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  1. You could, on my Foretravel. the batteries are in a insulated compartment and you would need prolonged sub zero temps to bring those batteries down below 32F. On my Sprinter, the batteries just hang down below the entry steps in the open, so no real good way to insulate or heat them, they are the ones that would not take a charge until they warmed up. But normally don't drive it unless temps are moderate.
  2. During the Texas freeze, temps got down to 8 F and the battleborn's still provided power to my furnace and 12 volt loads, however, they would not take a charge till about 30 F.
  3. Believe most e bikes and e motorcycles will have a 48+ volt battery pack. Not so easy to mate to your 12 volt coach, unless you have dedicated inverters, dc chargers etc to handle that higher voltage.
  4. I believe batteries that are rated in watts, kilowatts or megawatts are what they can supply for 1 hour, or in a batteries case kw/h. My 21 kw battery will supply 21 kw for 1 hour so is actually a 21 kw/h battery. The 1000 MW South Australian Tesla battery is fed from a 330 megawatt solar array. So once the original cost of the solar panels and installation are meet, it will be free power.
  5. Looks like a the 100 megawatt battery is actually 100 megawatt hours. So will empty in one hour at that rate, but for lesser draws, could last long enough to get some other power sources online. eg 250 megawatt hours for 4 hours. And if it has its own solar panel farm feed, even longer. Appears to be well worth it. https://www.cnet.com/news/worlds-biggest-solar-and-battery-storage-farm-coming-to-south-australia/
  6. Just posted the link, have no idea if it is true or not, just like many things you find on the internet or read in the paper, but people believe them anyway.
  7. Just to muddy the waters. https://www.dailywire.com/news/nyt-study-finds-that-masks-do-not-protect-wearers
  8. Mine are stacked horizontally, not vertically, so tapped to flat side of cells. If your leads reach, would mount on top or sides of the battery pack.
  9. When I changed out one BMS on a battery pack, just used double sided VHB tape.
  10. Maybe I am reading it differently than you are. Most posters are saying it is inevitable, and are just relating the obstacles that must be overcome before we reach that point. Great to set high expectations,, but the reality for most, is how are you going to put food on the table. Personally I would like to see a carbon free world , but realize I am going have to fill up my truck with fossil fuel for a while before that can happen. I can also sympathize with the workers who will have to sacrifice a good paycheck in the name of progress. And I disagree that everything doesn't have to in place.
  11. Aspirational goals are fine, and we can work toward a true fossil fuel free world, but we must face today's reality. It took time and a lot of blown up rockets before we were successful in going to the moon. It will take time to reach the desired goals, but until we get there, we also need to handle today's problems. No magic bullets here, will take time. No matter how much you want it, it can't be done tomorrow.
  12. We import 3.7 million barrels of oil a day from Canada. Of course it will drop in the new all electric America, but we now heat over 60% of our homes with oil or natural gas. Something electricity will not be able to replace for quite a while. Pipelines are over 4.5 times safer than transporting by rail and trucks. The all solar and wind turbine goal is fine, but we will be reliant on natural gas and oil for a long time, Piping in oil from Canada is lot cheaper than importing it in from other oil producing areas. https://www.fraserinstitute.org/sites/default/files/safety-in-the-tr
  13. Yup, you will have to trade in your stinger and torch, and buy a couple of 3/8" wrenches to bolt the panels together, and of course, cut your income in half.😅😅
  14. Think you missed the point, why not use the revenue supplied by selling and taxing fossil fuel now, to build the infrastructure. Can't see cancelling the pipeline and stopping new fracking on public lands helps. Where does all the money come from to build this new infrastructure, and build and install solar panels come from? Fine to get rid of Fossil fuels and pollution, but why don't we use it to fund the $2T bill to get to the point where we don't need fossil fuel anymore.
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