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  1. John, Thanks for your post. I agree with all you said and my post was mostly trying to get other Coachmen 311FS owners to enlighten me on any info they had on the factory charger. This is a brand new unit and they have supplied zero info on the charger unit and I cannot locate a manufacturer or model number on it. I will keep looking thanks again for your insight. Rick
  2. Yeah I just do not like flooded cell batteries off gassing hydrogen in my living quarters. I would like to simply change them to AGM just not sure if the charger is capable of doing that. This unit has a WFCO WF-5110RS 1000W Pure Sine Wave inverter but I cannot seem to locate any information on the charger.
  3. This is a new unit and new batteries. This unit has the wiring for a solar hook up installed but it does not have the solar charging unit. We will not be boondocking much so we do not see a need for Lithium Ion batteries but we do want to change our house batteries to AGM. Does anyone have suggestions for 12V AGM batteries that they have used. Likes dislikes etc. I would like to change the house Charger/inverter as well eventually but the first item will just be a swap out of the batteries just not sure the factory supplied equipment will allow for the direct change out. All comments and suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance all. Rick and Michele
  4. Does anyone have or know of a good video of how to flush the water heater?
  5. We have a 2021 Coachmen Leprechaun 311FS and we are hooked to city water. They had a break in the water line some place and the water was colored and you could tell that they were killing bacteria and the like because the chlorine smell was strong. That is all cleared up but now when we turn on the hot water we get a smell, it is not a Sulphur or rotten egg smell it is something different. We have a Dometic WH6-GEA Gas/Electric water heater and there is no anode as I was thinking maybe it is smelling. Thanks in advance for all your replies.
  6. Has anyone changed out the sofa sleeper with recliners. On our 311FS the slide floor edge to wall is 32.5" and we are looking for some good suggestions for recliners. We were looking at the Thomas Payne Euro Recliner but it looks like we do not have enough slide floor. Regards, Rick and Michele
  7. Thanks all for the comments. I appreciate each and everyone.
  8. Thanks. We have a really nice self regulated water hose for the winter months. I also have a self regulating heat trace connection for the water hookup. All the tanks have heat pads on them so hoping that will help as well.
  9. I am also working full time. Our plan is to move the rig once a month, when we can, and then to use the fresh water tank at that time. Thanks for the input.
  10. Do you use anything in the tank to stop growth? I know that before first use we will flush with a bleach mixture but after that is there a product that you use?
  11. My wife and I will be full timing in our Class C at an RV resort with full hook ups. Our question to the group is how often should we cycle water through the fresh water tank? We will be on the city hookup most of the days and only off it on trips away and when we want to exercise our rig by taking it out for a spin. I was thinking of leaving it dry but I do not think this is a good idea.
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