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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I've been a full-time RV'r for over 3 years now, but recently experienced my first RV related auto accident. I'm trying to navigate this on my own using resources available online but i'm finding it complex, hoping that some of the other full-time RV'rs can help with sharing their experience. I was parked in a parking lot sitting in the rear living quarters area of my RV (Class B Roadtrek) when the earth shook. Another car had rolled back into the side of my RV with me inside it. Full damage is still in progress of being accessed, but initially visually they appear to of hit my propane water heater area, damage side fiberglass, side paneling, clipped the bumper, etc. This occurred in the state of Nebraska, a state that designates "At Fault" for auto accidents. I contacted the individuals insurance company (Progressive) and I will be working with them to resolve property damages, injury, etc. (the policy holder is at fault in these circumstances, I was parked). My RV is my primary home and my primary vehicle. Once it's in the shop, I won't have a place to live or a car to drive. Would the at fault driver's insurance company be obligated to cover these costs as well? It seems like they should have to cover this in my opinion, its more complex than just an "auto accident". Are there other considerations I should be negotiating with the insurance company? (ex; Diminished value, vehicle had a perfect record before at fault driver's vehicle hit my RV, this will drop the resale value without a doubt). What happens when an at fault driver damages a Full Time RV'r's home and only transportation? Any input is welcomed! - R
  2. I am going to become a full-time RV'er, but have a question about getting my driving license. I am going to use the Escapees mail forwarding service for domicile purposes. However, on the Texas driving license application, it asks what kind of property my domicile is. The options don't include "mail forwarding service," and force me to check either single-family dwelling, apartment, motel, or temporary shelter. Seeing as it is none of those and I don't want to purjer myself, what do I check?
  3. Hi there escapees. Firstly, thanks in advance for your help with this. So I have an issue that really needs to be resolved. In 2016, I registered my vehicle in TX -where I'm also domiciled- & drove to the West Coast. I have been moving around the W. Coast ever since. When my vehicle's registration & inspection expired, I stopped driving the vehicle & parked it at my friend's place. It's now 2018 & the vehicle has been parked there & sitting -with expired inspection & registration- for over a year now. In TX, a vehicle must be inspected to be registered to get the combined sticker. As I do intend to move back eventually, just not quite yet, I would like to keep my TX domicile. My vehicle & I are both still on the W. Coast. What is the best way to (re-)register my vehicle now? What are my options, if any? I am willing to sell the vehicle in it's current state on the W. Coast & get a new vehicle, if necessary. If I do have to sell it in its current state, how would I go about that? [it can tow some heavy stuff & has low miles, so if you're on the W. Coast & interested in buying it to help me out, please PM me for details] Thank you again everybody for your help, :-)
  4. We have decided to sell our house and live in our RV full-time. We have obtained a P.O. Box for six months that is located nearby to where we will be Camp Hosting. Here’s the rub...Or camp hosting position will only last for five months. When it is over we may have to move our location still within the state of California as my wife continues to work here. That means we would have to obtain a different PO Box at a different location here in California and the Pist Office is going to ask for two forms of ID at that time. Since we don’t have a home her or camp hosting position will only last for five months. When it is over we may have to move our location still within the state of California as my wife continues to work here until she retires. That means we would have to obtain a different P.O. Box at a different location here in California and they are going to ask for two forms of I.D. to secure that new P.O. Box. The issue is where do we domicile so that we can live And carry-on business here in California until we retire to a home in Idaho? We still have to renew our drivers licenses, retain our bank accounts, etc. We figure there must be someone out there who is in the same position as us. What did you do? There are so many variables to this equation it gets beyond ridiculous! Any help anyone can provide is appreciated. If you have additional questions that would help to clarify our position please feel free to ask them.
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