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I am not leaving the HDT group

Mark and Dale Bruss

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Never had any doubt that you wouldn't leave but now how am I gonna recognize you when you try to sneak through town?


Evidently painting Red Rover grey didn't let him sneak through, so he's going to try a more discreet RV. If that doesn't work, he'll have to resort to a pickup truck to sneak through with all of the commuter traffic.

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Glad to hear you are sticking around. The work and effort you both put in to helping others in the HDT group is priceless. The Resource guide is a whole lot of information in one location and can sometimes be overwhelming to newbies but having the data to go to is great. Hope to see you guys at another rally in the future or on the road when we finally decide to retire (4 years 4 months but who is counting).




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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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