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Which Trailsaver hitch for my HDT and Teton Home?


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I am going to replace my current hitch on my Volvo 770, pulling my Teton Home (Frontier 39').

The GVWR on the Teton is 20K.


My question: will the Trailsaver model TS3 that is rated at 20K with max pin weight of 4500 be sufficient,

Or should I move up to the 32K model TSLB2H?


I have a good condition used TS3 ready to purchase, but would like to hear other opinions.



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If you use the 25% pin weight rule, you would be under-rated at 5K lbs. You also will be "DE-valuing your truck if you ever want to sell it. I'm sure many many people will tell you that you "need" an ET hitch. It's your truck and your money.

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ET would be the best option.



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If you want to stay with Trailersaver, then the TSLB2H is the one to go with. You can always add the 3rd bag if you feel you want more pin weight (giving you a lower % of the max operating rating). Before I had my bed built, I had 7K pin weight on my hitch. No problems, just more air required. I now tow with 6100 lbs of pin weight.

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We own the TSLB2H with the third bag for out Teton 39ft 20K for about five years now. No problems or unusual wear. Trailer saver customer service has been excellent.



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We also have the TSLB2H with the third airbag. Everyone seems to be concerned with wear on the main shaft but the grease fittings are there for a reason.... Grease is cheap...


It has proven to be a great hitch so far and I would not hesitate to recommend it for a HDT. If buying new, I would more than likely get one of Henry's ET hitches but everyone would have to evaluate their situation to see if the increase in price is justified. In our case, the truck already had the TS installed and it has done a great job and we have no reason to replace it.

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I'm about 24K with almost 6K on the hitch. With three bags I can easily adjust for slopes when stopped at rest stops. I can raise the front over three inches and lower it by the five by dumping the truck and hitch. I like being able to raise it all the way with only 80 psi.

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While we're on the subject....


I run about 50-60lbs. in my hitch ( Whatever makes the combo level) Is this about average? Also I have plumbed the air to be constant and now have a valve in the drivers side hatch to raise or lower the pressure and a gauge to monitor. I think it will be a lot better than crawling up on the bed to adjust the air. I'll try to get pictures on here , or you can see it at the ECR.


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