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  1. It would be very good for you to plan to attend the HDT rally 8-14 of October in Hutchinson Kansas. You will get all your questions answered and see many different conversions.
  2. RVH Lifestyles Gregg Shields RV Haulers Youtube Channel
  3. Search Amazon or ebay for mobley adapter. There are adapters that plug into AC/USB/Cigarette lighter. The Mobley Device is basically is a small cellular router (think mifi/hotspot) with an OBDII connection for power. The above adapters provide the needed power to the Mobley device so that it does not have to be used in a car/vehicle. Correction: (WRONG - No Antenna port) Apparently there is/are MS156 antenna port(s) to connect an external antenna) one possible adapter You could use a cell booster ($$-$$$$). It does broadcast wifi so can be found by a wifi router with wifi capture (e.g. WifiRanger/PepwaveSOHO/Cradlepoint/etc) and then broadcast the signal to local network. I did have to go into an ATT store and kindly and persistently convince the store representative (As many others have had to do) that they indeed do have this device/account. He finally relented from his position and made the attempt and learned that they did have the (apparently hidden/unknown) service (His position was that this could only be an add-on service to an existing ATT account - of course, most of y'all not that position is incorrect). Online ordering did not work for me. Probably because I made a mistake with the initial attempt and put it a different shipping address. Any online attempt after that resulted in "not being able to verify my identity".
  4. Ordered one today 7/19 at ATT store with the $20 unlimited stand alone plan (no ATT plan previously required). Maybe I just squeaked in under the wire but there was no mention of a final day.
  5. Climate Control Section of Service Manual (page 66) - says - 4 LED Blinks > (Fault Code Name) > Pressure Switch Wiring - Fault Description > Open switch or wire to high or low pressure switch We had a leaking compressor last year and had to replace the compressor
  6. Registration can be found here -
  7. AGREED!
  8. Sena SPH10 Headset (amazon) - Great Devices - Allows for hands to be free to give hand signals. Downside is they do cost more than other options Other option model Expand (amazon) - built after we purchased above model - little bit less in cost We leave them on through our set up while one person is outside and the other is inside so that we can communicate throughout the process as needed and our hands are free to work.
  9. Mighty Text - been using it for years
  10. We use these three... Mentioned above ... Google Generic Speed Test Another one not yet mentioned -
  11. No, we will be out west. But there will be another team there.
  12. Yep. That was us. We were across the street at Wendy's. Visited with Maurice and Ginny last night - south of Steamboat Springs.
  13. Magneshade - A little pricey but they do
  14. I am a bobbin girl myself, so I don't know of any bagged solutions. Can you get different sized drawers or boxes so that you can keep your current system intact? Not knowing what size bags/drawers you use or the size of your cabinets it is difficult to suggest options. I did a Google search on "embroidery floss storage" and saw some ideas that might work for you. Hit the "image" filter below the search box and you will see images rather than just words in your search results. Pinterest had some good results also. I have tatting, crochet, machine embroidery, and cross-stitch supplies in our RV (and I almost brought my quilting supplies from my mother-in-law's attic this year!). I would love to have it all perfectly organized and easy to access, but that won't happen while we are living in an RV. I've come up with a system that mostly works for me. I am sure you will too. So much fiber - so little space! Good luck with this and let us know how you worked it out! ~Susan
  15. Mike's Custom Painting(Bremen, IN) can make this repair. Very pleased with fiberglass repairs (different) they did for us.