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  1. i lot of what i have to sell is not really crags list stuff. books, trains, other hobby stuff, etc. but a couple of the big things would need to be picked up at my driveway. but no way would i want them coming to my door, but the sheriffs office does have a dedicated spot for such.
  2. i have been here a good 7-8 years. and still not a rookie but i gots me some badges.
  3. does it really matter why. all i know is i do not have enough money to make things work. heck i would shut down this web access. but on a contract. so can not shut down with out a $$$ penalty. i need to start flea-baying my life away. after there "fees" i might make a couple bucks.
  4. good luck on that one, i have a couple debts (cards and the phone company) that get me my billing only days before it is due, and my banks online payments system can not pay it in time, the system is rigged to cost me more cash, and boost there profits.
  5. i live not all that far north of you, but far enough that "this" fire will not reach me. amazing how it stopped right on the county line? sad this year might be a very bad one for fires, as the heat started early, the lake levels are low, and thanks to our gov, letting thousands out of prison early, there went thousands of valued fire fighters. maybe some will volunteer as free persons? everybody living in the hills must cut back everything (aka: leave bare dirt only) that might burn 100 feet from there homes and out buildings. i now live in a town so can only cut so much back. and my trees are dieing. (old oak trees), when the heat stops i have to start cutting down a couple, and cutting up others that have already succumbed.
  6. yes lumber. yes fuel. yes food. i need to work on my trains, and at the cost of a sheet of plywood. ($60.- $85.00 usd) my rr might just go bankrupt. cost $100.usd to fill my fuel tank on my pu truck. and that's only four days commute. i have had to cut back on what i buy at the store. some days i do not have a quite belly... but maybe this says i can lose some weight? heck even the dmv has raised there tax rates to reg a truck, my 2001 fiver is now costing me over $200.usd a year. up $22.00 from last year. and that was more than the year before.
  7. where i work, in a major city even. engulfed by more city's. we can not even get a fueler/washer $18+ hr to start, with full union bennys,retirement, etc. and lots of overtime. (24-7 company). great job for that kid fresh out of high school. very easy work.
  8. only the east coast has a problem with rv propane. but as to clearances, most of everything west of the mississippy river you will have no problems. DOT regs says bridges, tunnels must clear 14 feet. the rare one will not. most of those are marked. back roads, old rail bridges, old not improved tunnels, etc. for the west coast, watch out on mt pass roads, as some are way to steep, or twisty to pull a trailer or drive a big class A rv. damage will happen.
  9. only one way to keep dust off the blades. keep them wrapped up in there shipping box. i have allergy's, and fight dust in my place like crazy. nothing stops dust from getting on and in everything.
  10. cheaper. does not always say better. sure hurts the wallet less, for now. but hurts your back now. and really hurts the wallet latter when you pay again for a good mattress.
  11. even keys not of this "brand" might work. a honda key can be cut for my rv door. but the poster said no lock smith around. please support a real lock smith as much as possible, it is a art, we still need, and will for a long time.
  12. "stabilize" if he was worried about that, why was he even staying in it. should have packed a bag with food and water, and hiked out.
  13. And all this info goes to any small gasoline motor in use. (including that neglected lawn mower that been sitting out in the weather all winter out behind the garage). sad the pump fuel is watered down with junk that make the fuel go bad in a month or two, and damages the whole fuel system.
  14. here it is june 2021, and gasoline is going well over $4.00 a gallon. some places already over $5.usd a gallon. diesel even more.
  15. i forget my tank cap's. (with a extra bladder of 60 gal fresh). but just me, it is no problem doing two weeks, only short coming, is i had to go back to work. no solar, just a genny. no tv, little radio. 8-9K feet up so no real need for the ac. in the forest i camped in, dumping grey water was encouraged. but not black. or trash. now with the drought, all forests and most any place with plants might just say dump your "clean" grey. pending not like qurtsite in jan.
  16. and in the past couple of years they found one part of a old satarn 5 rocket still in orbit. and the tinker toy in orbit has a cracked window, it was cracked by a paint chip. do not get me wrong, i do believe we need to be a multi planet species. but there is so much trash floating around up there now.
  17. sad that the mega super rich bosses could not just agree on the one one puck setting. kinda like how all wall plugs are the same for each voltage, all C, or D, or AA, or AAA, batteries and many many other things are the same, no matter the brand.
  18. how long till one of them has a crash with a chunk of space trash and then breaks up and causes others in that orbit to smash up and start a cascade effect? every launch, even musks rockets leave trash in orbit. just look what the communists in china did last month.
  19. i have no cam on this computer, and cover my iphone cam. and when not in use i have this little box for the phone. a protection case really ( i am rough on some things) but doubles as a fareaday box.
  20. be careful as the state scales are know to be off. as in giving the wrong weights. go to any CAT scale and your weight will be exact. (only by axle not by wheel) and the price is very low. for us truckers they even go to court on your behalf if the state says otherwise. i can not say for other states but here in ca at a privet scale you must state for personal use only. a state gotcha for taxes.
  21. yes local trucks use propane, and other forms of gas and batteries to power them, but try to pull a mt pass in anything other than a large diesel motor while pulling 80K of truck & goods to the market, can you say so slow as to stall out. or having to stop every 200 miles to sit for 12 hrs to recharge the batteries. a light weight car uses a lot, and having to power a rig takes a lot more. even the new tech in batteries weighs in very heavy for enough oomph to move a big rig.. does not mater what any one thinks the "fuel" should be, it is the BTU's that can be had out of a given amount of the fuel.
  22. the diesel motor is the best motor ever built. the sad truth is the garbage the eico nuts want on them now. as this def is killing the motors, hurting fuel mileage, etc. just try and move a small class A using a battery. heck even the over head wire buses can not go up any of the simple hills in SF. does any city use battery or AC powered buses on any hills? the truck i just bought had to be a weaker gasoline unit due to the down time and costs to the fail of the smog junk on a new diesel motor. as to the end of a life style, the fed government has there hand in this as it is hard to control the free spirit of a free people. and what is life of living on the road as one likes, if nothing more than freedom? note to the editors: this is not meant to be a political statement, it is just a way of saying people like to live free.
  23. yes i am a he. after trying a variety of different ways aka mixes. even adjusted the temps. still comes out hard. not crumbly like it should. still trying. not giving up yet.
  24. packnrat


    it is now may 20 2021, a dry year, but forecast for "some" snow this weekend. the pass's are all closed. might not be over crowded right now, but in a month it will be just like downtown in any city. to get around in Yosemite use a small car or motorcycle. and bring lots of money as everything sold there is way over priced. including entry.
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