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  1. Thanks everyone I knew coming here to ask would be the best place to get info!!! As "bad" luck would have it our dealership called us the same evening I posted this and advised that our RV that was supposed to be coming in on 28SEP or so they had made a mistake and ordered the wrong model YIKES. While the model they ordered is similar to ours we did not want a rear kitchen and the smaller living area. So we now will be waiting until just after Thanksgiving for the correct RV to come in. I will definitely be checking out some of the other places once we get closer to Thanksgiving
  2. Thanks for you input. They told me this was full time coverage but that I also needed the vacation coverage because it was for the liability if someone injures at my RV while its parked. So it sounds like if they give me true full time coverage I won't need the vacation thing. Appreciate all your comment! I'll call some of the others as well and get quotes to see if we can get it down.
  3. We have a new Vanleigh Vilano 385RD coming in the next couple of weeks. This 5th wheel is new 2021 model 5 slides and 42.5 feet long. I've called a couple of insurance places and it seems fairly high. Quotes from: Steve Miller Agency around 2000, and one from National General Insurance - 2292 They said it was for 500.00 deductible and total replacement costs since we will be full timing once our house sells. It also has something they called 100k vacation liability. Is there other places that have fulltime insurance that we could check with?
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