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  1. Thanks Henry for putting a smile on my face. 😁
  2. 2X. I hate to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. You boy's take care. Al
  3. Hi ras, Thank you for your reply. Right now I am still dragging my butt to do the job. Just the other day I sprayed the front bolts with PB Blaster. Right now I have a few home projects to finish. You know, it's always something. 😄 Thanks for the tips. Alan
  4. Hi Paul, I wish you the best in your sale. I hope some day to meet back up again. I always enjoyed are talks. Al
  5. Hi Carl, The truck looks sweet ! 🤠 I also like how you trimmed out other parts of the truck in black. The truck should be about 10 mph faster. lol. Al PS; Thanks for the heads up last night.
  6. alan0043

    Looking at HDT

    Hi Nwcid, Welcome to the forum. As Steve said that there is a national rally in October. There is also a west coast rally. Hopefully Chad will chime in and tell you more about that rally. There are also a few fellows from the northwest. Hopefully they will chime in. Best of luck, Al
  7. Thanks Bob for the info. The reason why I asked the question about the bolts is because I need to mount 8"x12" box on the rear of the cab of my truck. I don't want to drill holes thru the cab. Your doing some nice work. Keeping it going. Al
  8. Hello Bob, I have a question for you. The grey/aluminum colored plate where it's mounted at. Where the bolts already there on your truck ? Or did you add the bolts to the truck ? Al
  9. 2X with what Carl said. Be very careful with the faux wood trim. Have a beer or two after you have the faux trim removed.
  10. Hey Rocky, I think you mean Carl. 😁
  11. Hi Guys, My Jackalopee is also mounted to the back wall inside the storage area with no condensation problems. Also being inside the storage area you don't need to make it water tight. I have an extra hole that is open. No need to plug it up. Also on my back wall I have a 3/4" piece of plywood (that because that's what I had laying around) that I use to mounts things to. Al
  12. I hope this thread will help.
  13. Hi Bob, I think there is some old threads about the subject somewhere on the forum. But I can't find it right now. I even have a picture or to for you on how I did mind but I can't send it because the file is to big. I was trying to send it to by a p/m..Sorry about that. It just won't go.
  14. Curious minds need to know. 😎
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