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  1. Update: Repairman came on the 9/8/2021. He has worked with many GE appliances and explained the warranty process. To insure work is covered under warranty before he starts repair he has to check in with GE while troubleshooting. He put his phone on speaker so we could hear what was going on. We apparently have a bad sensor so that has been ordered unfortunately there is no way to test the board to see if it is bad until the new sensor is installed. The sensor should only take a couple of weeks but the board could take 6 to 8 months due to chip shortages from the pandemic. Its a shame that there is so much fraud with warranty claims that GE has to resort to this process for appliance repairs though I will give them the benefit of the doubt as many manufactures are in the same boat with a shortage of computer chips these days. Intel CEO's explanation for the shortage of computer chips in general and time estimate till production will catch up with demand: Source: https://www.popsci.com/technology/global-chip-shortage/ "The company's CEO has said he thinks the industry needs one or two years before the shortage resolves."
  2. Thank you for the suggestions. I hope it doesn't become a legal issue. I did purchase and have the same company install the appliance and the salesman has forwarded my request for warranty work authorization to the company's regional manager and the Arizona State Regional Manager for General Electric. Trivia: Whenever I have had an issue I start a spiral bound written log (i'm old fashion and some habits never die, I know I could keep a log electronically) of dates, times, phone numbers and names of who I have spoken with or emailed regarding the issue. As much as we would like to get things solved with a phone call all we have is the phone number and time of call but no content of the conversations. These days there are phone trees instead of humans, most of the time it is very efficient but there will always be issues that need human intervention. I have found in the past that the internet is a very helpful resource to find the names and contact information of company executives and write letters to them. It takes more effort and unfortunately time but I have had success in the past contacting Executives at Best Buy, Home Depot and the USPS to resolve issues that in-store managers are no longer able to resolve because of "centralization" of tasks as a cost saving process. I personally had worked for a company that centralized internally and then when the company was sold to an even larger company those tasks were centralized across state lines. The benefit of that for the client was that federal laws handle transactions across state lines and the limit in this particular industry was 10 days to resolve issues. When trying to resolve issues I try to stick to just the facts without adjectives and be sure to include supporting documentation ie advertisements, contracts. I also use social media to to share my story and company names to help others that might experience the same issues as well as take advantage of big company's spiders that search for their name on the web and maybe get additional assistance. Again the Pandemic has exponentially complicated our lives and will have a long lasting effect for years to come. Our greatest tool to navigate these waters will be kindness, patience and above all tenacity and persistence.
  3. Thank you for the encouragement. I will continue till it is resolved. I received an email this afternoon from the appliance store that they have forwarded my concern to the Company Customer Service Manager and to the GE Manager for Arizona. I have purchased appliances over the years from the appliance company and have been pleased with the service. I have not had GE appliances before. Interesting info Haier bought GE appliance division, I found this article about the acquisition of GE by Haier. https://www.madeinamerica.com/chinese-investors/ For anyone else needing to contact GE Headquarters here is their website: https://corporateofficehq.org/general-electric-corporate-office-headquarters-numbers/
  4. I understand there is a pandemic and there is much stress on reduced production, materials and labor shortages. I am an optimist and sure we will get through this but wanted to prevent anyone else from having to go through this appliance inconvenience. I know other RV'ers have put GE appliances in their RV's so that is why I am sharing here. My GE gas range started beeping the other night and had a error code F200; we weren't using it at the time and it has performed flawlessly for the last 4 months so is still under warranty. I called the GE service line 1-800-432-2737 and the phone tree refers me to the website for faster service. I go to the service website genet.geappliances.com/eservice/service/contact and it has been experiencing temporary issues the last three days morning and afternoon and refers me to the GE service line. I call again and they can't find my appliance so the phone tree disconnect me: funny but I see my range when I log on to the GE website? I also Googled GE customer relations and called and emailed and they refer me to the nonworking website and phone number. I also found a 1-800 phone number that was supposed to guarantee a human though there may be a wait and it also refers me to the non-working GE Service line and website. I am retired and have a lot of patience but non-working websites are what late night parody skits are made of this material. The appliance dealer that installed it is trying to help me get warranty authorization but in our small town the repairman won't come out until GE gives him the warranty release and the repairman can't initiate the warranty action. (I understand they have probably lost on warranty calls in the past so best to get the paperwork up front) I just want to range to work but would like to get the warranty I paid for in the purchase price. If not I would like it repaired and will pay for the repair but would like to know there is a human being at the company that will reimburse me for the service and most probably a part. Its only been three days without a range, I will keep you posted on the resolution but in the mean time I can not recommend GE Appliances.
  5. I was curious about the German brand you mentioned and found this name on the website below: Stiebel For others that may be water heater shopping this is one website's top ten tankless water heaters: https://tinyurl.com/dtr32xby
  6. Thank you for sharing your experiences. It has been very helpful. We thought we might have to replace our water heater but it was just a loose connection and are now much more informed for when it does start "pushing up daises" for real. Safe Travels,
  7. What are the Pros and Cons of tank-less water heaters in your experience in RV's and or stick n bricks?
  8. Update and Success: Thank you for all your suggestions. Found the title, it had fallen between some other papers. All documentation by the TX DMV was on the original title and the RV now has a very happy new owner. Safe travels all.
  9. I am guessing they are understaffed and stressed as we come out of the pandemic. It is curious when I applied for a copy that they didn't just send a copy. What was on it would be my responsibility to follow up on. Also because of the age of the RV the records may not be computerized?
  10. I would be happy with a copy of the title that included the lien holder but they they won't issue a copy period:(
  11. Update: I checked out Genius FAX and saw positive reviews. Genius FAX lets you FAX PDF or JPEG files. The documents were already on my computer so I converted them to PDF and was able to FAX from my computer and received a FAX received confirmation shortly thereafter.
  12. Thank you Kirk. I did submit an application for a certified copy VTR -34 Rev 04/19 last month but they won't issue a certified copy even with the lien holder on it?
  13. Our RV is registered in TX, we financed our it through Thor Credit Corporation in 2003 and paid it off in 2012. In our last move our Title was lost I called the Polk County Tax assessor and they do not keep any title records and refereed me to the Wichita Falls TX Regional DMV Service Center 1601 Southwest Pkwy a, Wichita Falls, TX 76302 to obtain a certified copy of our title. The service center said they don't update their files when a lien is paid and that the only receipt is the return of our title with a paid stamp. It appears that Thor Credit Corporation sold our note to Santander Consumer USA and our Experian Credit Report shows the RV loan paid, closed, never late. I went to Santander's website and found a "Title Department" phone number and was referred to https://www.getmycartitle.com/santander to request a certified copy of my title online. When doing so it said they can't find the VIN#. I called the customer service number the website referred me to and left a message for them to call me back. We have been paying the registration every April since 2003??? It is our fault we lost the title we have a buyer for the RV any suggestions? Thank you.
  14. I have rarely needed to FAX and the few times I did I just went to the UPS store. I need to send a FAX today and thought I would look into FAXing from my computer. Do you FAX from your laptop? If yes how do you do it? Do you use an APP? Is their a fee? Is it secure? Thank you
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