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Gregg Shields RV Haulers


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I met Alan at a campground in Redding CA last year (the same weekend I met CrazyCooter). He struck up a conversation with me because he was interested in the HDT. He had never seen an HDT pulling a 5er before and he was intrigued. I filled him up with lots of information and pointed him to Gregg's and Jack's websites to get more. He told me he was going to try and sell his editor on a story. I'm glad he got it published. I tried to get him to come to the first West Coast Rally, but he already had plans for the weekend that he couldn't change. I'll have to email him and see if he can provide a link to the story to share here.


On edit, I just sent him an email. I'll post any information I get.

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Congrats to Gregg. He volunteers a lot of time, effort and information to our way of doing things. I for one appreciate our commercial enterprises like Gregg, Henry, David and some others who strive to help improve our way of doing things rather than just wanting to show up for a day at a rally, sell a product and then be gone.

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I heard from Alan and he sent me a copy of the article he wrote. The file is a PDFs that is 103 KB so I can't attach it directly to the thread (thanks to the 100 KB site limit). I am on my iPad currently, so I am having trouble creating links. When I get in front of a computer later this afternoon, I should be able to get a link attached so everyone can view it.

Alan said the article only appeared in the printed version of the magazine because he did not sell them the digital rights.

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Cathy and Jim, your welcome. Sort of funny how this subject came up. While walking with my walking buddy who is a motorhomer, he said I'll give you my Motorhome magazine as there is an article in it about a guy that converts truck in Canada, but couldn't remember his name. As I always read the HDT heading on here, I said "how about Gregg in Calgary, Alberta". Of course I couldn't think of Shields at the moment. But he said "that is the guy".

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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