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  1. A lot of people are using dc-dc chargers. This what I used on my Sprinter Class C with lithium house batteries. Easy to wire, I used 10 gauge for the ground. Just alternator/start battery positive on one terminal, and house battery positive on the other one. https://www.solar-electric.com/victron-energy-12-12-30a-orion-tr-non-isolated-dc-dc-charger.html?msclkid=a882440e914d150c3a3a240a2da19c56&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Shopping - Brand - Victron Energy&utm_term=4588399462083300&utm_content=Brand - Victron Energy
  2. I have stayed in places where I have not had internet, so can't really monitor my bills, so autopay could pay an erroneous amount without my knowledge. When traveling, I just set up my bank to e-pay a little bit more than my regular bill, that way I will probably have a credit balance when I return. But everybody should do what they are comfortable with. Read a story in Houston a couple of years ago where a billing computer mistake added an extra 0 to everybodies water bill.
  3. Why I do not use autopay. https://www.gobankingrates.com/saving-money/budgeting/bills-should-never-put-autopay/
  4. Agree it would be an excellent option, but problem is, there are only 44 hydrogen filling stations in the US, and 42 of them are in California. Another problem is producing it and shipping to filling stations. Could be produced fairly cheaply with excess wind and solar power in non-peak periods, but believe it would be an uphill battle against EV/hybrids, because electricity is already available almost everywhere.There are almost 80000 charging outlets, at 25000 charging stations in the US and of course, home charging for many. I personally charge my EV with solar panels on my roof, pretty sim
  5. Some newer hybrid models have a greater electric only range, in many cases enough for daily commutes. 48 miles for the Honda Clarity. Drive to work and back, plug in when you get home and you are ready to go again the next morning, for longer trips, just fill up your gas tank. https://automobiles.honda.com/clarity-plug-in-hybrid
  6. According to the IRS, my $600 check was mailed 10 days ago? Seems the USPS is using a lot of contract labor. Last year, filled on line hold my mail and filled in two of the yellow forms for hold my mail, one to the local post office and one to my carrier. Guess what, had a big pile mail on my porch when I got back.
  7. Modern plugin hybrids like the Honda Clarity offer the best of both worlds. Plug it in and drive around town for 48 miles on batteries alone, at about 1/4 the price of gasoline. For a long trip, fill the gas tank and drive 340 miles before refilling. $7500 federal tax credit, and possible state credits also make it pretty affordable. And you can use the HOV lanes with one person.
  8. The Honda Clarity has a 48 mile electric only range, and 360 total miles per tank. If you are just driving locally you can do it on electricity, for longer trips, fill up your gas tank.Know a couple of people that travel coast to coast yearly in a hybrid.
  9. Not a hybrid, I have a full EV. Installed $7000 worth of solar panels, solar controllers, used leaf batteries and a 220 volt inverter. By gas saving alone, the $7000 will be paid off in 5 years. There are some good hybrid gas plugins though that combine the best of both worlds. The Honda Clarity is a good example. https://automobiles.honda.com/clarity-plug-in-hybrid
  10. A lot of companies now have e-billing. They will send you an email with amount you owe, you can just send the amount owed by e-pay from your bank. Don't like automatic pay because one time wife got on a cleaning supply scam and they billed for the minimum amount even if she did not order anything, took a lot of phone calls to get that straightened out. When I am on a long trip, just have my bank pay a bit more that the anticipated bill, normally have a credit balance when I get home, then I cancel it and go back to normal pay by e-pay.
  11. I too am not to steady on ladders anymore, the simplisafe cameras are usb powered by a wall wart, so the power cable is small. I just ran the power cable through a window and it still closes tight. Or you use one of those USB rechargable phone chargers in an accessible location and they should last a pretty long time before recharging is necessary
  12. Believe you must have had a Roth at least 5 years before you turn 59 1/2. I started my 401k in my twenties, if I had known the rules, would have put way more money in Roths. https://www.investopedia.com/roth-ira-withdrawals-read-this-first-4584662
  13. Nothing in Galveston County, I was signed up at U of Texas Medical Branch, but appears their allotment is now going to Houston. Appears they are going to Vaccination Hubs, the closet one to me is in Houston, but still not easy to register. Lot of times just get voice mails and no place to put your name in.
  14. Agree, did the same and found out the info was out of date in my area and all the ones I called within 20 miles had none available.
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