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  1. Texas DPS vehicle inspection near Austin, TX

    Quick check list for safety inspection portion here Inspection Operations Manual for more detailed list Regular Safety inspection portion is the same (with the exception of a few small item differences between motorcycles. trailers, motor homes, passenger cars, trucks see links above) Commercial vehicle inspection is a different set of rules so if your motor home is large enough AND is used commercially then it requires a different classification of inspection (See manual above).
  2. RV Logbooks

    aCar Andoid Specs Link
  3. Texas DPS vehicle inspection near Austin, TX

    I know that these guys will do it, but they are in South Austin. Diesels are exempt from emissions testing and would be easy. Gas may be trickier if they have to attach their machine - so you may call to check, if gas motorhome. 1626 Inspections (map link) Manchaca, TX (this one looks tight but, if diesel, you can park across the street in the triangle island area and they will do the inspection there) These guys are great and have done our HDT/Fifth wheel (65') for the past 7 years. If gas you may need to pull in next to the shop for them to connect the emissions testing computer. You may also try Camper Clinic II (512-312-1478) or Crestview RV Center (512-282-3516) (Both in Buda - near Cabela's) All of these are not too far from the Austin airport area. You could try Bastrop or Hays County (nearest counties to ABIA airport) where emissions testing is not required, but it does depend on the county you are registered (if gas). If you are registered in an emissions county and you are inspecting a gas vehicle then you must get emissions tested. Inspections 1626 Overview
  4. California CDL

    Thanks Phil, I've attached the second Federal reference you provided (Question and Interpretations of CFR 383.3) with a link to the referring code - CFR 383.3 (Commercial Drivers Licensing Req & Penalties). And as Carl said, Thank you for the reminders - we all need to be reminded from time to time of these things. This thread is a great example of why it is a good idea for each of us to carry a collection of our specific/state (and federal) documents. The information helps us to know and understand our rig and helps us to be prepared when faced with those who unaware and see what appears to be a duck but in fact is a dragon. Texas Documents (manual sample) were provided in a different thread. Also, some Ohio Documents were provided later in the same thread . FMSCA_CFR383.3_QuestionsInterpretations.pdf
  5. California CDL

    Phil is there something in addition to CFR 390.3(f)(3) [attached] that would be good to add to the personal HDT handbook? I did not find anything in my search for interpretations to 390.3 (or missed it in reading), but you have an intimate knowledge of where to find the resource locations that would be beneficial. If you give me links I can make pdfs for others. FMSCA_CFR390.3.pdf
  6. National Interstate Insurance

    Got a notice a few days ago that the Yusts have retired and our National General policy was transferred to AIS (Auto Insurance Specialists) and we renewed it yesterday. HDT(singled) and fifth wheel.
  7. Texas Class A or B License Upgrade FAQs

    Texas DPS site for Regular Class A/B testing locations - And Livingston is not on the list, but who knows? Livingston is on the CDL testing location list, so maybe at the CDL locations you can also do the Regular Class A/B (it is unclear from these two pages and associated CDL DL-95 document - page 1 & page 2 )
  8. Need Ideas or opinions!!!

    We had a few water stains on our ceiling when we bought our unit. (2002 Travel Supreme FW) I used bleach-water in a spray bottle and a soft toothbrush. It took a couple of rounds for the stain to come out, but now you can only see it if you know what to look for. I would test it on a hidden area first. It was a bummer to have to scrub above my head, but it was cheaper than replacing the ceiling and much less frustrating than staring at that dark spot above my recliner! I think I began with a 10% solution then added a bit more bleach to get it to work properly. I recommend good ventilation and eye protection if you go this route. ~Susan
  9. Windows 10 Updating again! GRRR!

    Search link that provides instructions for setting metered connections. Might give some control about when updates will occur.
  10. Domicile Question

    What Jim said is correct. Also the term exempt class A is used on the application form. Test is not difficult. Read page 3 of the Texas Drivers Manual 2017 - What you will need is a regular Class B License NOT a Class B CDL And you might want to read through this thread which helps you understand the most recent testing procedures.
  11. Cheyenne, WY to Amarillo, TX-Aviod Denver

    When we have to do this section timing is important. We do I-25 to 270 then over to 225 then go south back to I-25 (south side of Denver). We try to time it so that we go through the metro area at around 10 am - 11 am. This is through Denver Metro area but the traffic is significantly less on 225 than 25 when going through the city.
  12. Pulled over in TX by state patrol

    Your welcome, Brad - glad it's helpful.
  13. Registration in Mississippi

    About 1/3 way down the web page (long page - use scroll bar or CTL-F to find Motor Home) you will find the definition of Motor Home as MS defines it for registration purposes. It also gives the MS transportation code location there. The key phrases in that section are ... #7 "The vehicle must contain permanently installed independent life support systems which meet the ANSI/NFPA 501 C standard" AND #6 may be important, too. #6 A completed van-type vehicle, which has been altered to provide temporary living quarters, shall not be considered a motor home. You may have to go to a registration office and ask if there is a form or affidavit to convert a truck-tractor to a motor home. It may or may not be possible or more difficult in MS. Not all states allow for Truck-tractors to be converted to Motor homes.
  14. Pulled over in TX by state patrol

    A quick search online produces these to start with Ohio Affidavit conversion to Motor Home Ohio Revised Code 4501.01 (Q) (6) (b) Definition of Motor Home Ohio Revised Code - Motor Vehicles Exception of recreational vehicle in Ohio Commercial License code 4506.03 (B) (4) Digest of Ohio Motor vehicle laws - see page 23 for exemption of Recreation Vehicles from Commercial License You can do searches for other possible manuals, etc.
  15. Pulled over in TX by state patrol

    Texas Codes and Department manuals online. Searches for the specific items will provide the full updated manuals.(October 2017 versions) Texas Transportation Codes 522 & 521 Texas Registration Manual Texas Title Manual Texas Inspection Manual Phil's advice greatly helped refine and organize the documents I'd collected. His help is greatly appreciated. Thank you Phil.