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  1. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    In South Austin (Texas - Home of the 2017 World Series Champion Houston Astros ). Across the street from Cabela's on I35. Will be here until the first week in March.
  2. Past time to leave Montana

    Glad the surgery went well! Safe Travels to warmer climates!
  3. How do I figure tow rate on a truck??

    Place to start... Definitions - it is important to start with understanding the terms. i.e. (two examples that are found on truck towing guides) GCWR - Gross Combined Weight Rating - max allowable weight of tow vehicle AND ALL attached vehicles. MLTW - Max Loaded Trailer Weight - the highest possible weight of a FULLY loaded trailer based on the MINIMUM towing vehicle weight (truck) GVWR - Gross Vehicle Weight Rating - max allowable weight on a vehicle GAWR - Gross Axle Weight Rating - max allowable weight on the axle assembly (Front or Rear) Basic video to help understand some of the issues - Matching Trucks to Trailer Video On lower class trucks axle weight ratings will not add up to the GVWR of the Truck. Truck classes are based or defined on GVWR which are influenced by various legislation, especially in lower class trucks. The EPA, commercial transportation (State and Federal), and other factors come into play with regard to Truck classifications (or another link). On Higher class trucks (like an semi truck class 7-8) the axle ratings often do equal the GVWR.
  4. Pressure Pro Info

    Which dealer (website) did you get the $35 replacement sensors?
  5. Replace air conditioner with heat pump

    You MAY also need a new control box. (Coleman-Mach) The control box is the circuit board that facilitates the communication between the unit and the thermostat. A different control box may be needed if you want to add the optional heating element that was discussed in an earlier post. Here is an online sales place for Coleman Mach units.
  6. Is This A New Tire

    There is a new RVIA standard (NOT TRA - Tire and Rim Association) that requires tire load capacity to exceed the GAWR by 10% (with some additional details).
  7. Trailer Saver Hitch

    Trailersaver makes different models with different ratings so if you provide the ratings and the model number a better analysis could be given. As Mark said, on some TS hitch models the vertical load rating can be increased by the addition of a third air bag (if your measured pin weight exceeds the pin weight rating). Pin weights can vary greatly depending on how an individual owner loads their vehicle, so you need to measure your trailers pin weight to determine the actual load on your trailer.
  8. How To Draw A Radius Around A Google Maps Location

    On Google maps you can create a route using the Directions Tools. Then once mapped you can grab the endpoint (white dot or marker on the map) with your cursor and then drag it around. The route will snap to roads and there will be a pop-up box that has distance and estimated time to the new endpoint. You can also add points in between the stopping and starting points to force a certain route, if desired.
  9. Another page to help explain that in Texas a Class A or B can be commercial or non-commercial (AKA - exempt). This has not changed - it has been this way for some time - just misunderstood. What changed recently is where the testing is done for these exempt (non-commercial) class licenses.
  10. Rig Weighing at the National HDT Rally

    Error has been fixed. Thank you for letting us know.
  11. Rig Weighing at the National HDT Rally

    We are at the fairground and we've updated the arrival appointment form to include Sunday Oct 1. If you are arriving later than Sunday Oct 8, then email us and we can try to work it out. We have rally responsibilities on Monday (Oct 9) that will limit parts of the day we are available. Everyone have a safe trip here and see y'all soon.
  12. RV Weights

    The problem with that is that those would almost always be all loaded vehicle weights and would not be helpful for Chad's intention. You have no idea how those people loaded them.
  13. RV Weights

  14. Hey Cindy A number of triple axle (tridem) trailers have the tires close to each other. (e.g. Teton, Travel Supreme). The reason is to help reduce the scrubbing that occurs with multi-axle systems. (tandem - 2 axles close to one another & Tridem - three axles close to one another) If you have Dexter Axles, the minimum space between tires is 1 inch, which is not much. Mor/Ryde IS spacing between tires can be (0.7") - confirmed by Mor/Ryde personnel. These two brands/types of axles are the most common found on larger trailers, but we have seen a variety of axle types on Tetons. So, unless you see something significantly different between one pair of tires that is not the same for all the rest of the pairs of tires, then it might be OK. That does not make it easier to put on the tire covers but it may ease your mind about the closeness of the tires. Tire covers really just need to protect UV light from the sun so they do not really need to go all the way around the tire so you may be able to secure them or cover them differently. But if you are concerned then it would be best to contact the axle manufacturer and talk directly with them, first. Then you may need to go to a service location if they give advice. Pictures of all of the axles would help them. Dexter - Warranty and service - 574-295-7888 - or Email Contact Form Mor/Ryde - (574) 294-4936 - Try to talk to Gary Wheeler if available Glenn West (posted above) has a Teton, so his experience is closest to yours, so you can see that they can be very close as designed. We have a Travel Supreme and when we had tires with larger diameter (LT235/85R16 - Diameter 32.2") there was a 1" distance between the tires. We now have different tires with a smaller diameter (215/75R17.5 - Diameter 30.5") so there is a little bit more distance between the tires now.
  15. New 5er - New Hitch - New Tires?

    We do and our experience has been that this combination works extremely well, especially for the size RV you will be using. The Trailersaver is a good hitch with a good company to back it up. Mor/Ryde is also a good company - one of the best in the RV industry. We highly respect them. Regarding the tire question... Since the tires are new, it might be best to just get settled and get your stuff in and find a way to get weighed by wheel position to know what your balance is once loaded for full timing. Then, with more detailed information, you can evaluate various options and make a more informed decision. If you were buying a used trailer with old tires, then it may be more beneficial to look at new tires.