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  1. I thought Golden Age Pass was only for National Parks?
  2. Do I understand then that my rig and toad can get in free for day use?
  3. Can anyone tell me how much it cost to spend the night there?
  4. 2000 Itasca Suncruser, V-10 Ford, 86000 miles, Good Rubber and Steal Tow Dolly All well maintained and been in full time use for last 8 years. New Fuel Pump New Computer Module Replaced Step Motor New Realy Switch New Fridge New Basement Air Conditioner with Heat Pump New Awning Custom Awning Shade and Tire Covers 32"Flat Screen TV Weboost directional antenna system and 25' pushup pole Bed Room Over Head Fan Looking to trade for Smaller Unit Starting Price is $27,000
  5. In my limited experience I have decided that if I need permission to do something! I'm not going to be doing a lot of things I want to.
  6. Are there any such items? My Wife dose not like the three burner arangment?
  7. We love ours so much we have replace ours when it died with a new unit. $3000 Easy out and in on our 2000 Suncruser, Its so quiet I have to put streamers in a vent to know its on!
  8. I ordered a new fridge from these people and got it delivered in about a week. Great Job!
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