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  1. We were in a park near Galveston when a class A pulled in. Once the set up i watched not one, but three Great Danes climbed out followed by a passle of of smaller dogs! Seems that nobody had a problem with them. We traveled with two Weimarainers (RIP CJ and ZOE) and despite some parks having a 25 lb rule we never ran into problems.
  2. I don't have a problem with my camping neighbor having dim lights on so they don't trip while walking their camp in the dark. I do have a problem with people lighting their camp so much that it lights the inside of my trailer and leave them on all night! Another pet peeve is people that have an outside TV and crank up the volume so the whole park can hear it. I understand that everyone camps differently but one should not force their style on everybody in the park.
  3. I agree with the choice of those smart chargers. They are "set and forget". I have 4 of them connected to vehicles that i rarely drive. They are three 1.5 amp for my motorcycles and one 3 amp for my double battery Freightl
  4. Just north of Leaky TX, at the entrance of one of the twisty roads called the Three Sisters is the city yards. In that yard is a large snow plow and an apparatus that slides into the back of a dump truck to spread sand or salt. Every time i ride past them i always think how rusty and unloved they looked! I bet they are well used and heroes of the day now!
  5. orca


    Liquid natural gas would make a perfect replacement for gasoline. There are many oil wells that have been capped because there was no crude to be found or it was too expensive to pump out but natural gas was abundant. The price of this gas was/is too low to warrant bringing it to market. I have a nephew who worked as a roughneck in the oilfields who told me that most of the wells that they drilled were capped because they produced only natural gas. Where i live there are some public transport busses and government vehicles that run on LNG.
  6. I know the feeling. It is like when you load your boat up with the cooler and picnic basket and motor up the little creek on your way to your favorite fishing spot. Suddenly your motor stops and you get that sinking feeling when you realize you left the paddles five miles back on the dock!
  7. All advice given is all good, the only thing i can add is to video (with dealers ok) the walk thru. There will be a flood of information and if you are like me you will only retain a small amount of this valuable info. Good luck and have fun!
  8. We had a coupla days of -40C two weeks ago and next week we will get some -30 to -35C!!! Did i tell you how much i miss Texas this year? You are welcome to visit, just drive north till you see snow then drive another 600 miles!
  9. When i built my house in a rural area the only option was electric forced air central heating. At the time electric was just slightly above natural gas in terms of cost but i thought i was doing my part to "save the planet". Ha! That was then and this is now where the cost to heat the house by electric is probably 30% more than natural gas. If i had it to do over again i would say to heck with the planet i want more money for my retirement!
  10. I can only think of one instance where a pipeline took human lives and that was somewhere in Africa where they drilled holes in a gasoline pipeline to steal gas and it blew up. There has been many accidents on crowded freeways involving tanker trucks where people have died. If you want to tout damage to the environment how about the millions of gallons of that oil that is burnt in the engines of those very same tanker trucks running all over the country? Rail cars are no safer, although they transport more crude per gallon of diesel fuel used compared to tanker trucks. There is a to
  11. Battery standardization is as easy as a stroke of a government pen!! Look at California, with a stroke of a pen years ago they affected cars, trucks and motorcycles across North America forcing us all to drive CARB compliant motors! The filler neck on every car has been standardized for years now, why not batteries? If location and mounting of batteries was the same on every EV a computer controlled machine could change it out in seconds. If standardization does not take place there will have to be dozens of different charging stations and you will have to pass the Tesla station and Che
  12. In the early 80s i read an article in Popular Mechanics on how electric cars would be refueled in the future (today). You would pull into a refueling station and put your money in the slot and the floor would open up and remove the depleted battery from the under the car and put it in a rack for recharging. It would then replace it with a fully charged battery. Total time spent would have been under 5 minutes! What a great idea i thought...i cant wait to see this! Well that was 40 years ago and i may never see this level of cooperation between auto manufactures.
  13. Bahhh! Fifty years ago i had a motorcycle that did 0 to 60 in 3 seconds and you couldn't see the Corvette behind me through the 2-stroke smoke!!! Yup....the times they are a-changing!
  14. Electric vehicles are not as green as some would have us believe. There is a cost to the planet no matter how it is generated. We have a problem with heavy metals leaching into the headwaters of our hydro-electric dams. The carbon footprint of wind power generators when built and decommissioned is never taken into account, not to mention the toll of millions migrating birds! Don't even get me started on nuclear power.....think Three Mile Island or Chyrnoble Ukrane. The pollution caused by the mining of minerals to manufacture batteries is totally ignored by the people who tout electri
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