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  1. Where's Big Al the coffee man ?
  2. Correct. It is not the same. The Millers in Grand Rapids, Ohio is a locally run business that uses common sense when it comes to insurance. They insured our rig as a MH at no problem. As long as it says MH on the title, no worries...
  3. Please Call Miller insurance in Grand Rapids, Ohio Ask for Joe or Sara. Tell them that they already insure me on a plan from Auto Owners. 419-669-2004
  4. Miss Judy and I are in !!! Should be arriving for the Pre-rally on the 12th Yoooooo Hooooo !!
  5. We are planning on coming if at all possible. I think we all need some sanity right now if possible. May even stay a little longer if we can...
  6. Suitesuccess: Please post as many as you can. We to are going to the new flooring and Miss Judy has 4 new recliners bought. She said I want .... and I said SURE !!! Miss Judy gets whatever she wishes. That way I cab go to HF more often !! See everyone in Tnn. In the spring !
  7. OK Thanks ... I'll Call yet today Stay Healthy my friends !! DANG IT......
  8. Us too..... We are on the fence right now depending on my announcing events that may or may not happen. Does anyone know what the cutoff date for Deer Run is to cancel? Thanks ,,
  9. Carl and Crew, While we are very sorry to hear your decision, Miss Judy and I will still be going and attending the 2020 " Almost ECR Rally " We hope to see all our friends there .....and Roger too.😀😀
  10. Davids lights are the best you will find. $1,000.00 is cheap when you look at your deductible... Just get it done , you'll be awfully glad you did. I was...
  11. Ya Know.... In your younger days it would have been Moonshine.....Just sayin...
  12. I agree the bottom right is the bomb ! We had our truck done and additional applied on the Redwood. Blends together a lot better. Good Luck with your " project" and please take the time to flood us with plenty of pictures !
  13. I'm looking to replace or trade my Onan 5k propane generator for a 7k or more diesel Could be a Kabota lowboy, as it will set on the truck bed. The current one runs great, just looking to upgrade if possible NW Ohio
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