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  1. trimster

    My Bed design

    whoohooo... load of steel to start the cross ribs and bed rail. Nothing like the smell of steel in the morning!
  2. Worked out a seat belt install that I think will suffice. I bought the longest generic seatbelts I could find... https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Point-Non-Retractable-Lap-Seat-Belt-Universal-Fit-Seatbelt-Select-Color-60/262512326086?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Even they were too short to fit around anyone setting at the table when bolted directly the cab floor under the seating area. So I got 1/2" x 12" eyebolts to extend the the belt mounting point, up. The load on these is vertical. Big fender washers on the underside of the cab floor. I cut
  3. Thanks all. I think I'll do a combo of a pre-ramp and increasing the hinge angle. I will have a winch-on option as well to help with the Smart total weight.
  4. Soooo, my bed height with the bags aired down, looks to be 42-43". 12' ramps are appropriate to 40". Higher than that, the break at the top is too much for clearance of the Smart. Discount ramps has ramps for Smart cars and HDT, and they have been helpful...but... they only have 12' lengths that fold. Here's my thoughts and/or questions: - Are there other sources for ramps that might fit the bill? (14' foldable that carry 2k lbs) - Will the 12' ramps work if I build a brace to the ground at the hinge point to force an arch in the ramp? Their motorcycle ramps have a 12* arch
  5. Photos? Might be a good idea to ask what the truck has been pulling. Maybe attempt to find out how many owners. You can get a RigDig report that should list major stuff and infractions with the law, the truck has had. Things of interest are when the truck gets shut down because of an inspection. Have those things been fixed or just patched. Trucks running south of hyway 40 tend to have less rust issues. Owner operators tend to take better care of their rigs. Not always true but better odds. But if it's registered as an RV, then it's a private owner selling it...I guess? Du
  6. trimster

    My Bed design

    Sub-frame for bed all finished. We had 3 days in the 40's. Tolerable. Next weather break is a week away if one believes the weather dudes on the tube. Decided not to do a beaver-tail. I think it's a good decision all around. Next up... the 2x2 cross members. I'm having a fabricator look at the stuff I need them to do. The ramp boxes, rear tool/generator boxes, tread plate deck and the finish plate work across the back and over the tires. More info and photos as I progress. Didn't think I would enjoy the welding part as much as I have been. And so far, I have been able to sa
  7. .... and it's cold here in Salt Lake. For you folks in warmer places... a reminder of why you are there. And why we wish we were as well. Bob & Lisa... throwing another log on the YouTube 4k streaming fireplace.
  8. trimster

    My Bed design

    Got it. Thanks. Brain fart...or old fart brain.
  9. And I have a respirator for that....
  10. trimster

    My Bed design

    Behind the bumper is this 4x4 tube that runs through the bumper mount, to both sides of the frame extension. It also supports the receiver hitch. I have to guess the fabricator put it in because it might be required? for rear impact. I forgot to ask. Can it be cut off, more or less, flush? It would allow me to put in a bigger storage box behind the wheels.
  11. trimster

    My Bed design

    So, second draft of the bed design...without the beaver tail. Looks like it's do'able with the hitch height. I can always raise the hitch if needs be. This gives taller rear storage cabinets. I'm thinking 2 roll-out drawers on the passengers side. The drivers side will have the generator on a rollout. These cabinets are 30" deep, close to 30" tall and 20" roughly, wide. Going to check if I can have them power coated black on the outside. Painted white on the inside. Still working on a way to allow for most of the bed to be removed in one piece should that be needed. The ram
  12. In the HDT resources area (pinned on the first page) is a checklist you might want to look at. I downloaded it and made changes (made it more readable, added stuff that was important to me, etc.). It's 8+ pages. It took me several hrs to go over the truck with this checklist. I missed one (or rather ignored one) of the line items and it cost me several hundred dollars. When checking the tires, I did not check the load rating on the steers. One was G and the other was H. When I had the state inspection done on the truck, I got gigged (failed until fixed) on this. Hence, a perfectly good ti
  13. trimster

    My Bed design

    Steve from So Cal mentioned putting braces under a few cross members to help with flex. Engineering wise, how strong are the 2 x 2 ribs? From the point where they connect to the frame-rails, to the outer edge of the bed will be 30". Would it be stronger to use 1x2 C-channel or stick with the 2x2 thick wall tubing? The outer bed rail will be 2x4 C-channel. Haven't purchased the materials yet. Thought it might be a good time to rethink some up-coming decisions. Bob
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