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  1. as now i am running 4 lead acid 6volt. gives me plenty of juice. lipo would be great but even at the cost you posted that is a full replacement set of mine. sure less weight, not much but less. just was wondering about the “new” solid state. but guess for now just snake oil.
  2. what ever happened to the solid state battery? was a bit of talk then only crickets. was hopping for something at 1/4 the cost of a lipo. with better ratings. as my lead acid are heavy. my rv needs to go on a diet. and there is no way i can afford lipo units. not at a grand each.
  3. having done a lot with 4X4’s, wenches for the most part are just dead weight. but when you need it, nothing else works. but look into the chain pullers. less weight. far easer hook up ( no wires). most stuck’s do not require the full rating of a wench. on a rv. i doubt you will get stuck like a 4X4 can. if you use cables have a couple snatch blocks, (are snatch blocks made for chains?) many D rings, tree strap, 30 ft jerk strap. extra 30 ft length of cable and a couple heavy packing blankets. but if you must hook up anything mount only to the frame or a hard point bolted to the frame (as in three or more 3/4 in grade 8 bolts) think over kill here so you do not kill someone. learn how to use and hook up a “cable” and how Not to. just the dead weight of a jeep stuck in shallow ruts can rip a frame apart if not done right.
  4. i would say avoid arz all year. i once spent Christmas there. was too hot to be outside on Christmas day. but then i cook at 80F.
  5. i have been reading a bit about this called “mini split”. question? can it run on 12 volts dc? or is ac required, thus need to run a generator just keep cool. yes i only boon dock. have only paid for a spot once. in all my years, ( had to be in reno for something one week).
  6. on any given day a average of 8000 people die just here in the USA. not due to any single cause. thats 2,848,000 people a year. this is just the “normal” death rate. other country's there normal death rate is much higher. but not to worry as many are born each year. put away the noose. i say this as the mass meda has some whipped up into a crazy frenzy. but let out the truth in real numbers that even the death rate of this flu is still low. other flu’s of the past the death rates were much higher. yes when there is a bug going around we all must do things. but for the past number of years we have been trying to get kids to stop eating laundry soap. but for now we all get to stay locked up at home. how bad will the economy be come fall? as lots of people will not have jobs to go back to. many out there will be in default with there mortgages, rent, credit cards, other loans, etc.
  7. i do not work for the “bladder company. or kniw much of hiw it was made. but as long as you are not using any chem. should work out great, but only for transportation. then dot regs? for transporting human by products.would this bladder fit in them? and you would ( as in a must) us a macerator pump to fill it. as the hoses (in and out) are not even med flow rated. just make sure you remember what is fresh and what is the black bladder. as a oops might not be very good.
  8. heck with tracking this virus from communist china. best bet for now is avoid the western USA. and or anyone that has traveled abroad in the past two months. turn off your flame throwers. just this needs to be stopped quickly. and that will take far more than the gov should be aloud to even say. let alone do. as the best way to stop it. is to contain it. and this should be done at the personnel level. this is beyond what your Dr says you need to do, so you do not catch, or spread it. yes there are ways the government of the USA can enforce containment proto-calls. nobody want’s that.
  9. sad for me, cause of a couple problems. i will not be there. awaiting my refund as i type this.
  10. to randy retired. i never said your driving is bad, or even wrong. me... i have over 40 years driving for a living. most of the western states, back as far east as kentucky. plenty of ice and snow, fog, high winds. never seen a tornado. ( with luck i will be retired within 7 years) just there are many that are. then all the cars plowing into trucks. spinning out in front of us, etc. i do not place my life in the hands of others. nor do i want your life under my “control”. then just general safety. things do break and fall off trucks.
  11. you do understand all fruits and vegetables are organic? only thing is a “special” style, just co$t more. in the areas i have driven through, only thing between a sprayed field and a unsprayed field is a 12 foot wide dirt rd. sure the stuff sprayed onto one field knows to not drift to the other field. got to not feed the plants, or kill off the worms right. turn off your flame torches. i do agree we need to use less chems on our food chain.
  12. ok sure follow that truck. but is that truck going where you are going? maybe that is his first time through that state. what we call “seat warmers” are bad drivers and do not know much about how to drive a rig. you want to be part of his accident? or get into one cause he screwed up. and drives away unknowing.
  13. note to vladimir: i would not call then “clueless” just unknowing. and as in my pu truck being behind another is NOT safe from having a head on accident. very lucky for me, i am here to say so. other way driver lost control while passing by the two ton truck a safe distance in from of me. that small car ( dodge neon) at 100 mph took out my 3/4 ton truck. i was doing 45-50 mph at that time. the chp had a very hard time believing nobody was dead. but just last week a full sized car crossed the line. head on to a semi. the front bumper of the car was in its back seat. sad anyone in the car did not make it. if there had been anyone behind the rig. could they have stopped safely? truck full brakes stopped in two and one half lengths. could see from the oil car / truck parts on the road. so watch out out there, if tired stop and rest, sleep helps. the push-push deal is a real killer. and being behind a rig is just as bad if he is sleepy-tired, and you are also. ( even happens mid day) you could follow him right off the road. read the state, county, hwy accident reports.
  14. i can not remember the last time i got the shot, been many a year. but yes if your life has you around children, old people homes, ( the sealed buildings where they go to die), hospitals, many sealed office buildings.( look at the sickness/death rates on a cruse ship) it is a mandatory to get a shot. even knowing this shots are mostly a fake line of safety. i live alone, work outside ( at night), not around many people so my chances of getting the flu are very low. just a cold. might one or two a year but they are nothing “ to sneeze” about 😇. there are no free shots in the area i live in. have to drive a hr to a city to find such. but then with all the drugs a real Dr says i need to keep me alive, ( 15-18 pills a day). in-hailers. and air pump while i sleep. blood ( and other tests). each year. one can say i am dooped up. and keeping the pill factory’s in the black ink. just happy that kaiser only charges me partial cost for them.
  15. thats one other problem. i guy i knew decades past was following a rig in the valley fog. thought strange when the truck turn a couple hard turns. then stopped and turned off his lights. he had gone home. my friend was lost miles away from the freeway. and had no way to get back to it. ( the driver was a mexican. could not speak english). peps have gone asleep watching the pretty lights in front of them and crashed. as a driver i have enough to do, i do not need more having to be “your driver”.
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