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  1. Well I’m at the dealer. They said the grease line gets connected to the top of the throw out bearing. They also said there is no way that it could come undone by itself. They said what probably happened was the last people to do the clutch just left it off. nice huh? they are going to take it off for now. There is about 30-40% remaining on the clutch is it should last me a while. Then I can get it done the right way.
  2. I don't know about private instructors, but I will say it will be a great idea to have a decent set of tools and spare parts for the road. Being able to make minor repairs here and there will be a big money saver along the way. I had to learn all about the water heater while out on a trip. But I wasn't able to get it up and running again until we got back. Now I have spare parts and know all about my WH. Oh, another great tip is for the toilet. If it gets backed up or in need of a clearing of the tube between the bowl and the tank use hot water. NOT boiling. Just pour it right down the middle of the tube. My boys had it blocked pretty good and the hot water from the WH (140 deg. most thermostats) cleared it right up. If you want to heat it on the stove do so only until it just starts to steam a little. If you have a thermometer I'd go 120-130. Happy Camping ahead! Chuck
  3. I agree as well. I am still new but I don't really need "bling" Just reading and sharing information to make our journeys a little smoother. Chuck
  4. Thanks Rod. I plan on doing some things but will have the more difficult and expensive stuff done by the pro’s. Chuck
  5. Kirk W. I absolutely believe your quote from Gaylord Maxwell. Because it's just a matter of time until the next repair. Etc....
  6. Thanks spindrift. I'll give it a try.
  7. Hello All, I have been looking for a place to find idler pulleys and tensioners for my engine (Cummins ISX 400ST). I went to the Cummins engine website and entered my 8 digit ESN and their website said it wasn't a valid number. What the heck huh? Anyway, if anyone know where to order some descent aftermarket parts please let me know. I may just call Cummins engine later this week to see what they charge. Thanks! Chuck
  8. I wonder too . There was a lot of grease in there..
  9. Hello All, I looked for a place to reattach the grease line for over an hour. The hose is not flexible at all. Either the location is on top where I can’t get to or maybe the previous owner had a greaseless bearing installed, if there is such a beast. I turned the 90 degree fitting away from the clutch put it back together and took it for a drive. It shifts just fine. If the shop can’t find where it goes I may just cut that thing off. there were gobs of grease all over in there. A real mess. I did clean it up as best as I could. I added pictures of what I saw.
  10. Hi rickeieio. Roger that. I only press all the way in on start and when I stop.
  11. Thanks TD1. I watched some videos and it looked pretty straight forward to adjust it. Except I didn’t see the 5/8” quick adjustment bolt. Maybe I didn’t bump the starter enough. I did see two round headed boltsthat looked like a special torq bit went in. I can look again for the grease line connection point this weekend.
  12. Hopefully they can reconnect the grease line and just adjust it. It is shifting pretty good. A few clunks and rattles here and there. But hey I am getting the timing and rpms down. But if it’s shot so be it. Having it all dialed in will be good. thanks Jay.
  13. It’s a 2010 Volvo 780 with a Cummins ISX 400ST. I still need to see what the transmission model etc is. It is a 9 speed though. Chuck
  14. Hello All, I was going to see if I could adjust my clutch a little and grease the release bearing. However when I took the inspection cover off I found the grease line disconnected and hanging there. It is the one that runs up high on the outside and then drops down through the bell housing. Anyway I wanted to do this because a couple times now I’ve had an issue where it won’t go back into gear unless you turn it off. The most recent event the clutch was feeling very abnormal like it was getting hung up and it wasn’t doing anything really. I am wondering if that disconnected grease line got jammed in the moving parts? Here’s how it went. It was fine and the rolling from a stop all of a sudden it was very jerky and the clutch not working. Pulled off road and worked clutch. It feel tight. Shut it off to get it in gear and then started and rolled off. then it shifted but not well. Did that until I got close to work. Stopped at a light and it was all of a sudden fine. the loose line came free? Anyway I could not fine where it is supposed to screw in to the bearing housing. So I will have to take it to the shop. I also saw a loose ring in the gap between the brake and the bearing. Is that a bad sign? What’s the damage to put a new clutch on? Chuck thanks!
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