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  1. Do not know where you have been Kevin, but at Houston TA, today you save 71 cents per gallon with a 65 cent transaction fee. So, take on 125 gallons, save $88.88 dollars off posted cash price, minus $0.65, minus $8.88 equals saving $79.35. So works for me just fine.
  2. A 10 to 20 minute phone call is too much writing and includes no additional info based on feedback from you. All the best in your search.
  3. Glenn, I sent you a message with my phone number. Did you not receive that message?
  4. Wtih the EFS driver fuel card available to RV owners from TSD Logistics in Texarkana, TX, and fueling at a TA or Petro truck stop, the price of diesel in Colorado varies from $1.74 to $1.84 depending on where you fuel.
  5. Oh my, sorry to hear that Glenn. They have squared away several straight axle motorhomes that I know of. Have you considered calling them to seek a solution? Sure do wish you well solving the situation.
  6. Big Truck Alignment in Huntington, TX, 9 miles down Hwy 69 from Lufkin does the very best alignment on solid steer axle trucks. Glenn and his brother know their stuff about truck alignment and then some. They do a great job on my solid steer axle motorhome. Contact Glenn Haskins at 9 three 6 4 six 5 0701
  7. Blues, Why care who caused the cut off of TSD at Pilot/FlyingJ. Just across the freeway or down a little, you can, today, save over 100 dollars per 100 gallons of diesel. It is your money or Pilot/FlyingJ"s money. GoodSam and Pilot/FlyingJ is not a good deal. Do what makes you happy.
  8. Having had the priviledge of Meeting Joy Hanson, COO of TSD, she shard Loves has called to tell TSD how happy they are to have motorhome fueling there now. Don"t think they or now the discount matching TA/Petro will drop them anytime soon.
  9. Kirk, The TSD Logistics EFS diesel card available to RVers has diesel in the Dallas area from $1.25 to $1.29.
  10. Gary, the TSD card purchases diesel at the posted cash price at any truck pump in the USA. But only listed truck stops provide a discount to the posted cash price. Pilot/Flying J was required by contract with GoodSam to not offer a discount to motorhomes not using the GoodSam card. So, there is no discount at Pilot/FlyingJ just as there is no discount a countless small truck stops with truck pumps. Hope this helps.
  11. Kirk, To get the real answer to your concern, call Gina Leeper, head of the fuel program. She will give you the straight answer. 903/831-8941 direct to her desk, Mon to Fri. Will probably need to leave a voice mail for her to reurn your call. My bet is she says happy to have you as a card holder. Your truck filler neck needs to be bigger than a car filler neck as card only good at a truck diesel pump. So no go at Bucc-ees for instance. Post her reply, please Sir. Merry Christmas to you all
  12. Kirk, I know the ladies that run the fuel program at TSD Logistics. They share that Loves has called them to say how pleased Loves is with the discount offered to motorhome owners. Loves gets add-on sales without any additional accounts to deal with. One discount account to TSD and thousands of motorhome owners benefit and no extra paperwork for Loves. This is a driver's card, so if you stop at any truck pump other than the stated truck stops, you pay the posted cash price, no discount. Since there is no savings, there is no fee. 10% of zero savings is $0. But why stop where there is no discount, unless you are desparate for diesel, when Loves is just down the road. TA/Petro is about 10 cents per gallon less than Loves. Pilot/Flying J is starting to offer mcuh better that the original 10 cents per gallon that they started with. Today in Baytown the discount is $0.1487 per gallon at a purchase price of $2.5503. Across the street at Loves the purchase price is $2.4736. Several weeks ago the Loves Baytown was at $2.38, diesel is up right now. TSD gets extra diesel volumn to help discount negotaions with truck stops, Loves gets extra motorhome business they have been missing and motorhome owners get serious diesel discounts. Everyone wins.
  13. Clay, I too am perplexed you are having problems with the mail service. For years I have changed my mailing instructions several times each year without a hitch including this year. But, I have not done so in the last 5 weeks. I use a live phone call to change mine and get the person on the other end stating my request correctly each time. Hope this resolves quickly for you.
  14. Plameris, The rates are for card holders, not the general public. The TSD Logistics firm has 115 trucks in their fleet. They use the EFS fleet fuel card to allow their drivers to purchase diesel. Turns out they can issue the EFS card to RVers allowing the RVer to have the same fleet discount their drivers get. The discount TSD has worked out with Loves Truck Stops averages right at 50 cents. The discount they get from TA and Petro truck stops is right at 40 cents. All other truck pumps get the posted cash price. So if Sam Jones truck stop advertizes diesel at $2.95, the EFS card purchases it at $2.95, not the credit price. The card authorizes you to purchase up to 800 gallons (no cut off) at 60 gallons per minute fill rate, fast. But if Loves across the highway advertizes Diesel at $2.95 cash, the card purchases it at about $2.45. This will save you about $50 everytime you purchase 100 gallons of diesel. Places with lesser expensive diesel will have car pumps at very slow fill rates and cut offs at $100 to $150. TSD charges 10% of the discount as a fee for their service. So if you save 50 cents per gallon at Loves, the fee is 5 cents. But at Sam Jones with no discount the fee is ZERO, but you still get to purchase diesel there. It saves to plan to need diesel when near a Loves. TSD debits a checking account you provide to them the next business day after your diesel purchase. No credit card fees involved so one needs to arrange for checking account for the diesel purchase. My credit union gives me a free account that I use for these purchases. When you purchase diesel with the TSD EFS card, TSD will pay for the diesel, period. TSD is on the hook to Loves for the purchase. If you do not ever pay for the diesel, TSD is out the money and you will have made the last purchase of diesel with their card. This is not a credit card. I have met the folks at TSD in Texarkana, TX and know they are swamped with RV signups since the card was offered to RVers earlier this year. It will take 10 to 12 days after you sign up to get the call saying they are mailing your card to you. This is a great deal for RVers. Give it your serious consideration. All the best to you all.
  15. Trainer

    Oil change, service

    No Glenn, I am in Baytown two hours to the west.
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