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  1. Truck is back in front of the trailer. Bill was an ouch but less than expected. Got a chuckle out of the shop supplies (zip ties). Crap load of them. So they kept the wire that was corroded and it has a small hole in it, near the pin connector that allowed salt water, etc to get inside. Not much copper left in there. Another was rubbed through. There was a resistor missing in one of the circuit wires and a fuse link. Must have been a Volvo mod that was not done. Trans and one other software update was pushed. Trans shifts better. The nagging issue, and it will remain f
  2. One of the things I read indicates that most of the issue is with the lower burn temperature of biodiesel and the SCR system. Doesn't get hot enough to allow the DEF filter to bake properly. Cold temps are not a problem for the next few fill ups, here in Central Oregon.
  3. trimster

    My Bed design

    Some thoughts on road-abiliy of bins, latches, and doors. - slam latches Must be slammed shut to stay closed plus locked. Twice I've stopped to find a ramp bin door open. Rear bins, because they are behind the axles, scramble anything inside. Tools are everywhere. Need tool-rolls. Generator needs too be strapped down to the slide-out tray. Otherwise, loving the configuration.
  4. What are the thoughts on biodiesel blends and our DEF systems? I've read where 10% and lower is okay. Some comments indicate they run the B20 without issues. Thoughts.
  5. Okay. Update.... Just got off the phone with the technician. He's sharp. -derate fixed. Corroded connection + wire rub thru that has corroded inside. - data problems with engine ecu and dash.: still a mystery. Throws check engine light but won't log any codes. He's puzzled but has one other harness to look over. The truck is ready tomorrow noon. I think we're back on the road to our next destination come Friday. Thanks all.
  6. I didn't do anything to the truck before taking it to them. Confident in the techs? Not sure yet. Service mgr is very knowledgeable. Actual hands-on guy? Not getting enough feedback to draw a conclusion other than lack of feedback does speak to a possible issue.
  7. I did. Got it in first thing Monday. 3pm after working on it, they took it for a test run. Comms problems persist. Failed. Called 11am this morning and they are working on someone else's truck. WTF. Will get back to mine after lunch. Let them know I'm under a bit of a deadline here. I'm going to keep the pressure on them. On the plus side...big storm hit yesterday afternoon. Much needed rain. Big winds & lightening show. Overcast with sprinkles today. Break in the heat. But sunday....101+.
  8. Ahhh. The days of 2 cans and a string.
  9. I was targeting 2.40 or 2.60 rear end ratio when looking for a truck. What I purchased has 3.08s. 12 speed ishift with both rear axels. Mileage is around 7mpg. I move at about 65 to 70mph. I'd have to look at the tire sizes.
  10. NOTE to all in this position. To defeat the Derate 5mph limit here's what you do. - crawl under the truck and on the passengers side of the trans tail-shaft, right before the first U-joint is a sensor sticking out. This is the speed sensor. It has a 1/2 turn collar to release it. DO NOT pull on the wires. Just unscrew 1/2 turn and pull the connector out. - Now, go to the fuse box located under the hood next to the steering shaft, on the firewall. Unplug the 10a fuse for the ECM. Mine is FU11. Put the fuse in one of the empty slots in the top area of the fuse box for safe keeping.
  11. Seems one of the trigger points is that pesky little red wire off the + side of the batteries. It goes through a fuse link then on to the computers. Mine looks great. But worth cleaning. New batteries last July. I can surely do a bit of a clean on those connection when it cools off this evening. Easy 'nuff.
  12. So, its been on several trips pulling in the last year. It does sit a lot. Because of the bed-build I have had a fair amount of start, move the truck in and out of the driveway to a new position, then stop. Then I do take it for a jaunt (to get metal/supplies) where it gets a good hour or more run on the freeway and around town. But it sits, like yours, until you need it. That's why I found it odd that the soot level was less than 1/2 the gauge when I left and 2 days of freeway flying, it would request a park regen resulting in 120 min. until de-rate. I was 45 from the campground so that
  13. The laptop pointed to the DEF tank connections and ecc-ecu. With the codes that could be cleared, the computer connect on Monday will show any new ones and/or support the existing faults. Why it's still in derate is puzzling.
  14. I don't think it's the NOX sensors. The main faults revolve around "abnormal data rates", Lower than expected voltages, so wiring/connections. After I ran the re-gen several times, the Aftertreatment soot level was seemingly stuck on 2. The tech cleared codes and bumped the aftertreatment software with his computer and the soot level reading corrected itself to 13% on the computer and the dash shows a corresponding reading. The tech explained the data and wiring issues as " the system is trying to communicate but can't so it's giving up...throwing faults...shutting down". I did run
  15. Here's the fault dump from TEC. Good chat with the head of service while he was pulling the computer information. Seems that the regens worked. Soot level is 13%. Really good. The big problem seems to be in the data links between the NOX, DEF, and main computer. Their solution is to bring it in on Monday and have the tech start troubleshooting the that sub-wiring harness. I've pulled the speed sensor plug and the ACM fuse so I can drive it, manually shifting. It is really weird and stressful when you stop and go. The trans has to think for 5 to 10 seconds about a gear and c
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