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  1. On the gen 2 trucks there is no screws on the back of the cover like the gen 1 trucks. One of the guys here on the forum posted a video how to take your mirrors apart. Don't hold this on me. If I can remember right, you have to remove the mirror it's self. You need to tilt the top of the mirrors all the way in toward to mirror cover. This should bring out the bottom of the mirror. Then you need to be real careful about pushing the bottom of the mirror upward. There are tabs on the plate or backing that the mirror is mounted to. You can break those tabs. Hopefully someone will post the video. I think Google can help find the video. I hope this can help. Al
  2. Hi Bob, This is just an idea. See if they are willing to sweeten the deal by throwing in a full service on the truck. If they do, that is one less thing that you have to do. Ask if the fluid and filter has been changed in the transmission. That job is going to cost a few pennies. Can't hurt to ask or negotiate in the deal. Best of luck with the deal. Al
  3. Hi Cory, You need to ask yourself a question or too. How much work do I want to do and how much money am I willing to send. That way you can get some idea what your cost could be and if I want to do the work. The best way to do the interior in my opinion is to start with removing the seats. Then you can start with the door panels. Looking for more work, remove the panels in the sleeper. And if you want to tackle a big work, remove the headliner. I think you get the idea. The cost of dynamat is expensive. There is other stuff with a lower price and works just as good. Right now I can't remember the name of the stuff what I used on my truck. It will come to me later. Just trying to give you an idea. Al Brain fart is over (it lasted little over an hour). lol. I remember the name of the material I used. It's called Rattletrap. It has 3 X's print on the aluminum surface. You want 80 mil. I bought mind off of Ebay. Good luck with you project. Do a search on the hdt site. I remember some past threads.
  4. 2X on that keg. Sounds like a party is going to start. lol. Al
  5. Hello Sculptor, Thank you for the tips. I remember that I had to cut every bottom bolt off to remove the rear shocks. But before I could get the cut-off wheel between the shock and the mounting bracket I need to get the bottom of the air bag out of the way. I am still tandem. The top bolts where no problem. To bad Volvo didn't use some anti-seize on the bottom bolt shank. Life would have been good. lol. Al
  6. Hi Everyone, I have a couple of questions for replacing the front shocks on a Gen 2. The front axle does have air bags. I have already done the rear shocks. What a pain in the a$$ to do. Iam looking for any tips from the DIY'ers. I know pre-soaking the bolts can help. I do have an impact gun (1/2" drive). Does the truck need to have more ground clearness for better access ? Looking for tips to help with this job. Al
  7. Does anyone know of a mask you can wear that won't fog up your glasses ? I don't have a problem with wearing a mask but I don't like my glasses fogging up. When your mask fog's up, it's tough reading your shopping list. Is there a mask out there so your glasses won't fog ? Al
  8. Hi Slixter, I was glad you got things figured out. I won't be of much help. I forgot everything I learned about my frig. Must be getting old. lol. 😁
  9. Hi Paul, I have been thinking about you the last couple of weeks. I was wondering how your health was. Thank you for telling us. I knew you where mia for some time. I don't know anything about vertigo. I hope the doctors can get a handle on this for you. You and Paula stay safe. I understand your decision to sell isn't and easy one. I wish you and Paula the best. Al
  10. alan0043

    4 door with sleeper

    That's a nice looking truck. Really cool ! 😎
  11. What a simple idea ! Work smarter, not harder. Thank you for the pic.
  12. alan0043

    ECR Do-Over

    Hi Rick, Are you staying dry at your place ? The map show s a lot of rain happened down your way ? Just curious, Al
  13. Hi Carl, I have some conspiracy theory stories for you that would be great around a campfire with some adult beverages. That will put a smile on your face. You were talking about quantum physics. When I was working, the guy that was ahead of the lab across the hall from my lab had his PhD in quantum physics. It was always fun to talk to Gary. Ever so often I would have Gary try to explain some of the laws of quantum physics. I would walk out of his lab with a headache. lol. Al
  14. Hey Carl, You could wrap the truck up in aluminum foil. lol. 😎 In the old days you would make a helmet out of aluminum foil so the aliens could not read your thoughts. Be safe my friend, Al
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