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Truck is officially in the fabrication shop now.

Vegas Teacher

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Howdy all, my truck os officially in the Fabrication shop at RVH Lifestyles with Jack Mayer and his crew now. Jack is singling it and putting the sport utlity bed on it cor the first part of modifications. He sent me pictures and it should show up on the facebook group HDT's for RVing. I told him to use my name and also my escapes screen name, but when you see the orange Volvo 780 it is mine! I am excited beyond words.

We are now on summer vacation too, here in Vegas, no teaching again until August 2nd. Lots of work to prepare for the upcoming school year but no kids, bells, parent phone calls, emails to write or phone calls to make. The "D.W." went out for sushi, then went to the Golden Tiki Lounge, 99 cent only store, and then to C-A-L Ranch and last but not least a stop at Tractor Supply. It was a great day!


Cory Ossana -Vegas Teacher

Happy summer to all and especially and fellow educators or bus drivers.

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1 hour ago, Jaydrvr said:

Cory, use the "Other Media" button to add the url for the picture you're posting. We can help if needed. JaywRocpjd.jpg


Thanks so much! I have more pictures to add today. In the latest pictures, as of this morning, Jack has my axel repositioned the frame, will post more this evening.

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3 hours ago, ddm502001 said:

Do they re-angle the rear drive axle to correct U-joint Angles?  those are usually pitched to a off angle for the interaxle drive shaft.

Jack was one of the early RV modifiers to recognize that was an issue that needed to be corrected. I'm 100% he's getting it right. Jay


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