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  1. Find a C that doesn’t have tanks under the dinette, pull it out and have a SMALL campfire. I’ve done this with a Lazy Daze & Forest River and was very happy with the outcome.
  2. Did not seem to leave a residue.
  3. Seems to me like that response should be between a seller and a REAL buyer.
  4. Does anyone here KNOW, based on their own experience, if Eternabond Primer leaves a residue in the overspray area?
  5. If I could get an affirmative answer that I could move the system between my 2 bases 200 miles apart I’d be on it in a heartbeat! I don’t even see a place to ask the question though.
  6. Daughter in Nacogdoches is still without power 120hrs & counting.
  7. My kids in Hou & Nacogdoches have been without power since Monday with no end in sight. Now How has issued boil water notice because mains are loosing pressure, how do you boil water with no power ? Here at Rainbow End everything is holding together for now, but that could change in a flash ⚡️. where's FEMA ?
  8. Americans, the US ones in particular, have made their environment so clean and bacteria free that their systems can tolerate nothing. Go drink out of the hose, maybe go swim in the creek & get water in your mouth…& other places. Then your definition of potable water becomes much broader.
  9. I have another cash buyer question. Now I’m the seller, the buyer wants to buy, based on FaceTime visits only. The RV is in SE Texas, the buyer is in Oregon. The finance transfer will not be the problem, but how can the title transfer take place, mail ? They want to store the MH (in their Name) in SE Texas till mid November.
  10. You can’t make someone considerate of others if they were raised to be inconsiderate of others they’re gonna be that way.
  11. I like that RV, instead of telling someone refusing to mask up.....just tell them toget their ass outta their head !
  12. I’m putting the $ in a escrow account with a lawyer who will see that the title is cleared & issued in my name. Gary, bought our Van from Camping World, then had some warranty work done at a different dealer. When we went to pick it up the repair dealer said we had to pay because the sale had not been registered, Winnebago still owned the vehicle....I should have walked but I had paid cash for it. I’m gonna be careful !
  13. I’m certain this has been asked & answered, but I don’t find it. I want to purchase a RV from a private party. The unit has a lien on it, & I’ll be paying cash. How should the lien clearance be handled so I get a clear title ? I'm in Texas, the RV is registered in Texas, and will be registered in Texas.
  14. $25 a month, unlimited everything, I’ve used more that 200gb streaming YouTube TV, not a problem.
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