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  1. gcwr location

    Most GCWRs can be found here on RVSEF's Towing Guide page. Descriptions of the various manufacturers locations are also given at the bottom of this page. Most recently (past ~5 years or so) understand that manufacturers have been rolling out the implementation and adoption of J2807 as they have introduced new models of the various size pickup trucks. J2807 is a towing rating standard that has been in development for a number of years.
  2. '18 ECR Flea Market

    Hey David - We're currently in Perry, FL for a few weeks. We thought about you and Vicki and wondered were you were located. We were in Perry, GA last week and are spending a little time in Northern Florida and plan to drive down and hit our last Baseball Stadium in Tampa for the Rays opening series against the Red Sox. Then we will be headed back up North of Atlanta just across the border in North Carolina (north of Nottely Lake) where we plan to do some motorcycle rides (and maybe catch a Braves game in the new stadium and of course get a Varsity Heavy Chili Cheese dog & Frosted Orange) before heading up to Deer Run (ECR).
  3. '18 ECR Flea Market

    Arrival Appointments
  4. HHRV Campgrounds

    Gerry Of course there are different comfort levels of parking for different people. But we have fields that attempt help to identify HDTers (or similar length style trucks MDT & large fifth wheel) and the trailers towed. I look at these before setting up the map, but I do not know everyone. If you think that there is a campground that should not be on the site then you can email me with your concerns and I will look back at the data and if need be will remove it from the list. There should be a link on every HHRV campground info page in the upper right where data can be updated or concerns can be sent about the campground. So, Yes there is a vetting process but it is not perfect (human beings are involved) but the hope is that if a few sneak through together we can hone the tool and help one another provide something that can be useful for one another. We have removed some campgrounds when others have brought up valid concerns. On occasion there may only be a few helpful sites and that can be mentioned in the campground details - but the campground might still be helpful because there may not be an abundance in the area. So, we try to look at a number of aspects and evaluate for the benefit of all.
  5. HHRV Campgrounds

    Rick Your campground should now be showing up on the map. I have fixed the email so it should be working now. Other campgrounds submission mentioned were updated back in January.
  6. Stopping distance question

    Did it once to adjust/test new disc brakes and new brake controller and have been reminded that once is enough! enough (as defined by the dictionary of Susan) - one too many times
  7. I think the question comes from recent articles that speak of Wyoming possibly enforcing some existing laws regarding vehicle registration for seasonal Yellowstone workers. Article 1 - Article 2 - Article 3 - Article 4

    This is what David (The former owner of the company) used and what I use to lube the jaws and other parts of the hitch. It is important maintenance to extend the life of the head. We also use a plate - depth can depend on what is needed with the pin on your pin box. Ours is a 1/4" CRC Power Lube High Performance w/PTFE
  9. Camp grounds

    The more accurate and complete the information that is submitted the better for everyone. All kinds of sites are welcome. (Maybe not a need for Walmarts - there are other good sites for keeping current with those and there are links of the site for some of those under the Road Resources menu.) "If you fit" means something different for Robert and Heidi AKA 4girls&aMan - and a John.
  10. Thank You, Big5er

    Yes, Thank you Phil. Sample Manual with Some Gerenal Texas Documents
  11. Texas Drivers License Renewal

    Just did mine (Class A M) 2 months ago at the Texarkana Drivers License Office. No line, Eye exam, New Photo and out the door in 3 minutes. Forms and documents to have ready... Renewal Checklist / Renewal Application For those out of state with Class A or B Piece of cake!
  12. deleting old attachments

    Thanks Chad. There must be a limbo time for some posts (locked status - I guess). For my old posts, (which were really old and probably culled for removal) I was able to delete the attachments for those directly from the My Attachments manager. I don't recall have any with the locked status to which you refer, but I understand what you've shared. BTW Chad is who originally shared the link/tool to post linked photos - I just passed it on. - http://photoposting.is-great.net/ Thanks Chad for that find and share.
  13. deleting old attachments

    Once you get to your post (that you created and made the attachment) then click the edit link/button (near the bottom of your post) to open the editor to edit the post. Then you should be able to delete the attachment.
  14. Donley Enterprises

    Ed is in business, he is just not an email type person. It can take quite a while if you are trying by email. Better to use phone if you want it done timely. Donley Enterprises785-427-3273 2742 Wilderness Rd Clay Center KS, 67432 (800) 774-1944
  15. deleting old attachments

    You have to go to the post(s) were the attachment is still active and delete it from there. Use the third column to get to that post. Edit the post and remove the attachment in that post. Then come back to the list of attachments in your profile and you should then be able to delete it from the list. And then next time when you just want to post a photo use this link to do photos. http://photoposting.is-great.net/