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You can't take it on any road as it is not street legal. Maybe it could be towed by a wrecker to a storage lot.

Didn't you get a title when you paid the owner? You don't own it until you have a title in hand, signed by the seller.



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Don't know if it applies for your state but I got a temporary plate from dmv when I went to register something because seller didn't fill out something on the title or didn't give it to me, 35 years ago so I dont remember exactly. Vermont doesn't title after 15 or 16 years so many vehicles without titles here. If I read correctly your vehicle is a 1992 so it can't be titled in Vermont but they will register it with no problem. I know that NY residents will register a untitled 16 year old vehicle in Vermont to get a legal registration then use the transferable registration to register it in NY and get a new title. And many states have a process to get a title if seller cant or won't produce one. 

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In Florida they give you a paper tag, but even without that you should be able to drive it to a parking spot as long as you have the paperwork showing it is a new purchase in the extremely unlikely event you get stopped by a police officer. In other states I cannot say.

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I am a full timer and use the Escapees SD address. I have purchased vehicles in ID, AZ and NE. The dealer gives me a paper temporary plate for the State of purchase that is attached to the vehicle. I then have 45 days to register and pay the sales tax in SD. I then can transfer to plate of the vehicle traded in to the new vehicle or SD mails me a new plate.  

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Keep in mind she also said title not registration.  With proper paper work you can get a temporary tag yourself or in some cases a "one trip" tag to move a vehicle. You may not need a cleared title but would need something they will accept which could be as little as a bill of sale.

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no title.. sounds fishy.


on her part? on the sellers? most likely there, and could be called a scam.

no matter no plates Not allowed on any public street, road, etc.

no title, seller could say rv was stolen, or they had sold her a stolen rv.

be nice if the poster would return.

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