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  1. HP 14" i5 8GB/256 Laptop- Digi Camo - Walmart.com - Walmart.com One place it says it has a i5-1135G7 processor. Then another place it says it has a i5-1035G1 processor. I'm confused, course it doesn't take much to confuse me when it comes to computers.
  2. Thanks for your replies. I found this (HP 14, Intel Core i5-1035G1, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) for $499.00, I guess I'll go with this. Thanks again.
  3. I'm in the market for a new laptop. Laptop I have now is a Lenovo (cheapy, $300) 4gb ram, 1 TB storage, it says I have 840gb of 930 storage left . I don't know a lot about computers, I use mine mostly to surf the web and store my pictures. I'm thinking I would like one with 8mb ram, storage?? Anyway if any of you computer gurus out there can steer me to a good computer for me at the best price I would grateful.
  4. I don't know about Volvos, because I haven't had to work on the trailer lights on my truck. But I had a fleet of KWs back in the day and they ran a separate circuit for the stop lights for the trailer. The tractor stop lights worked but no trailer stop lights. Had to call KW and found they had a 40a inline fuse tucked in a harness behind the alternator, strange place to put a fuse.
  5. The upper large filament should be the stop, turn and 4 ways. The lower smaller filament should be tail lights. The larger filament makes for a brighter light, that's why the stop, turn and 4ways are always brighter then the tail lights on a vehicle.
  6. All good suggestions about the drivelines, ujoints and splines. One other quick and easy check is to check and see if the driveline is in time. This means, are the ujoints lined up. If the truck was towed and the driveline pulled, what they do is un bolt the ujoint at the diff and pull it out of the splines at the slip joint. When it is reinstalled it could have been one spline off and it will cause a vibration. Look to see if the ujoints are lined up to each other.
  7. Damn Darryl, if I could only get my wife to listen to you I would have it made.😁
  8. Your truck should pull from both tanks and return to both tanks. The pick up tubes and hoses (both at same lengths) go to a Tee. So it will draw off the tank with the least resistance, as will the return line will flow to the tank with the least resistance. By doing this they probably wont be at the exact same level, but somewhat close. One thing that causes uneven levels would be a dirty or clogged vents. Which is located at the top of the tank with a hose hanging from it. One way to verify if they are clogged is to run the truck with the fuel tank cap opened a bit to let it vent from there. If it levels out it tells you they may be clogged, (best done with less then full tanks) less mess. The vents can be removed and cleaned with a liquid cleaner and reinstalled. Don't recommend using compressed air to blow them out, it may get the little ball stuck and wont vent, as they say (don't ask me how i know that).
  9. I bought the Predator 3500 to run the 5th wheel while parked on my property and build our house. Used it for 6 months while building, in the CA summer heat and then used while boondocking for the last 3 yrs and it now has about 600 hrs on it and still running good. One thing I do is not leave gas in it if I store it for more then a month or two without stabilizer. I've got my moneys worth out of it three times fold.
  10. Boy, you don't hear that very often about any dealership.
  11. dennisvr


    Nwcid, You may ask them if they price match. They can usually get any tire you want. I do that with Americas Tire here in CA. I go online and find a tire I want and show them and they usually will match the price and order the tires in. The last time I needed steers, I went online and found the best price for the tire I wanted at the "Tire Rack" and had them shipped to my house and then loaded them up on the truck and took them to the tire shop and had them installed.
  12. dennisvr


    I agree with the flock. At 12 yrs old they are time to be replaced. It was hard for me to replace my 10 yr old tires that had 3/4 tread remaining. I went with Sailun tires at 2/3 to 1/2 the price of Michelins or Bridgestone's and good reviews. I figure they will last me for as long as I have the truck and still look good at the time I sell it.
  13. dennisvr

    Brake Job

    I used my torgue multiplier on a friends truck to do a brake job, and after he took it to a tire shop and had them check them and they said they were all tight.
  14. That's a good thought, but I believe the anti lock only works on the service brake side. If the park brake is activated a spring sets the brakes. I have never ran across anything like what is described in all the yrs of working on them.
  15. You can barely hear the exhaust and the fuel pump ticking, not loud at all. I plan on using it to warm the cab before going to bed and after waking in the morning, so I don't think it will be a distraction.
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