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  1. The dealer sold me a silicone upper hose which means the standard hose clamps are not supposed to be used since they may shear the hose. There is not much room between the hose and overflow tank. What have others used for hoses. I'm finding the t handle and constant torque clamps are too big.
  2. Are you talking about the free 78% nitrogen or $$ 100% nitrogen that you have to buy at special locations?
  3. Are you talking about an aftermarket hood? If so, what kind?
  4. bigredhdt

    VNL Hood Repair

    The hood on my vnl cracked around the hinge point. Can this be repaired or do I need to replace it?
  5. When you are on the diagnostic menu where the codes are shown, hold down the enter button for couple of seconds.
  6. Anyone have the doorman egr valves installed. Much cheaper than Volvo reman.
  7. I check the diagnostic codes from time to time. On the engine, I see some that have inactive faults. I have seen some of the same codes for a while that are associated with the egr, but they have never been active when I look at them. When do you take action on the diagnostic codes? I just recently saw a single electrical fault on an injector, again not active. That one concerns me as it seems that might stand me somewhere.
  8. bigredhdt


    They are hard to get on the 6.75 in rims. I think these were designed for dually rims. Also I have not have had good luck with them having had 3 blow out. I check pressure every time before I go out. 215 75 17.5.
  9. I got a quote of $1500.
  10. If any of you had the bushings replaced how much did it run?
  11. A shop diagnosed my truck with a loose kingpin. This truck has the hendrickson air ride. I am told these are not supposed to be serviceable, but there are some that will work on them. Anyone have experience with this?
  12. I used the angle iron that originally attached the 5th wheel to the truck. Then there is a vertical plate on the back welded to the bed frame and bolted to the truck frame. The vertical plate was positioned so that original fasteners could be removed and replaced with bolts. My builder put 1" slats between the frame and bed, but they are very loose after 5 years. If it were closer to the truck frame, I would glue so.e thin rubber to the frame.
  13. I did mine in pairs so I could use the existing air bags to hold up the frame. Dump the system, pull one set of bags off the leveling valve and plug the valve. Change bags and then swap to the other pair.
  14. bigredhdt

    D12d Derate

    I have a d12d and am wondering if a message pops up when the ecm derate the engine. If not, how do you know other than seeing how it's pulling?
  15. Anyone purchase the minimizer under bed tool boxes? Wonder if they are worth the extra over the poly boxes made by buyers?
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