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Found 6 results

  1. Hello. I'm very curious to hear from any divorced parents regarding child custody as it pertains to full time RV life. I've been very interested in going full time for a while now. Unfortunately, it's very likely my marriage will be ending soon. We have a 4 year old son. It's also become clear that due to my work requirements and what my wife has mentioned, that post divorce, we'd be living in separate parts of the country and she'd likely be named the custodial parent. The end result of this point to me having my son for the summer and Christmas/Easter break on alternating years. I've done lots of searches online for the legal aspects of this and all I've really been able to find is hundreds of answers that can essentially be distilled down to "the best interest of the child." Does anyone have experience on how living a full time RV lifestyle can potentially negatively impact child custody. I (as many people might) envision my soon to be ex-wife saying that an RV is no proper place for a child to live, that it's not a safe structure to be confined in, and that she really would not be okay with us not being stationary and having a permanent address. I see it as a great opportunity to take my son to see sights, museums, parks, etc. Unfortunately, I have a feeling a court would side with the anti-RV argument on this. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi everyone! We just joined this group and are excited to be here. We are planning on going full time for a year starting in June 2020. We are stopping at Mt. Rushmore first, then Colorado, and over to Yellowstone area towards the end of July. I'm having a hard time picking a good site for a pull through (this is our first truck and first RV), with full hook ups (need electricity for remote work and kids), pet friendly for our dog (68 lb greyhound). Does anyone have RV parks/campgrounds near Yellowstone? Thank you! Sarah
  3. I'm trying to figure out how my wife and I could attend the upcoming Escapees Boot Camp Nov 10-12 2017 in Livingston, TX with our kids. Not that the kids want to learn about RVing - although my oldest might! - but as a way for us both to attend at the same time. If we stay in the Escapees Rainbow RV park where the event is held would it be reasonable to have the kids hanging out in our coach with the understanding they should come find us in the clubhouse if needed? Not sure what I think of the idea. And has anyone done driving school with their kids along for the ride?
  4. In October, our family decided as a unit to move into an RV full-time. Some of our friends, and most of our extended family thought that we were crazy to try to live in such a tiny space with the five of us (Me, Anya my partner in crime, Zoe - precocious 10 year old daughter, Muffins Crystal Ruby Princess the Chiweenie dog, and Miss Kitty von Whiskers a rescued gray tabby.) Reading posts on here, and other RV forums, I see that we are not alone amongst the traveling family set, and are one of the smaller versions! When we started, everyone was super excited. "Oh the places you'll go!" by Dr Seuss kept cycling through my head. I couldn't wait to see awesome sights, meet awesome people, and eat awesome food. Unfortunately, the ties to our old life have prevented us from doing much more than the Dallas, Houston, Austin triangle; meeting cool people, and one cranky old bitty; and eating a LOT of McDonald's, for the free WiFi. HELP! I'm quickly losing the buy-in from my 10yr old, because she desperately misses her friends, and we haven't found many road kids for her to play with. Where are y'all hiding? We got lucky at a park in Bay City for Thanksgiving Week, because the manager had four kids that were on vacation, and bored with the RV scene. I've also noticed that the state parks seemed to have a few kids on the weekends, but I would imagine that as the weather gets colder that will be less likely. Is there a secret families only destination that I didn't get the memo for? Are we just not as cool as I thought we were by jumping into this thing with both feet?
  5. First post here and looking for advice.. what a way to introduce myself... I'm looking for a bit of advice on how I should proceed moving into this lifestyle. My wife and I have been doing a lot of research, and we're in that stage where we feel like we're getting down to the wire and have so many directions we could go but aren't sure which order to tackle them in. So let me give you a bit of history and we'll go from there. My wife and I are in our mid 30s. We have 4 children; Boy-11, Boy-9, Boy-6, Girl-4. We will have been married for 15 years this October. I am a Software Architect for a small startup based out of San Francisco, CA making us a single-income family. Fortunately, this position allows me to work remotely full-time, so we decided to sell our house in North Carolina, all our vehicles, and start fresh. Our house should close on June 17th. That's as far as we've gotten. We are currently listing our vehicles on craigslist and considering trading some in to avoid the craigslist hassle. However, once we have our vehicles sold we are unsure what steps to take next. The list of major items we have to sort out the order for are: Decide Domicile Location ​Establish Domicile Purchase RV Purchase Trailer & Toad We have narrowed our domicile down to the common 3. FL, TX, SD. However, as we research and read forums there is a lot of comments that pertain to pros/cons for each state. We are aware of the most common ones, but some we aren't sure how they might apply to us? So I'll list out some questions in bullet points to hopefully help with clarity. My company provides health insurance (I have to pay for family but it's subsidized by them for me at 100%). I'm not sure if this means that we shouldn't be concerned about health coverage or if we should be extremely concerned? Is NC is a tax aggressive state?Will cause issues for us if we try and establish domicile somewhere else after living there for so long? Will the order in which we do things make a difference in how aggressive they behave? If we wait to purchase an RV & Toad until after we established domicile will that cause more issues? If I change domicile midway through the year will NC try and collect state taxes on me for the entire year instead of just the time I was registered as a resident there? We are currently staying at my dad's old home in Palmetto, FL, but setup a PO Box instead of using his home address. Will that be an issue when trying to establish domicile? These are just some of the major questions we consider road blocks on moving forward with our plan to start the full-time lifestyle. I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to order tackling these items and why you would suggest that order. Thanks in advance!
  6. We are looking for our 1st 5th wheel to be kept at our ranch for weekend stays, but also to be taken to CO for a couple of weeks during the summer. We have an F250 for towing purposes. We would like a bunkhouse in order to put 4 kids back there. We are overwhelmed with the number of options. Are there RV's we should stay away from? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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