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  1. Before I went full time I had property, raised a few horses/cattle and had cats. 6 of them, sometimes more, sometimes less (well, not really because they just show up as mentioned above). The cats could stay in the barns or in the house, most all of them loved the wood stove after a long day of hunting. I had moved and was down to one, the youngest of the bunch that had gone on to greener pastures. She was 17, and did well in the RV for a year, then passed. I went a year without, then got the bug for a cat companion. Ended up with a 12 week old kitten who has not known anything but trave
  2. You for sure want to be covered, so I'd call Millers and ask/tell - maybe ask for advice. They know the ins and outs and have a good reputation with the RV industry.
  3. I bought one fall 2019 and so glad - for me it's much easier and takes away the 'what if'. I use the split roll of insulation you can get at Home Depot or elsewhere and cut it to cover the faucet and city water inlet. Used it here in Nevada at 17* last winter and in AZ in the teens last Spring. This winter has been warmer and I may not have needed it, but I'll take that chance. For me, better safe than sorry and nothing to fiddle with. I leave it hooked up until we're past the possibility of freeze and then pack it away for next time.
  4. If you want to try a 'free' one, give the Opera browser a try. I've used it for years and have no problem with it and recently have been using their in house free VPN. Works great...just have to laugh when some of the responses to a search come back in Swedish.
  5. Thanks! I waded through the main info, did a bunch of searches but only finding....you can buy it for $58. which I really didn't want to do. THEN I must have changed some wording and came up with the FREE portal that I will use soon. Appreciate you sending me on the correct path: https://www.nfpa.org/Codes-and-Standards/All-Codes-and-Standards/Free-access
  6. Does anyone here know who makes the rules and regulations that need to be followed for propane use/installation in RV's? Thanks.
  7. Thank YOU for posting the info and link. Been a while since I'd looked at the DL info available on the SD website - now I can make a plan of action.
  8. Oh, how true! You will be fine on this adventure, and will be grinning when you experience the exact same thing in the RV world. Enjoy!
  9. Last night I did a search, because I was raised in Northern California, and lived near the Sonoma Mission, in fact visited several over during the 50's, so thought that was the ONLY El Camino Real. Well, it's not and if you search around a little there are websites that shred what we were taught in school. I choose to go with the story of Father Junipero Serra and the Missions. Interesting to find the other 'roads' called El Camino Real.
  10. Not too hard to find rates....just pretend like you are booking and they will come up with LOTS of options. Not too bad considering the facilities. STANDARD BACK IN SITES Occupants Show Availability These sites are roomy and ready for you to enjoy. Full hookups sites include 110/30/50 AMP service as well as Wifi. Each site has a 20' x 70' concrete pad. Outdoor space for all to enjoy. Picnic table and fire ring included with each site. From $66.08 / Night
  11. Soon after I bought my toy hauler I took out one of the couches that folds down into a bed. Put an ad on Craigs List and within a few days had a fellow want it for an extra trailer on his property. It's the kind that bolts into the floor and exactly what he needed. Worth a try. Have no idea what it was worth but he gave me $100. and we were both happy!
  12. Thanks so much - I think that pushes me in the right direction. I thought the smaller one (what I ordered to begin with) fit in the center and the bigger flange went on top of it. Silly me. Thank you!
  13. It's the CITY water inlet on my trailer. Here's the Amazon page that shows what I ordered. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KNB6EUG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I did not realize they came in different sizes - so - I need one with a bigger flange. Thanks!
  14. Either I'm not searching for the correct item - or - I have the last one on earth and there are no others! Everything I find is only 3". On this one, the holes for the screws are 3-1/2" apart (3). The complete flange is 5" +/- a smidge. I checked Amazon, etrailer, and a general search, and everything is 3" total. Help, please?
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