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  1. Kirk, was there one in Elkhart, Ind?
  2. Thanks Kirk. I think we were last together at the Gillette, wy Escapade
  3. I've been all over the Escapade website, and can't find a link to reserve and order tickets Can someone give me a clue?
  4. No secret. Let me try to find the name
  5. This happened preCovid, but I thought we could Use a positive about now! Happily ever after I am making this rather long post in hopes that it will show other RVers, particular newbies, that all is not lost when problems arise. We arrived at our reserved park in San Diego after a horrible drive on I-405 and I-5 in bumper to bumper stop and go traffic from northern Los Angeles, surrounded by drivers only SoCal can produce. I returned from the office after registering, to find a pool of greenish liquid (coolant) dripping from the front of our small (30’) class A on a 2006 Ford Cha
  6. Angels. Heaven. I was close. Thanks.
  7. In past Escapades there was a gal who did a seminar on cleaning hints, and also sold cleaning items, microfiber towels, special sponges etc. I can’t find her name, and would like to reorder, if she’s still selling. As I recall “angel” was in her name. Can anyone help?
  8. We’re thinking of changing our travel style. Not totally hanging up the keys, but close. We have a 2008 Monaco Monarch and 2012 Honda CRV, set up for towing. Would we be better to sell each separately, or together as a package?
  9. We bought a used Fireball travel trailer in 1967; 13 1/2 ft. Have RVd ever since. Fifty-two years and still rolling along.
  10. I found my SA 2015 discs.🙂 Installed in Windows 10 fine. Now I have to relearn. Overall, I like the program (I’ve had it for years, updated annually), but it’s not intuitive at times. Thanks all for the input.
  11. I don’t think Street Atlas runs on later versions of Windows. Can’t find my original discs. I still have it on an older laptop (I think). May dig it out and see if there’s still life in it. It is too bad that a pretty good program was allowed to die. Obviously RVing is a limited market.
  12. I know this topic has been discussed, but “search” didn’t bring it up. With all its quirks, DeLorme SA worked well for me. Is there a similar substitute? And please, Google maps is a great program, but NOT a substitute😕
  13. I got my replacement motor from Amazon. Not an easy install, the way the steps are bolted on, but definitely doable DIY.
  14. Golly. I guess I’m a simpleton. After running my battery down after first towing our CRV ( new in 2012), I simply ran an additional wire ( I think about a #16) from our coach battery to the positive terminal on the Honda. Put a spade connector near the tow bar hookup. Simply connect it when we hook up, unplug when we disconnect the umbilical cord. No switch, no fuse pulling, no dead battery. Has worked for 6 years.
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