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  1. They say too 'spray it on the rinsed surface, let it set, then wipe the surface dry with a micro fiber cloth'. I... dried the surface. Then I misted the wax on and then wiped it off with the microfiber towel. The surface will look 'modeled' or uneven for a day. The ceramic stuff needs to 'flow'. Now, if you use the pure ceramic stuff... little bottles with a price tag.... it's just about as easy. But the surface prep is a bit more demanding and it must be done in-doors, out of the direct sun. A quick re-treatment every 6 or so months keeps it looking great. Water sheets off the surf
  2. Looks really nice. I did the same process. Yes... lots of square footage on our rigs. The orbital buffer was the trick to keeping it a tolerable project. I got the Bauer variable speed model. Holding up really well. I topped my effort off with the new Turtle Wax Ceramic blend spray-on coating. I applied it differently than they recommend and it holds up really, really well. Did the truck, 2 cars, the motorcycle and the 36' toyhauler the same way. Yup, used up a few foam polishing pads.
  3. There a good resource on YouTube... Will Prouse. He buys lots of different brands, tests them then tears them apart. He also tests the other components in a solar system. Pretty straight ahead guy with lots of knowledge.
  4. Not sure about that. The two 16' sheets of 3/16" alumn. deckplate on the back of my truck was $1400. This stuff is an ouch right now. Kinda like 2x4 framing.
  5. trimster

    My Bed design

    Spent yesterday morning at the fabricators test fitting the under-bed boxes and doing final measurements for the rear boxes. These are the drivers side boxes which are 25" deep. Those fit spot on. The longer boxes, one hit a glitch. Or rather, a bit of weld on the frame that hung it up going in. My bad for not cleaning up that opening as I should. Adam, the fabricator par-excellence, measures for the generator box based on some mounting brackets I fab'd up. The ramp boxes are 6'3" deep. The ramps are (folded) 6'. And having the deck plates open
  6. trimster


    Luckly no. But the tire explosion under the flatbed deck, bent the deck up 2", tore out all the trailer wiring on the truck side, blew out the left side tail lights and took paint off the outside of the bed. It was on our International 4700 truck. When the tire blew, we kinda pooped in our mess kit. It got your attention.
  7. trimster

    My Bed design

    Weight is an issue but for a different reason. I want to be able to get under the deck to service stuff. The deck is currently comprised of 5 pieces. The 2 full length sides (@ 107 lbs each) and 3 smaller sections down the middle. I paid a premium to do this. Aluminum is way hard on the budget right now. But I wanted the convenience. The weight of steel would have been nice however.
  8. trimster


    I was in the same position on another truck. Answer is YUP! We've had one do a come-apart on freeway. It was not pretty and put a 2 day damper in our vacation. The damage from one tire was more than the cost of 4 new ones.
  9. Got the gauges, not the pump. I just put in a can and cold air returns. Nice!
  10. You are darn close. Just pulled a tape down the side of the truck.... drum-roll... 28'5" bumper to bumper. My post was in error. I can fit 29'6" in my driveway. Hence the original search for a 209- 213" wheelbase.
  11. Thought about that. But as I understand it, the air pressure there is not as much as a direct connect to the tank. Might be wrong.
  12. So other than the build build I'm trying to wrap up, Today is a recharging of the air conditioning, draining the air tanks, and figuring out which gasket kit I need for the roto-filter thing. It's leaking. Also need to find a tap-into place on the wet-tank air tanks to run an air line to the rear of the bed...and what path to thread the PEX back. Somehow I think this is going to be a challenge to put in a user-accessable shut-off valve near the air tank. My MDT (International) did not have a shut-off valve in line with the air hose quick release fitting. It was a shorter run and, as I re
  13. Looking at the fittings on my trucks Air Con system, it seems that the low pressure connection is rather inconveniently located above the valve cover on the firewall. Is this correct? The high pressure side is easy to get to, on the line coming out of the radiator, pretty much above the compressor. Second air con questions... there seems to be a leak in the low pressure side at at tubing connection point behind the engine air filter housing. This is dripping down right onto the hot exhaust manifold. I'm having to imagine that the drip is the oil in the air conditioning system? Are connect
  14. trimster

    My Bed design

    Made good progress and it looks like a real flatbed. Fancy that. And with the help of the 2 grandsons.... the deckplate install went fairly fast. Better yet, no broken drill bits or taps. That in itself is amazing. Pulled out the tape and it's 64' long. Monday the fabricator does a final test fit on the boxes. I've been concerned that the pinbox and the deck frame clearance when doing off camber transitions. Did some fairly radical ones today and no deck-to-pinbox collisions. I'm going to mount a little action camera back there and record what's goi
  15. trimster

    My Bed design

    I would have preferred a diesel genset but cost & size ruled that out. There will be an aux fuel cell [5-7 gal) above the generator box. That should give it 24 hrs of runtime.
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