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The also built the i-Go trailers.


Sure hate to see Lifestyle go under. It sure limits the choice of upper end trailers now.


Makes me glad we have our HitchHiker Champagne.



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I got a call from my local Lifestyle dealer today. I had expressed an interest in their bath and a half model some time ago. He told me Lifestyle is officially out of business and they have the bath and a half that I previously looked at still. They want it gone. He said he would sell it to me for their cost plus a 5 year aftermarket warranty to sweeten the deal. We'll see, but my DW wasn't in love with that model so I doubt I will do it but it is tempting.

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Why? If they don't offer a sweet deal on some sort of warranty, no one would buy the thing since there is NO manufacturer warranty. Without an aftermarket warranty you will never get any of the issues that come with a new trailer addressed.

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There was a lot of excitement when the company "welcomed" the transplanted design and manufacturing group from Carriage (when they went belly up) to essentially carry on the mantle of that company quality products, at Evergreen. But apparently the "marriage" didn't have legs. Isn't it interesting that family owned companies, like the original Carriage, or Jayco, can last 30-40 years through many recessions and business cycles, but when they get taken over by the, Harvard. MBA educated, deep pocket, investor types, they panic at the sight of first few bad quarters.

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