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  1. Contact me, 2012kuma@gmail.com for details and pictures. This is a Gregg Shields’s Truck, RV Haulers, best information about truck, go to YouTube and put in RV Haulers Caulder, l have a 2015 Smart Car also available, asking $65,000 for both, $57,000 for Truck.
  2. Don’t know about your truck, but I have a 2011 Volvo and my refrigerator is 120vac and runs off the dc/ac inverter, I have to turn on the inverter first then the refrigerator, inverter switch is above windshield on drivers side.
  3. Tom&

    HDT Insurance

    2011 Volvo 730, registered as MH in State of Alaska, insured as private truck by State Farm, cost $933.00 per year. 2015 Keystone Raptor 425ts, cost $221.00 per year, full coverage by State Farm.
  4. Tom&

    HDT Insurance

    Don’t know about Fl, but I have my HDT, which is registered as a motor home, insured as a private truck with State Farm in Alaska, I bobtail quite often so Insurance stays with the truck, 5th wheel insured separately.
  5. Chad, I don’t have a machine, but would be interested in renting one and getting in on this, count me in.
  6. Tom&


    As I remember we came in from the North off of I90 on US 287 had no problem, don’t know about other approaches.
  7. Tom&


    I stayed at Grizzlies RV Park in West Yellowstone 2 years ago and it was great, right at the Park entrance, I am 72 ft and had no problem getting in,
  8. I use my phone to take pictures of numbers in tight places if to small for my eyes and expand them so I can read them.
  9. Tom&

    Maiden voyage!

    Traveled from Seattle to Laughlin NV both ways last 3 years, we use 5 we like 3 RV parks on the on 5, Seven Feathers, Canyonville OR, Rolling Hills Casino, Corning CA, and The Orange Grove RV Park, Bakersfield CA. I 5 is easy, you will get some mountain driving, Ashland to Redding, give you some idea of what your truck can do, take ca46 from 5 to 99 north of Bakersfield, then 58 east out of Bakersfield, Orange Grove RV Park is on 58 . 58 to Kramer Junction 395 South to, I-15 South to I-10 in Riverside. My problem with 395 is only 2 lanes mostly and only one RV Park to handle our 72 feet, 8
  10. Not in the plans now, but things might change, we just got home after 19 months, summertime, fishing etc, Tom
  11. Karen says darn too! 😩 Maybe next year, keep the shiny side up 👍 Tom
  12. Great job Dave, congratulations, sorry to miss WCR, you and your new truck, maybe next year, safe travels, see you down the road. Tom & Karen
  13. I have David Dixon’s retrofit in my old lights and they are IMO the best way to go and they were for the last 3 years, but my lense houseings got so bad that I had to go this route, when the new lights start to give me problems I will retrofit the new houseings with David’s lights.
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