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Skp mail service


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USPS.   I had problems over a month ago but last 3-4 weeks have been normal 2-3 days and seldom 4 days. I track my mail so normally can see the delay. If the weather is really BAD at Houston the mail may in 4 days.

When things were really bad I had a 11 day delivery. The load took about 6 days to get from Houston to Chicago. But the common delay was the trailer getting to Chicago then moving around the Chicago area an extra day(s) or just setting because the drivers were calling in sick. (Per the local Postmaster). Of course the local P.O. is not pure. Last year the the mail truck delivered the Priority Mail 15 minutes later than normal. 23 hours later the Priority mail was received.

I think the only problem the Escapees  mail service is keeping up with USPS changes.

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I have had really good fortune with my forwarding but as I said for some unknown reason it hasn't been timely in recent weeks. I did consider weather could be a factor as I thought I remember it normally going through Houston processing center.  I just thought I would compare notes.  I only get a weekly mail out on Wed. and normally check on the following Tue. and most of the time it is there. Once in a while it might be Wed. but the last few weeks it has been almost 2 weeks Again I think the issue  is  with the USPS and it may correct itself soon.

I am in a small town east of Albuquerque.

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I switched from USPS Priority Mail to FedEx several months ago. Escapees has a special rate for FedEx and it is only about a dollar more then Priority. I get my mail in 3 or 4 days twice a month. 

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We have had very poor service with the USPS Priority mail and finally started using the Fed EX $6.99 flat rate  envelope.  As long as the mail fits in that one envelope.  We usually get the mail in 2 to 3 business days.


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Channel 2 in Houston just did a story on the USPS mail service in the Houston area if you want to see it below. 


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Chiefneon, we often spend part of the winter in Tomball area.  For the past 7 years the mail service there has gotten worse every year.  I have complained to the to the postmaster in Tomball and Houston, but it falls on deaf ears.  The worst service from Escapees in Livingston, was a Priority One mail that took 13 days.  The mail came into Houston and was sent to California.  Back in Houston it was sent back to Livingston and back to Houston and finally to Tomball to be shown as delivered.  If was finally delivered 2 days later.

As noted previously, we now use the FedEX $6.99 envelope and never use USPS.


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