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  1. i read something in a thing about space travel. and it takes more (fuel, thrust, etc) to slow down a rocket to "fall" into the sun, than to change orbit to mars.
  2. sorry about no reply fast, i do not get on here every day. but as to your fancy "calling" plan, is it Free? or do you pay a fee to get it? directly or indirectly? only 650 homes for the mini nukes, can you say the ultra rich/connected will have there own. were i work they would need at least three just to keep the freezers working. i live in a small town, and it has many more than that living here. so would need a number of the mini nukes. and yes i do believe in nuke energy production, in the long run it does produce the least amount of waste product for what is gotten out of it.
  3. what does all that have to do with having a nuke plant at home? sure everything uses electricy, but we need to get off this bad habit. bty who gets "FREE" phone calling? and some of the toys you listed are of no use to most even here in the USA.
  4. yea...sure..... back in the early 1970's they said. by 2020 we were to have many city's on the moon and mars. flying cars and usable jet packs.
  5. king pin lock just get about 5 inches of pipe drill a couple "slotted" hols and use a better pad lock with at least a 3/4 inch shank. heavy chain through the rims again a pad lock with a 3/4 inch shank. couple ground anchors. (see chain/lock info above). alarm. how to improve all locks on the outside of the rig? armed guard"s". no real way to stop theft. but think onion, as in layers of things to just make the grab crook go elsewhere. a pro will get your rig.
  6. what is legal, and really possible are two completely different numbers, sure you can safely tow well over the gcwr of any truck. but... get stopped by that cop and your month is shot. or have a accident ( not even your fault) and your insurance co can say sorry your account is void. every truck out there is made stronger than the rating says, it's a liability thing to protect the manf. only. (most all 3/4 ton frames are the same as the 1 ton frames, only the springs and sticker are not, some 1 tons do get better brakes). but if you are going to tow on the heavy side. even under
  7. i can not say for texas or any other state but here in ca you can do the paper work and pay the FEES, and TAX in any dmv office. but your home (or mailing) address will be on the title and reg papers. here the dmv is a state thing, not a county by county deal. pending where the dmv office is located one can be in a line ALL day, or just almost walk up to a window on entering the place. (this communist chinese made flu has everything messed up, far worse than "normal"). or even do it online. from any computer even if you are not in the state. just as long as ca gets its bite of your m
  8. most times bears have no interest in humans, we just stink to them. but bears can be any and everywhere. some years back on I5 just on the north side of the city of woodland in the central valley of ca. a man call 911 about a very large dog being hit by a truck. it ended up being a brown bear. it was believed it was being drawn in out of the creek bed from the smells coming from a local dennys restaurant (only thing in that area). a good 1/2 to a mile away.
  9. sounds more like a collection of web pages and blogs.
  10. i would know nothing south of bakersfield. the club i would contact is the walnut creek model rail road society in walnut creek ca, (sf east bay). i was a member there decades back. and only one "train show" still know to me around here any longer, but this flu has everything shut down. i need to get my ebay account un-hacked first.
  11. my train stuff is from a collection of over 40 years. some junk, some top dollar, heck i have even rebuilt low grade cars with add-ons worth far more than the car would sell today at retail. gone are the days of $2,usd rolling stock. almost no train shows in ca. just not a hobby here any longer. including pre flu days. out of what well over 40 stores (sacramento - sf bay area, fresno aka: northern ca ) now i only know of three. might still be a couple "specialty places" i have been trying to "list" my rolling stock and motive power, but what a task, and i am slow on the computer. mu
  12. my biggest problem, is i am a "collector" not a seller. i can not count how much ho scale rolling stock i have, and then the locos (brass and plastic, diesel, steam). guess i get to pay a big fee to flea bay. ca is locked down, so can not even take a day off work to drive 100 miles (one way) to a train club to try and sell off some items. (they do weekends--i work then). sure i can try to sell off my gardening tools on craig's list. maybe get penny's on the dollar for my motorcycles. (three of them). sad part is not many out there have any moneys to buy things "used". peopl
  13. living on only $2K a month. i am still working, paying for a s&b mortgage. and debt. and right now i can not pull it together at $5-6K a month. but i must get it right in five years and eleven months.... sooner? need to sell off everything, but just found out my mortgage company was allowing "other" company's into my personal info, and now that access point as been hacked with all my info taken. and so far ebay has been hacked and they refuse to help clear it it up. need to find a quick way to sell stuff.
  14. i think i will run-out of breathable air before a honda 3000 will at 10 K feet. maybe even just a cheap air compressor to supply a bit more air pressure into the intake port at higher altitudes? like how my c-pap gives me a pos pressure while i sleep? but yes honda now sells the eu2200 as the honda eu 2000 is no more, but from the testing i have seen the honda eu2000 has the highest surge ability (real time usage that is) than any of the "other" brands. sound does tend to be a couple db's lower on the hondas.
  15. possible to have a number of batteries on board? i do not know your rv so i must ask. as one can run a small ac unit off solar and batteries, just not for very long. but yes to the honda eu 2000. it could start my 13 btu ac on a cold day, but never in the summer. (i do not understand the how, what, or why, ask a ac guy for this answer), so a eu2000 should be no problem for your needs, and might even look into one of the "easy start systems". sure hondas co$t, but look at all the facts of all brands before having to buy twice. as not all "2000" watts are the same, this is the sur
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