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  1. Thanks again. It appears to this novice, based on the knowledge in this post, that the front axle bearings are a higher priority to routinely check that the rears. And the fronts have a more severe reaction if neglected. You folks are awesome. JohnnyB
  2. Would you guys provide a bit more detail on how to maintain the rear oil bath bearings. I don't know how to ensure proper level without a window. JohnnyB
  3. You guys are absolutely correct. I should just have a bit visible in the bottom. There are 2 rings showing max and min. Are the rear axle hubs the same as the front hubs? Or are they sealed bearings? JohnnyB
  4. You guys are totally awesome. It appears to require the oil at 1/2 way. JohnnYB
  5. Folks, My Cascadia has 56,000 miles. It goes to me local Freightliner dealer every year for its annual service. While cleaning my wheels, I noted that the oil level was low on both sides of my front axle shafts. I know nothing about this particular area. 1. What is this called? 2. It appears the oil level should be 1/2 full, is this correct? 3. What type of lubricant do I add? 4. What purpose does this serve? Thanks, JohnnyB
  6. Another option is getting a Motorhome which is truly self-contained with a large Genset. They are quiet and can provide full AC capability. Albeit at a higher cost than a Trailer.
  7. Thank you everyone for your valuable feedback!
  8. We are Florida residents and are ‘Half-time’ RV’ers - each year we typically take 4-6 month-long cross-country RV trip, a five week-long RV trip to the Keys, and a five week-long RV trip to the DC area. Our trips are too long to take advantage of USPS Mail Hold (maximum 30-day holds). In the past we have had a neighbor forward our mail, but no longer wish to do so. Looking for recommendations on mail forwarding services. We’ve reviewed USPS mail forwarding (it is expensive ($20 a week) and appears to be for someone who is temporarily moving to one location), and various mail services (Escapees, Traveling Mailbox, MyRVMail), which all require us to change our address to the mail service address. Any recommendations? Thank you.
  9. I have narrowed my search to Patrick AFB at Manatee Cove or KARS campground. Any thoughts on these. I am retired military. Thanks, John Bruns
  10. Folks, Got a 45 ft Motorhome. Need a nice place to stay a week in Cocoa, FL. Spending time at Cocoa Riverfront Park – Cocoa Village, FL (430 Delannoy Avenue, Cocoa, FL 32922) Any recommendations? Thanks, JohnnyB
  11. brunsje

    oem shocks

    Installed Road Kings on the Front Axle. Love them, much smoother ride. JohnnYB
  12. We all love the Rigs we bought. I chose a Showhauler Motorhome Conversion. It has a 12.5KW Generator and 200 gallons of water and Solar on the Roof. Very easy to Boondock and tons of storage. Although we don't pull a trailer, many do. It also has a 40K hitch. JohnnyB
  13. brunsje

    Rear Tire Pressure

    Michelin tire rep told me to maintain at least 80psi for proper beading onto the rim. JohnnyB
  14. Folks, What is the wrench size for my steer axle shocks? Do I need a strap wrench to compress the shock? Thanks, JohnnyB
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