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  1. The Virus scare came about time we were headed back north out of Texas. So we opted to spend the summer at our favorite Wildlife Refuge. Read More:
  2. https://www.youtube.com/embed/-WC9qJRqDzs
  3. I have a 2000 Suncruser with Ford chassis. I have been to HWH last year twice and when the Pandemic is over plan to bring it back for this issue. I am hopping you can give me a quick tip to be able to use my slide out mean while.Slide started to not come in with out needing me to open the solenoid. Then close it back to be able to open it. I have been doing this for awhile. But now that trick has stopped working. And now the slide will not move at all either way, Solenoid open or closed. Motor does come on both ways so thinking its not the rocker switch. I checked and topped off fluid. And tip appropriated.
  4. OK I will stop posting until I get a better education. I have resisted updating my blog here as I was finding out that my intentions of showing off where I had been and experiences I have found. Where only met with grammar comments, type O's and my inability to be able to state my location accurately. Safe Travels
  5. I see my education is showing again as I reread my request. But I will take this opportunity to recommend the Red Barn Tire shop in Brownsville for any kind of maniacal work on your rig or your car. I have reread this post and run spell check a couple times. I hope I am speaking English here!
  6. I'm in Brownsville, TX for the next month. Where can the breaks replaced on my 20000 Suncruiser near here. Any recommendations?
  7. I had it tested and it was told to me to be bad and the new board works so I guess Im back on the road. Thanks again for suggestions.
  8. I seem to have had a bad mother board. But I do need to look into cleaning out those things you guys mentioned. Thanks again for the comments.
  9. My hot water heater is not staying on! It starts, has fire and clicking noise but will go out after a few seconds. Then will start again and turn off again. I have checked all connections. Suggestions?
  10. That is what my Wife is for, I can blame her for not remembering what was done!
  11. Ok I unplugged a 5 or 6 wire plug in the Propane Furnace area. I now only hear the Thermostat click when Propane Furnace should come on, but it doesn't come on! The Heat Pump still works as it always has. It still acts as if the Propane is still there. Only working in the 1 or 2 degree range. But now if I forget to leave it on after shutting down the Generator. It will not turn on the Propane Heater with out me being aware of it. Thanks again for suggestions.
  12. If I take the wire off at the Furnace will it affect how the Thermostat works or mess with the gas? I understand the concept wonder if anyone has done this for themselves?
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