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  1. Thanks to all of you for the information. You are a great bunch. I plan to hit Mesa Regal on the first of November and stay until the first of April. My Dear Bride and her garden like to stay together as much as possible. Right now we are in Southern Oregon fighting the smoke and there are 8 fires within a hundred miles of us. We usually take I-5 south but not this year.
  2. Would there be any problem with snow the end of October?
  3. Thanks Twotoes. I have a 38 foot rig with a toad. How would that fit on that road? It looks better than 95. Any places you would recommend for O/N?
  4. I usually figure out my own route but the maps show nothing, which is not a good sign. Due to the mess on I-5 which will not be fixed for a while, I am figuring out a new route south to Mesa, This will include Rt 95 from Reno to Las Vegas. Lots of nothing with more to come. Has anyone been over this and where are the stopping areas? If this is on the wrong area of the forum please point me to the correct part. Thanks for your help
  5. There is 8 fires within 100 miles and it is like smoking 8 1/2 cigarettes a day. We need rain, without lighting.
  6. I have have had Betty (our Garmin GPS) for about nine years. She is getting tired but still works good. I tell where we want to be as we start out in the morning and she takes us there. More than once for what we think is for no reason she will take us a different way than we planned. We have learned to to trust her. For example, the last trip she took us around a landslide, and a 3 hour long traffic jam. She did not avoid the redwood tree but that would have been impossible. If you have the setting right you will stay off dirt roads, etc. I change and update the maps as they come out. The road they change may be the one I am going to go on today. I got a RN but I could not read the screen due to lighting so I sent it back.
  7. I just got back from the dealer where I "fit" the Honda Fit. I am a big fellow and the Fit is small. I felt my feet were sitting on the front bumper. Afraid it is a little to small for me. But thanks for the information. So still looking for a toad.
  8. Jcussen and Bill I found the manuals for both the 2012 and the 2014 Honda Fit and they both said that to tow behind a Motorhome would ruin the transmission. What am I missing? I will go to the Honda dealers tomorrow but you can't find a salesman who knows anything like that. Maybe I will talk to the sales Manager. Thanks for your help.
  9. No Kirk, that was covered under the homeowners and it was a bunch Thanks Bill, I will check into it.
  10. The Honda Fit? WOW Glad you told me that. The Motorhome Dinghy Addition doesn't even list that. What year is yours?
  11. Well, Good news and Bad news.. Found out I did have towing on insurance policy, just didn't see it. So they will pay about 3/4 of it. Won't cover extraction from tree. Guess most company's won't. Coach-Net does say they will cover in their list of benefits that but they won't talk to me. Bad news, my car was totaled and they won't cover the tow bar. Strange. Now I need a new toad, base plate, tow bar, cables and wiring, It never ends.. The Honda CR-V was good and easy to set-up so maybe I will get another. Any other ideas for a good, easy vehicle to set-up and go? Maybe I should start another topic,
  12. Don't think so, that comes up before you do something really dumb. This happen to fast to even think about a beer, alto a few came to mind later.
  13. Thanks for the link Here are some pictures of how lucky we were. Click For Full-Size Image. Click For Full-Size Image. Click For Full-Size Image.
  14. Thanks Dutch, this is more complete than what I had. Now I just might get some of it back. But I won't hold my breath. I will let you all know how it turns out. Thanks for the replies.
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