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  1. Rick and Alicia ( RickW above) are the experts on Yellowstone. We've stayed at these locations... West - Valley View RV Park outside of West Yellowstone (Best location for us) East (Cody) - Buffalo Bill State Park North Shore (dry camp) and Buffalo Bill State Park North Shore (Electricity/Water) Drive to East Entrance is beautiful but time consuming and long distance. North - Yellowstone's Edge RV Park in Pray, Montana. This also is a pretty good drive to the North Entrance. There is a remote park (Chief Joseph RV Park) (Painters Outpost) with full hookups on the Chief Joseph Highway but it is not near any city or facility and is a good drive to the North Entrance BUT the north side of the Park and that general area is our favorite part of the park - Extremely Beautiful From Cody to this Painter's Outpost there is a pass but RickW has done it in the HDT/Fifth Wheel. Redwoods - Crescent City - Redwood Meadows RV Resort (formerly Hiouchi RV Park) Great Spot and make sure to check out the Grove of Titans on a nearby hike.
  2. A couple of options in South Austin Area ... 1626 Auto Inspections - https://1626autoinspections.webs.com/our-services OR Crestview RV in Buda
  3. TreyandSusan

    Wheel Size

    To add to DesertMiners find Google Search for hi-spec "series 10" 17.5 may yield additional options Or you could contact hi-spec directly - in the past they've sold directly to me
  4. TreyandSusan

    Tire size question

    Standard profile nominal aspect ratio for commercial tires is generally considered to be 90 or 90-series or 90% of the width of the tire.
  5. Link for what chirakawa referred to regarding emissions - gas (not diesel) emissions test requirements are based on the county where the vehicle is registered.
  6. You should first check with the manufacturer of the vehicle. Every manufacturer will have detailed instructions for the proper procedure to tow four down and let you know if possible. 2010 Smart ForTwo Owners Manual See Page 187 for Specific Flat Towing Instructions and also see page 188 for warning against towing with the front axle raised.
  7. Here is an old post with a sample binder (Texas Documents)
  8. Use Motorcylceroads.com to see the best routes and then use a campground guide to pick a campground(s) that provides the best access to the roads you want to ride. (rvparky, rvparkreviews, etc) Mid/Late March (to early April) is a good time for consideration because the wildflowers (bluebonnets) would be blooming in the Hill country. It is the most beautiful time of the year in Central Texas.
  9. Agreed. This is one of the best deals anyone could hope to find. Mark and Dale have meticulously cared for this home and it is a great opportunity for a discerning RVer. There are a number of detailed upgrades and preventative items that Mark and Dale have done to make this a great RV.
  10. The new additions will be updated today.
  11. The link in the post 2 above explains SIM PUK (Pin Unlock Key) 1 & 2.
  12. Hey Jim Smartmadness: Cruise Control - MDC 451 - it includes an adjustable throttle booster as a bonus. (Call them to order the part to make sure it is sent properly) It took me about 1 hour to install. Follow the given instructions carefully and make sure the electrical connections snap together well. Rocky's contribution was loaning me a particular socket that I did not have - thank you Rocky and get well soon. The only observed (very minor) issue is an infrequent random drop out. The throttle booster is awesome - it reduces some of the delay when depressing the throttle. I think ours is currently set to 3 (of 5).
  13. I got my PUK numbers for the mobley via chat. Took ~10 minutes. They had to verify my account by email and then they sent me the PUK to my email address. The trick was not getting the automated support chat and getting a real person with whom to chat . The support chat seems to be automated. So, I went to the sales chat and I stated that I had an issue with a locked SIM and needed a PUK, they then transferred me to a real live support person on chat and I had the PUKs in a few minutes. They tried to direct me to the PUK in my account settings but the PUK was not there. I told them the device is a ZTE Mobley and they thanked me for that information, verified my account via email and then sent me the PUK numbers to my email address.
  14. Took me less than five minutes to renew my Class A at the Texarkana License office - no lines. Eye Vision test, pay and out the door. I already had the form completed before arriving. Instructions for Renewing at an office with links to needed forms (See the bottom of the page for forms and ID needed to renew in an office) Out of State Renewal - eye exam still needs to be done
  15. A recent thread that discusses similar issue.
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