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  1. Depending on your province you might have to pay the harmonized (gst+pst) tax on the hitch and the shipping. You will probably have to pay brokers fees as well!
  2. This might be too simple, but check that the door is not ajar or that the light switch is actually turning the light off. On my first trip with my motorhome i heard a beeping and in searching for the source i found the door to the fridge ajar. Didn't even know there was an alarm. Hope your problem is as simple!
  3. orca

    4 door with sleeper

    A little out of my price range!! https://workingtruckworld.com/Truck/Details/45793/2020-Volvo-VNR-640-Four-Door
  4. The inner tank on my DRV is also hard to get at so now the valve remains closed until the outer tank is empty. Much like the days of the reserve tank on motorcycles, when you run out on the main tank you switch to reserve and start looking for a gas station. I switch back to the outer tank once i refill and close the inner tank valve until i need it again. In the three years i have been doing this i have used about a third of the inner propane.
  5. This fan looks interesting. If it will clear the slide it might be the answer to the useless living room fan in my DRV!
  6. More than once we have opened the closet and found every hanger on the floor of the closet! Now, on move, day my wife will group ten hangers together and bind them with a small bunge cord. Now if we hit a good whopdedo the cloaths stay on the bar!
  7. When i was young and skinny i used to load my trials bike like this;
  8. I have loaded both hooked up and not. I do try to raise the front of the trailer as high as possible either with the air hitch or the front trailer jacks. Reasoning for that is to reduce ramp angle and breakover angle at the top of the ramp. I see no reason to put rear jacks down because my trailer is so heavy that rear jacks have no effect on stabilizing the trailer. When loading my bikes into my 16' enclosed cargo i used the same procedure hooked up or not.
  9. I know this should go without saying but i have made this mistake myself!! Make sure the valve on the full tank is open when you switch tanks! 😮
  10. I started to look for the ignore button too! His posts were bordering on narcissistic (had to look that one up to stay politicaly correct) and long winded.
  11. Thanks DreamersandTravelers that is the kind of info we need here.....the facts and nothing but the facts!
  12. Dryer sheets do NOT work! We had dryer sheets all around our MH and a mouse collected a bunch and made a nice nest in a drawer out of them. I have no experience with the sonic repellers so keep us informed. The way i am dealing with mice is to have baited traps in the main baggage compartment and check them weekly.
  13. My idea of glamping years ago was to shovel a trail in the snow from the sleeping tent to the kitchen tent. Turning a 5 gallon pail upside down and sitting down to enjoy a bowl of jiffy pop made on a pump up coleman stove! 🤗
  14. They are testy little begers arn't they! If you have a vice, put the axle bolt in the rim and through to the vice. Lotsa lube on tire and rim. The trick is to place the bead of the tire in as deep into center of the rim and then roll the opposite side of the bead over the the rim. Sounds real easy but u have to apply cuss words liberaly. The first bead slips in easily but the next bead is the hard one.
  15. Can the water be drained without loosing the resin? Kinda hard to prevent a hard freeze when travelling in -20 unless you bring the unit into the heated cab of the T.V.
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