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  1. dennisvr

    Onboard air

    For what you want you can do as I did. Remove emergency air line (RED) and screw in a quick release air fitting. The same as you use on all your air lines, that way you can use any airline that your use at home. Just hook up air line, push in red knob on the dash and air tires. You'll get somewhat the same volume of air that you would get if you went from the tank. By doing this I have no problem airing the tires on the truck or trailer. It will depend on how long you use the blow gun to blow out filters to determine if you have to wait for the compressor to build up.
  2. I tried the "Wife" once. After that time I figured it was much easier to use my mirrors and "GOAL" (get out and look). Maybe it was twice, because I remember once trying it with our cell phones instead of hand signals, which wasn't a pleasant experience. So now if I'm in a tight spot I will use her as a spotter. I tell her to only start waving her arms if I'm going to hit something and not to try to guide me. Now if I can only train her that if she cant see me in the mirror, then I cant see her. Its an ongoing battle............ I do remember seeing a manual when I first started, but
  3. I know what you mean about traction or lack of. Mine is singled and no locker. I think it would get stuck if it just got close to a grass area. I too boondock 99% of the time and really have got to watch out where I can go. I carry a Smart car so if I don't know the area I unload it and scout around. Best wishes on your build and you came to right place to get all different ideas........ Back to your OP about hitch placement. Mine was over the axle when I bought it and then I extended the frame and moved it back about 30" to accommodate for the Smart car. I think its worth being 2 1
  4. If I read it correctly you will be ordering a new truck to your specs. I'm curious as to why you would spec it tandem. Most, especially if their not carry anything on the back goes single rear axle. Just wondering.
  5. I may be interested in the truck. I think I live close to you. I'm 5 miles north of Valley Springs. Is it gas or Diesel?
  6. The guy that taught me to shift, (float gears) had me put my hand on the shifter knob and he put his hand over mine. That way when he would change gears I could feel it bump the gear and then he would drop in. Worked great and have taught a lot of newbies how to shift the same way. At first they would have a death grip on the knob and try to force it in. Then I showed them I could shift with one finger and they got the picture.
  7. You say the starter was replaced. Maybe some wires installed incorrectly????
  8. Can you tell us what do you mean by zip tied.. I have seen manufactures zip tie the rubber end to attach to the leveling rod. Attached is a picture of one using hose clamp, but I have seen them attached with zip ties as well. https://www.raneystruckparts.com/volvo-air-suspension-leveling-rod-3934525/?sku=82222&msclkid=4e1d9fbe0f7e196ee8adc0f348202ed4&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=(ROI) Shopping - General&utm_term=4579191054665439&utm_content=Big Rigs
  9. One of my laptops did the same as yours and showed plugged in but not charging. I found a procedure to fix it. If memory serves me, it may have been to remove the battery for a hard reset????? Cant remember, but you can Google (laptop plugged in and wont charge) and it should pop up.
  10. You wont be able to buy a Commercial HDT and register as a motor home in CA. They stopped that about 5 yrs ago. The only way to have one registered in CA is buy one that has already been converted, that's what I did. So as others have advised is to get set up in SD and all should go well.
  11. Looking at the picture I see a black ring just beside the small water line that has a hose clamp on it. I'm wondering if the hose end your talking about inserted into that black ring. Don't know what its for but that looks to me like where it came from.
  12. Thanks for the reply. We went ahead and drove on down to Flaming Gorge.
  13. Has anyone boondocked around the Upper Green River Lakes in WY north of Pinedale WY. Looking at freecampsite.net there shows a few places, but not sure if I can get my rig into them, 40' 5th wheel with HDT. Also thinking about going on down to Flaming Gorge and boondock or get a NF campsite around there, so if you have any info on that area it would be great. Thanks
  14. The workers here at Gros Ventre said they have never seen it like this in all the years they've worked here. Said it started getting bad the first of July. We tried to get a spot at Bakers Hole in West Yellowstone, but no luck. Went in at 8am and there was one guy parked behind a RV and said they were leaving at noon and he was going to sit in his car and wait the 4 hrs for it. Crazy......
  15. Got to Gros Ventre at 10:15am yesterday. Line to get in was half way to the road. Got to about 6 vehicles to register and they put out the campground full sign. Guess all the stars lined up because we got the last spot to park in the overflow. The host said he has not seen it packed like this before and it has been like this seen the first of July. He said they start lining up at the gate at 4:30am and they don't open till 8am.
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