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  1. I only have the Arc50 and the BMK and the only readout I get is battery voltage and amps out. So I can figure it out. The most I have ever pulled out of battery is about 2700 watts and that is with a combined 220 and 120 load.
  2. The label on my 4448 says max output amperage is 19. So at 220 volts, 4180 watts. . Not sure how to calculate it with both 120 and 220 volt loads.
  3. Good point, can use his converter to run 12 volt loads, will that work without a 12 volt battery? He will have to plug the converter into 120 source.
  4. Even with the transformer to feed 2 legs, isn't he still limited to 25 amps? Basically one AC on one leg and maybe a fridge and a small coffee pot on the other leg. 600 a/h will only run the ac for 3 or 4 hours without big solar assist. Now he has to buy the equipment necessary to charge the 24 volt batteries from a 12 volt alternator and a 24 to 12 volt converter to run his 12 volt house items.
  5. Not sure how to read your pic, with no shore power, do you mean one leg of 50 amp panel is fed by inverter and the other not? A lot of coaches have a subpanel just for inverter loads that is fed from main 50 panel when shore power available, and from inverter and batteries when not.
  6. You are never too old for an EV, bought a used Tesla Model 3 two years ago for less than what I have been paying for the used Porsches and MB's I usually buy. Paid about $9000 for a house solar system to charge the car and run fridges and freezers, and a small AC.. Figure 3 years to pay off the solar in gas and grid electricity savings, then another 4 or 5 to make the car free. I might not make it that far, but the kids will be happy I made the investment.
  7. You concentrator may even us more power at higher altitudes. http://nsbri.org/researches/evaluation-of-oxygen-concentrators-at-altitude/
  8. Battle Born claims 3000 to 5000 cycles at 100% discharge. Of course if you do not go to 100%, you will get many more cycles. Lithium will take a 1C charge, in battleborn's case 100 amps until fully charged, so they will charge 4 or 5 times faster that a lead acid. If you can afford it, would go to 4 battleborns with 4800 watt hours, this leaves you some cushion and will extend your battery life to 5000+ cycles. This will give you over 13 + years of service if you are full timing and dry camping. Agree with John T solar and a small generator would be the best way to go for recharging. Of course lithium never has to be brought to 100% like lead acid, so you can charge at your convenience. https://battlebornbatteries.com/faq/
  9. For the price of the Pro Package, you could get 3600 watt hours out of 3 battle born 100 a/h and still have $500+ to put into a small inverter and a improved converter for charging lithiums. Lithiums charge much faster than lead acid, so will cut down on you gen run time..
  10. Post the Joule Case model you want, and post the amp or watt draw of the concentrator and we can figure it out.
  11. If it will supply the required power, it will probably work, but no free lunch, you will have to recharge it and replenish all the power the Joule Case used to power your concentrator.
  12. Actually John, most LiFePO4 battery manufacturers do not recommend keeping SOC at 100% if at all possible. Lithium never really has to be brought to 100% like lead acid. Battleborn told me 60 to 80% was optimal.. I do this by turning on and off one solar array. Tesla recommends keeping SOC below 85% for best battery longevity, if not going on a trip where max, mileage is needed. I liked my smartgauge when I had lead acid, but found that the smartgauge algorithm will not work with lithium, so had to go to a shunt type battery monitor. Agree with equal load and charge balance, I used the same size wire and length when wiring my batteries to common busbars.
  13. Agree with more frequent transmission oil changes. I also change mine at 30000 miles and use only Honda transmission fluid.
  14. Yes, would not worry too much about surge, that will probably be less than a second. I size for the normal full output of the inverter, but bare in mind you will seldom be running at full output of inverter. I have a lot of gear in my coach, and seldom draw more than 2000 watts off my 3000 watt inverter. I use this chart for sizing wire. https://www.bluesea.com/support/articles/Circuit_Protection/1437/Part_1%3A_Choosing_the_Correct_Wire_Size_for_a_DC_Circuit
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