attic. WeBoost cell / data signal booster installed for better cell and data reception inside the metal building. Covered RV parking with full hook-ups including 30 and 50 amp. (The picture shows a 30’ 5th wheel parked in the RV area.) Additional pictures can be viewed at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8ij4l0fiol0th3s/AACvRLuOhrOB_slcjHHw8F1Ua?dl=0 For information on Bass Lake Christian Retirement Community, check out their website: www.blcrc.org
  3. Seeking an RV lot or small recreational lot ( 1/4 to 2 acres) in the Texas Hill country for sale. Waterfront and utility building is a plus.
  4. We have a month before we move into the fifth wheel. I have been researching and have most of my questions answered. PLUS I found a good post that compares the choices we are facing. I am still undecided, and I'm asking anyone who has arrived at their domicile decision, what are one or two smaller discoveries do you wish you had known beforehand? My decisions are between Florida, Texas, and Tennessee. SD is a distant fourth. I read Health care cost completely overshadows all other costs. I think I agree, that is for 2 years at least. I know the big points, income taxes, health insurance, RV insurance, new vehicle purchase taxes, sales tax rate. (the sales tax rate in TN is high but we have no plans to be there for long stays) I would want to bring an already converted HDT "house car" into the state. Would it be very tough to do or easy if already converted? We have relatives in TN and FL but no plans to stay with them. Thank you. This was posted 3 years ago: A great topic with a good comparison chart: https://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/125374-domicile-analysis/ Comment by Lockmup specific to HDT owners: https://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/125374-domicile-analysis/?do=findComment&comment=879709 Chart: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gMs0eSHxYDoc6ff_DTcj8eqwlo4Z7YCG28D2IhkLS6Q/edit#gid=0
  5. I read this topic and it’s helpful. https://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/137485-winter-location-suggestion/ We just started our full time adventure this month. We have an HDT pulling a 36’ fifth wheel. We are looking for less expensive suggestions for wintering in the south. We only have a bit of experience with Florida, and I agree it can be buggy and crowded in most areas. I have family in South Miami which is my only interest. I wonder if Ft Meyers is less expensive than Miami area? According to many, Arizona is just about the best for weather. We have never been there. Texas either. We can find links to RV parks all week long but I’m asking for help to narrow it down if possible. thanks in advance,
  6. As a new TX resident I attempted to get my Monaco motorhome registered they told me I would have to have it weighed first. They said it was a State requirement - that they could not accept what was on my SD title and registration, or on the manufacturer weight placard. I looked on the TXDOT website and found no such requirement. In fact, in the Motor Vehicle Registration Manual it clearly states that a motorhome is registered as a passenger vehicle and a weight certificate is only required if a weight DECREASE is being requested. It seems to me the county tax office is misinterpreting the rules. I have written TXDOT for clarification. What have others found.
  7. Hey me and the DW need help. We live in NV, and NV has no state income tax, so I have not paid state income tax on my money for years. We are looking at the states that have no income tax and low land / housing / real estate prices. Texas is coming in at the top of the list. Growing up in Kansas I used to travel to San Antonio for summer vacation with the family. It was fun to visit. I would like to be near San Antonio but not in the city. I would like to be a couple of hours away. I would like to have acreage out in the country and be completely outside of city limits. I would love to have a pond on my property. So I am not dead set on any one area of Texas, but would like to get opinions from those who live there! I would also like to get opinions from others who live in no state tax states. So for those who respond looking for answers to 1.climate spring winter and summer temps 2. Levels of Taxes on property 3. HDT Friendly or not 4. Any other information you would like to throw at me. My retirement date is January 29th, 2029 Wife's retirement date is January 23rd, 2023 I got to Vegas 6 years after she did. Anyway we start doing research early. Our realestate agent has told us to start shopping now, and forming ideas. If we find a hot property buy it now, rent it out (LOL if you read my last struggles) and have it partially paid off before you move there. I will be selling two properties in Vegas right before I move and will have them paid off prior to retirement plus each property should pull in over 300K, yep welcome to Vegas. Californians think we are a steal for prices. Thanks for your help and opinions. Yes over the next four or five years I am going to update and ask this question in similar ways many times over. Update on the rental saga - we sent the 30 day letter of collections to our former tenents on Friday, for some odd reason we have not heard back yet. And I thought they would turn into good people and pay up LOL '-( Later, Cory O Vegas Teacher
  8. Getting ready to take both my written and skills test for a Class A Exempt (non-CDL) Texas license. Other than the Texas driving handbook, can anyone recommend a site that will help me with the test questions? And, since I have a big rig in the form of a fifth wheel that I pull with a semi truck, what kind of skills in Texas will they expect me to demonstrate? For instance, will there be an air test I have to perform? I just now found David & Cheryl's post on the subject that was posted in this forum in 2016. It has been updated. Excellent post answering most of my questions that I have requested here. Specifically, there are still a couple of concerns my wife and I have about the skills test. Does anyone out there have any dealings with the Waco test site. We live in Waco, and we are apprehensive about testing in the city. Also, David and Cheryl recommended that we study the section in the handbook on air brakes, but did not mention whether or not we might be asked to perform an air test. We are driving a mid sized Freightliner with air ride suspension and brakes. Being newbies, any help would be appreciated.
