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  1. We plan on taking our Jeep TJ with us. Now I'm replacing the almost new mud grip tires on it. Want something quite, but able to get around out west. Our plans are using it to get off the beaten track. Visit ghost towns and spots most bypass. So looking for a tire that will take care of dirt and sand. Plus be quite on the pavement. The ones on it now, sound like a screaming fool at 65 on the hwy. Pete
  2. So the 55 gallon drum of Methanol I have. I should not be mixing in with my hand sanitizer? Guess were lucky in parts of west Tn. Most shelf's are full, and even TP is easy to get these days. Now every store is out of Common sense. But it was in short demand before 2020 started.
  3. My 1995 KW T600 is quite, unless I hit the jake brake. Then all bets are off for sure. I did add Dynamat to the doors under the panels. Plus carpet makes a big difference. But for me, I love the sound of the engine working.
  4. Sad there joining to just send spam.
  5. Pete Kildow

    Tire lifter

    I use a 2 wheel dolly, Remove tires and also remove brake drums and install brake drums without lifting the drum or tires. Been using one to do this job the last 30+ years. Now the one above sure does a great job. Plus pull both wheels and drum off at one time if need be. But the hand truck is great for the single wheel and tire or a drum.
  6. My 1995 Kenworth stopped working. Found out what causes it, but not fixed it yet. I do have cruise now. But also have a air leak on the trailer brake valve on the dash. I can Hold the tractor valve and push on the trailer valve. Then the leak stops, but cruise does not work. So ran all week hauling gravel. With a slight air leak on my trailer Valve knob. Going to order the kit and rebuild the parking valves. Then see if the cruise works right. If not will hook my trailer lines together. Then push both valves in and see if it works.
  7. Awesome work for sure, I hope to pour up a few hundred 45 cal bullets for my muzzle loader this fall. Would love to build one by hand like you. Don't ever see it happening though.
  8. Man I laughed at that video. Priceless and spot on.
  9. Should be running perfect after this week. The water truck is wetting down the limestone parking lots at the crusher. After 5 days of that stuff, its sure dirty. 23 more loads and should have all the limestone base hauled in.
  10. Seen a Gal yesterday, she was wearing a Thong for a mask. Lady asked at the checkout isle. Why she could not at least use a clean one. That girls face turned bright red at that. Sad but all kinds of new Stupid's are out these days.
  11. It only hurt the truck for a few seconds.
  12. After our Camper has sat for the last 3 years. Got it out and into the sun again. Also hooked up the Kenworth to it also. The way its sitting in the pic, camper shows to be level. Was sure I would have to drop the 5th wheel down more. But it has air in the bags and truck bags were full. So looks like its good on top of the frame as it sits now. Thinking I will find a short standard pinbox for it. See no reason to have the extended pinbox on it. As I have room behind the cab for it to sit closer to the sleeper. Going to measure the one on my Daughters camper. And if it will work, swap it out with her straight down pinbox. She wants the extended box. Also she does not tow hers but 3 or 4 times per year. Then its to move it if the river is about to flood. Were having issues with the auto level system on our Heartland. Guess I will have to buy a new control board. This one only lights up after unplugging it. Then when you plug it back it, shows Error and then hit Enter and it goes back to Error. But only shows Error and nothing to show why its an error? Truck is dirty, been hauling limestone base material all last week. Have around 300 more tons to haul this month. That finishes our driveway to the RV shed. Plus fills in for the new shop going in this fall. Sure hope to be camping soon. Wife's last day of work was July second. But she is on vacation the rest of the month. Then retirement starts First of August. Also going to pull the headach rack off the back. Build the Drom box for the back this fall.
  13. Forced into retirement from Trucking. My kenworth is a 1995 model. 630,000 miles on it now. Figure after I'm dead and gone it will still be going. New would be nice, but the cost of emission's not good to me. Mine no emissions at all. Your 2000 the same, and keep that in mind. Emissions on the new ones can eat into the Fun Budget. Same as our old ones can in keeping them up. Each year my hearing declines and my old truck gets quieter. Figure in a few more years its as quite as the 2025 models.
  14. I have that 8 track somewhere of Mr George Carlin
  15. Pete Kildow

    Speed parts!

    Had to use the locker in my single axle Sat. Was spinning and sliding sideways. Flipped the locker switch. Idled right out and nice to have 4 rear wheels pulling rather then only 2 on one side.😁 Mine came factory with the locker and single axle. Along with 2.93 gears.
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