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  1. I want to close the loop on this topic. I also want to offer my sincere thanks to Bill, Rocky, Rick, Darryl, Parrformance, and GreenPete for the dialog and advice. So when I last left you guys I had concluded that my “EBay XY” I had procured was suspect. Did a little research and based on the reman paint scheme and associated documentation determined that the reman was remanufactured by Weller. Well now....we have a Weller distributor here in Houston and I got to thinking..... Did some more research and found that there are those that view Weller’s remains to be “Less than Ideal” and th
  2. Well, yesterday was the big day for Footloose. Got in a new P.I.M, new wiring harness, and reman XY. I put everything in yesterday morning. Everything went in easily enough. Once complete I made up all of the battery connections and went through the calibration procedure in the manual. Waited the designated amount of time, and no start. The starter wouldn’t roll. Hmmmmm. Pull the active codes. Got code 71. Well I am feeling good about that, as I couldn’t get any codes before this all started. I go to the T/S guide and start chasing code 71. Says it’s either a bad PIM or bad XY.
  3. Ok, i have had the chance to do a little more research. I haven’t looked at the truck again as I am at work. I’m gonna look again when I get home tonight. It looks like Parrformance, Rick and BillR all all refering to what I think Eaton is calling the P.I.M or Power Interface module. For my 2001 VNL610 this is part #4301645 or K-3281. It is around $300 bucks. Looks like this image I am attaching. IS THIS WHAT YOU ALL ARE REFERRING TO REGARDING THE POWER SUPPLY? Based on the image and the name of the component i think this is what you are all referring to./. The round rings are presu
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. Battery voltage is good, just North of 13 volts without the engine running, and 14 while running. All batteries are less than 12 month old, and from the same lot. GreenPete, I did clean each one, used contact cleaner, brushed what I could and used dielectric while we were in DFW. I will do that again though, never know if I missed one. Parrformance, I will replace the connectors in question and clean all of those fuse holders as well. Thanks for the ideas. I spent the afternoon ripping out the rotten exhaust and am pricing parts to order for that
  5. Good afternoon Gents, I am looking for some ideas here in troubleshooting my Gen 1 Autoshift. This three pedal Gen 1 Autoshift is on my 2001 VNL610. I have downloaded the troubleshooting guide for the Tranny, and used the procedure to get Active as well as Inactive codes. Unfortunately it is not throwing any codes. All of the problems I am having are in the upper gears. Primarily in 9 and 10. When traveling in rolling hills the truck was shifting in and out of 8/9/10 based on load and rpm as normal. Eventually it would hang up and not upshift. Downshifted fine but would not com
  6. Thank you all. Charlie, its good to hear from you brother. No Tycoon here, just a redneck earning a paycheck! Plans include more vacations on the road, enjoying the RV. Jim
  7. Good MorningGuys, It’s good to be back. I have spent the last few weekends in the shop playing with the Rig, and we are doing some upgrades. Long story short, curtains on the Tractor are something we have never put any energy into but is now on my TO DO list. The track for the windshield curtain as well as the one for the sleeper are intact and in good shape. They also have numerous tabs hanging on them from days gone by. I am not sure how many tabs are typical or if we are even close to having enough. Having searched threads here with “Curtain” in them I see a lot of dialog on
  8. Rick, Alan, thanks for the welcome back. It has indeed been a while.
  9. Rocky,I found the same. I ended up searching only for VNL. I manually had to read descriptions from there.
  10. That’s the correct site in your link Trey, thanks for the edit.
  11. Rondo, I am in the same boat you were in. My Leviathon monitor is now dead. I also have the multiple cables existing. How did you address the cable issue. I would like to avoid rerouting cables if possible. Is the fit up the same? Thanks.
  12. You guys may want to look at the Mirrors and components on www.nuiparts.com. I found those guys yesterday courtesy of Tom Stock. They have the solution to my problem.
  13. Thank you BlueLghtning and Rocky, Rocky it has been a while huh! Glad to see you are doing well. I will give all of the above a call. I look forward to seeing you all on the road. Hopefully sooner rather than later! Jim
  14. Hi Guys, I hope I am not hijacking this thread but need some insurance help. My renewal paperwork came in, and I need to shop again. My policy is now through the roof. Can i get some suggestions on who to shop for coverage. I will likely buy liability only. IF I get comp and collision I am fine with high deductibles. Now that we are only weekend campers, I would think I can get some good rates. Thanks for the help. Jim
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