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  1. Hi Everyone, Came across this video from The Timken Co.. I thought it could be helpful. The video is just for helping someone out.
  2. Hi Dutch, Thank you for the heads up. I was hoping that the sensor would unscrew like the 507.
  3. Hi Dutch, I got a hold of TST over a year ago or more about what kind of deal they could work out with me about my old 510 sensors. As it turned out it was cheaper for me buy a new system. I also find out that buying a system from TST direct is not the best deal either. I don't believe that the security cap make the sensor weather proof. I was hoping the internals of the 510 look like the 507 sensor.
  4. Hi Ray, I be interested in knowing what you find out. The big question is, where is the best place to start a cut. Knowing me, I would pick the wrong place. 😄 I was thinking about starting a cut at the very top of the sensor. Hoping there would be room between the security case and the sensor itself. Another key would to be writing down the code of that sensor and make your own code to sensor part that is left.
  5. I took a picture of my card after I received my 2nd shot from the advice of a nurse. This was over a week of ago.
  6. Hi Doc, Thank you for the answer. This is going to be a big help.
  7. Hi Everyone, I am curious to know if anyone has taken apart TST 510 sensor ? I have looked on line but have found nothing about the 510 sensor. I know that the 507 sensor is held together with 3 screws. I also understand that I would have to cut off the outside cover on the 510 sensor. The big question is, if the outside cover is removed on the 510 can the sensor still be used ? Is there any weather protection without the outside cover ? I would like to see a picture of what the 510 looks like inside. Thanks for any input, Al
  8. Hi Guys, Thanks for the info. I must have had some kind of brain fart when it came to saying webasto. 😄 I should have known it was a Davco. Al
  9. The truck is not having any fuel issues. I can look down into the fuel tanks and see the bottom of the tanks. I always try to treat the fuel in the truck. One of the reason for the questions is because most people that I know that has a semi have a webasto fuel filter.
  10. I'm not sure. Just want to know if there is any problems with this style of filter. Just trying to be prepared. It looks like the boating industry uses this style of filter for their diesel engines.
  11. Hi Everyone, I was curious to know if your truck has a Parker Racor R90P fuel filter water separator on it ? If so, any problems ? What should I look for when it comes to problems ? Any other thoughts to pass along ? Open to all input, Al
  12. Hi Guys, I thought this video might be helpful.
  13. Hey Cory, There is another web site out there called ' Auto Geek '. Mike has some real nice videos also talking about auto detailing. The Porter Cable machine, the speed can be adjusted. Do a search on the Porter Cable and see what this tool can do. I don't believe the Porter Cable will do any damage to your paint. The big key is to use the correct pad when polishing. Who knows, maybe your car would like to shine. 😎
  14. Turtle Wax has a new line of products out. One of them is called ' One And Done '. Do a Google search and see what you think. I have not tried it. But it looks interesting.
  15. Hi Cory, Let this piece of equipment be your best friend. Porter Cable 7424XP. It's a random orbit polisher. Simple to use and will save your elbows. Do a search on Chemical Guys. They have a bunch of videos on detailing cars. They also sell where own line of products for detail work.
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