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Dometic fridge quit working.

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First simple thing is to change the 12vdc fuse that operates the fridge.

  While that fuse is out. Loosen the grounds to the refrigerator and retighten them, maybe 3  times.

  Then put the fuse back in the panel .    


  Do you have a 12vdc meter. If not you need to get one.

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  I agree with Glenn. Take a DC voltmeter and see if there's a good full 12 VDC on the input splice block/buss (two wires that need to be 12 VDC) there in the rear access compartment often located at floor level. 

  Like Kirk asked, are any lights or indicators on in the eyebrow panel ? If none, check the fuses (usually blade type) in your DC power distribution panel as well as at the fridge including its Control Circuit Board. Other suspects are bad grounds and/or loose connections so no 12 VDC is present.  However, replacement of the eyebrow panel causing it to work then stop again makes me suspect a bad ground or connection instead of a fuse, but where ???

 All I have to offer based on such limited info.

  John T






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The lights would indicate that you have 12V available. You need to tell us a lot more in order for us to be of much help. Dometic has made dozens of different models of refrigerator over the years and we can only guess which one you have. The age and the model of yours would go a long way to help. As you live in a remote area of Saskatchewan, Canada there may not be any qualified service technicians nearby so we would be happy to help if you give us more information to go on.  If you don't know what model the unit is, this video should help you locate that information, even though it is on a Norcold. Dometic will be very similar. If you check it out, YouTube has many repair videos that may be helpful, but at this point we can only guess what might be wrong with whichever Dometic model you have.

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11 hours ago, Flahr said:

The lights in the fridge work

  I agree with Kirk. That cuts against its a fuse problem (you have at least some voltage available) and more towards perhaps low voltage or a faulty ground or connection OR EVEN THE CONROL BOARD ??  If you have a DC Volt Meter check the DC supply voltage (12 to over 13 volt range)  which might start at a terminal wire connector block maybe located ?? near floor level at bottom rear of fridge access. Do you know your house battery voltage ?? (maybe batteries are very low) Does it matter if plugged to shore power or not ?? (working Converter/Charger would raise DC voltage).. Try to download a Manual off the internet and work through its Troubleshooting Tips, we cant help much more from here with so little information.

 John T

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No one here can help without the model Dometic as already asked.

Also, remove and replace all the spade connectors to the circuit board. See if an RV place nearby has the circuit board tester.

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