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  1. As i thought about this topic i wondered if the worst, was the time i spent a week in a motel in Wilcox AZ with my wife and 2 dogs while the turbocharger on my MH was replaced. Or was it the time i spent 5 days in Liberal KS waiting for parts for my broken Moryde IS suspension. The rv park there was really nice but the worst part was when the police came to put us on evacuation alert due to the wild grass fire quickly aproaching. The silver lining of that cloud was if the fire did sweep through i would not have had to fix the suspension! But i do think the worst time was when i fell out backwards from the top step of the rv during a quick pit stop on a travel day. I laid in the rain for about 20 min while i waited for the ambulance because i could not move on my own. At the hospital they x-rayed me and found 2 broken ribs. With the great drugs they gave me i was able to drive the rig 30 mi to an rv park in York Nebraska where i spent a week until i was able to drive with only a handfull of Tylenol! Once home i had a ct scan where they found in addition to the ribs, i had also broken two bones on my spine! You know, they say "stuff happens for a reason" but i am wondering what that reason is!!!
  2. We had a very hot and dry summer. It was hot enough to break records. The chicken littles were running around chanting "see that is proof that the planet is warming"...... but wait....in order to break records do you not have to have records? Some of said records were from 1890 and up to 1920. That is long before cars and crowded freeways. Next thing i think the true believers are giong to want is to change the tilt of the earth to moderate "climate change"!
  3. I know that "global warming" and "climate change" is real because where i live right now was covered in ice one kilometer deep and it began melting about 25,000 years ago! Was it caused by human activity? Absolutly not! Is the "climate change" today caused by human activity? Absolutly not! One volcanic eruption can put out more greenhouse gas than all mankind has. Is taxing people for their "carbon footprint" going to control the weather? Absolutly not, but it is a great way to add money to the coffers of world governments. As the naysayers get shouted down and the true believers rise to the top, Mother Nature will do what she has been doing since time began!
  4. Wow! Something is odd! I use the "unread content" button and this thread has not come up since Sept 25 so i thought the thread was dead! Thanks all for your thoughts and recomendations. I think i can wait until i visit some of the giant truck plazas that seem to have stock of the higher end custom seats. Something i will also look into is "restuffing" my existing seats. Those seats are almost 20 years old and i am sure the new types of foam will be more comfortable, not to mention a few thousand dollars cheaper!
  5. Kirk; your link keeps bringing me to the top of page three. Kept me busy for bout half an hour!
  6. I was kind of leaning toward Bostrum. The dealer has one on display and is looking into availability and delivery time. Best of all wife tried it and approved it! I would like to try one of the Knoedler Air chief but they are out of my price range and the wait time is 4-6 months!
  7. ShortyO; That is interesting! My friend singled a 1998 Volvo and those seats are more comfortable than my Freightliner. Thanks! I have looked at that brand but delivery, is 4-5 months out!
  8. Jenandjon; I have been to the Volvo, Kenworth and Freightliner plus three aftermarket dealers and none of them had air supplied to the seat display! It is kinda like going to look at a new 5er but not being able to put slides out. I just don't want to spend that much money blind!
  9. I use manual mode when hooking up to set the height of the pin and only to raise or lower using front jacks. Once i pull the truck out i go back to the panel and enter auto level mode. The only time i used manual mode with all jacks was to lift one side at a time to replace the tires.
  10. I have been to 3 or 4 dealers with seat displays and sat on all of them. The problem is without being able to use the features such as the Bostrum i looked at today with air side bolsters and lumbar adjustments i have no idea how comfy it will be after 6 or 12 hours. Good tip about bases though, thanks!
  11. My wife thinks the seats in our Sportchassis are not comfortable enough and has suggested we get new ones. Going on the net has done nothing to help me choose because there is mind boggling array of models and manufactures. Going to truck stores has not helped because none of the floor models have the air hooked to them so i can not try the features and must take the word of the salesman! If anyone here has changed out their seats for new ones i would appreciate hearing the good and bad about the brand and model you chose. Thanks......Dave
  12. Linda.... this is kinda off topic.....BUT....I wake up grumpy every morning, then i get her a cup of coffee!
  13. I am not a tin foil hat wearing kind if guy but i am aware that there are very few places in North America one can go that you are not tracked, watched or listened to! Siri enabled phone? She hears every word you say! Google assist? Every word you say is stored at Googles massive storage facility! Going to the mall? Many use facial recognition! Big Brother IS here, and here to stay!
  14. When i was looking to replace my MH with a 5er i knew what toyhauler i wanted so i reserched what truck i needed. I came across a story that helped me choose a MDT. The author told of having a heavy trailer and large pickup with an equaly large diesel motor. At first he was happy how easily his truck pulled the trailer up and down the mountain roads. After all, the mfg stated it would pull almost twice what his trailer weighed! One day after a very long and hard pull up a steep grade he started down the other side. As the trailer started to push him on the downgrade as he touched the brakes, he realised the trailer brakes were not working! When he got the rig around some corners and to the bottom of that hill his truck brakes were smoking and almost non existant! Without the assistance of the trailer brakes and even with engine braking the weight of the 5er easily overpowered the brakes on the truck. The brakes on a MDT/HDT will handle the weight of a heavy 5er without assistance in normal conditions but not so much in emergency/panic stops. A pickup truck towing without assistance is dangerous under any conditions. As the saying goes; It is better to have more truck than you need......
  15. what he says he needs is steps with a rise of 4-5'' instead of 7''. That would mean, with a total rise from ground to rv floor of around 40'' he would need 8 steps with a longer run (meaning the first step has to be farther away from the rv) to allow for the proper size tread. The only stair company that might be able to provide these might be someone like GlowStep Revolution and his requirement might mean custom built. I know there are other rv stair and step makers but they are permanent or semi-permanent. These are safe and easy to climb but take lots of time to set-up and take down. Wish i could remember their name.
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