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  1. i guess cause i drive a class A truck, i know how to back up just by aligning the truck and trailer. and then just back up using the left side mirror, till i fell it go clunk. at worst get out once-twice if i need to adjust the height of the pin. (aka: at home the pin sits above my head and i am just under 6 feet tall).
  2. not the east coast. but the gov here in ca is saying lockdowns must increase and continue till jan 2022 at the least, along with a longer time for the curfew.
  3. down to the 30's ? and here i believed florida never got below 70 F. and 300% humidity. guess i have been told wrong. but yes take hwy 10, as some places along hwy 40 will be snowed/iced in at times, do not even think about hwy 80 up north. one of these days i would like to see the state.
  4. i have had more than my share of "delays". but today i received a package that was not set to arrive till monday. ordered on the 11th here by the 13th am. from austin, texas to a small town in northern ca. so sometimes it does work.
  5. i stopped doing the casino buffets after getting food poisoning, and then finding out there dirty secrets about food handling. and my biggest win in all of nevada was a drivers change in winnemucca, nv. dropped a quarter change into a machine and won $10.usd. cashed out and hit the rd. a friend said something like this. the lotto is another tax, for the math challenged.
  6. i would be ecstatic to just win one million dollars, (after the tax). one game will be a good 600 million this wed. jan 13 2021.
  7. if a company charges you... it a "fee" if a state charges you............it's a tax. but a state can add on there tax on top of the fee.
  8. well i am at home, and i did not even notice my mistake till later.
  9. even easier than i can post the correct words. i meant "bank by computer". not by mail.
  10. bank by mail is easy. even i can do it. i just went into debt buying a new truck. and the dealer wanted a paper check. i had to dig in a couple of areas to even find a book of paper checks. the last one written was back in the summer of 2019.
  11. also check the pipe for a "fungus" or growth in the tube. found such in my fresh water tank vent. there was a spot there the tube had a spot of water in the trap and something grew in there and prevented correct venting. it was only a "problem" when filling up the tank.
  12. that is true. but if i have the bed “adjusted. the factory tail gate will not fit any longer
  13. only have a F250 4X4, buying another new truck is out of my $$ range. yes i understand removing "stuff" lowers the weight of the truck, was just asking what if anything others have done for this. yes i have thought about removing the bed, but the state of ca says i must stop at a scale if not a factory body bed on the truck. (all pu trucks in ca are registered as commercial trucks, weight tax and all). so it will cost me to alter the bed body. hope to remove up to a couple hundred pounds, but going to cost me big $$ to do so. a F450 would be great, not much better towing than a
  14. ok so all the talk about adding in weight, how about some legal ways to reduce the weight of the truck. there has to be some out there. yes i understand removing weight is going to co$t.
  15. do not feel alone on all this, monday a package arrived at my post office. but then was forwarded to another town just up the rd, now today (wed) they do not know were it is, believed it was sent back to sacramento. i have had one package go to at least six different citys up and down ca... after it was in my towns office. finely after three weeks i did receive it. and it was tracked the whole time.
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