  9. We visited the King Ranch in Kingsville, Texas the day before yesterday. Big? Yeah, bigger than the state of Rhode Island. Blog entry is here (picture rich): http://wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com/2018/03/the-worlds-largest-ranch-king-ranch.html enjoy!
  10. Martha and I just visited historic Victoria, Texas and The Museum of the Coastal Bend. We had a great day, a great meal at the Rosebud Cafe and enjoyed the museum. You can read about on our blog located here: http://wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com/2018/02/victoria-texas-museum-of-coastal-bend.html. The museum is free and tells the history of the Coastal Bend.
  11. Hello Esapers After purchasing my First RV (Winnebago 2100BH Micro Minnie) I am looking to take a 3 week trip this summer with my Wife and our 7 year old daughter. I have taken one Trip By Myself to pursue my latest passion Kayak Fishing on the Texas Coast a few months ago to get comfortable towing and setting up my RV, ect. I will be leaving from San Antonio, TX and looking to travel up to New Mexico and then back home. Looking to stay 1 week for each stop of our trip. What places would you recommend in Texas and New Mexico? (or Ok).
  12. I am a full time RV’r with my wife and we are domiciled in Texas. We have been living in Whitefish, Montana at an RV park since December 2015 and are currently house hunting in the in the area to reside permanently. My wife has a full time job in Whitefish, MT and I work remotely.My question is: We would like to purchase a second vehicle (used) but I cannot register it in Montana because we do not have a Montana license nor do we have a lease and we do not own property yet. I have confirmed this with the Montana DMV... And I can't register it in Texas because I think we have to do it in the state....Is this correct? So what am I supposed to do? What does everyone do when they buy new trucks? Do you have to buy them in the state you are domiciled so you can register them?Although we are currently actively house hunting, we do not have an expected date of purchase and I'm not sure we can't wait to buy the second vehicle. So is there a way we can purchase and register the vehicle now?Thank you for your time,-Sam
  13. We are new to the RV lifestyle and will be going full time in January 2018. We are wondering if anyone has advice on some campgrounds in Texas that we might look into for the colder months. We want to be warm! Thanks you for your assistance.
  14. We're going full time in about 45 days. House is up for sale in about a week! I currently live in Fort Worth, Texas (Tarrant County), where we've lived for a long time. From what I understand, we need to: Get a new domicile/mail forwarding address Update our driver's license Update our voter registration I was going to use the Escapees mail service, but from reading their FAQ it sounds like I'd have to change everything to that county, establish professional and social connections, etc, requiring us to drive down there for some things. I'm imagining it would be easiest to use a Fort Worth virtual mailbox and mail forwarding address...but I could be wrong. Can we just get a mail service anywhere and have it understood that Tarrant County, Fort Worth, Texas is our domicile since this was the last place we lived? Or does it not work like that? I'm a bit confused at to how this might work since we already are established in the State, but not the County. I apologize for being another person on this forum likely making this more difficult than it actually is!
  15. Howdy folks! Seeking wisdom from those who've gone before us.... My wife and I (and our two furry dependents) live outside Denver, CO and we just went under contract on the sale of our home. We own a vacant building lot in another town in the same county here in Colorado but we do not intend to build on that for a year or more. Our goal after we close on the sale of our home in January is to be nomads in our 5th wheel for at least 4-6 months. We both work from home or "virtually", so as long as we have Internet access, we're OK (we've got a bundle of doo-dads to help with that!) So my questions arise from the pseudo-Colorado residence condition we have. Both hour DLs and our vehicle registrations (including the RV) are in Colorado. We have Colorado PO Boxes for our respective businesses (neither of which are Colorado licensed businesses), but we plan to avail of a mail forwarding (re-mailing) service to ensure we get our mail in a relatively timely manner wherever we're stationed these next few months. Our vacant building lot has a mailing address, but no cluster box and no on-property mailbox. So I am unsure how the mail forwarding works and if we should change all of our accounts to the vacant lot mailing address and have the mail forwarded from there. Is this a legitimate way to claim residency in Colorado, via a vacant parcel of land? Additional factors that may make a difference in any of your recommendations: - My wife's name is on the deed of a property in Texas she, her sister and her dad share. Her sister has a residence on it and lives there full time. Could we state Texas residency based on my wife's name on the deed? - My wife's parents live in Washington State and we are considering buying a small home there temporarily AFTER our 4-6 months of travel, until her folks retire and move in 3 years. Neither Washington nor Texas have state income tax, so they both look attractive from that standpoint, but I am not sure if we should go through the effort of claiming residency in either and changing our DLs, registrations, plates, etc. Besides, we sort of like being from Colorado! What did I miss?
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