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  1. I had a bad vibration at 41-45 mph and it was worn tires. Either out of balance or cheap dealer shocks or both. On a pickup truck, you can tell if there is play in the front, while sitting still and kicking the tires etc. Does anyone have a trick for a semi? Seems like you would at least have to get that tire off the ground. I’ve never tried it, am I dreaming?
  2. Sculptor

    Drom box

    Best of luck and keep us posted. Is the drom going be 12” deep?
  3. It’s the best yet! You have a good eye for design.
  4. The balloon festival has been something we would like to try. We will miss it this year because of my work commitment in Yellowstone. Have fun!
  5. Welcome to the group! Formulating a plan ahead of time, while you are looking for just the right model, sounds like a great plan. ( I didn’t do that. Ours has worked out pretty well in spite of that fact). Some guys do very well with duct tape and cardboard, some use the latest CAD. You will be fine. A rally, especially the National in Hutchinson, can make you aware of some questions that you need to ask. Often you can get the answer to anything you can think of from these folks. Somewhere I have seen a list of past presentations at the various rallies. This is the only list I could find, and it seems incomplete. Maybe someone knows where a more complete list is. I didn’t open any documents, I just glanced at the titles. http://www.hdtrally.com/Presentations.htm Good Luck and welcome again.
  6. The main floor door side slide? No, the pressure on the slide from tight edges will not adjust the slide.
  7. I agree with Kirk on the contact info. I would add, photos can be posted here but it can be a problem. A link to photos somewhere else could work.
  8. I did a similar thing, but without the plug connector pigtails. Wish I had done that. I mounted the jackalopee on the drivers side luggage compartment wall liner board. I drilled 2 separate holes for plastic bulkhead gasket seals And ran the main green commercial cable in, then black RV cable out to the trailer. The truck came with a Webasto diesel heater and factory exhaust pipe which runs out in the same area I wanted the cable. I think there is enough space between the cable and exhaust.
  9. I thought I remembered other discussion about pulley/snatch block arrangements vs. cable length. I searched but only turned up this post from Rick about the hitch, which may or may not help. As usual for me, it’s only slightly related. 🙂 https://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/135597-winch-capacity/
  10. I went with the Herrmann agency this year, in June. I also needed to move both vehicles registration to SD at the same time. I’M NOT SURE, but I think I just needed to have both vehicles registered there, not domiciled there. The rate at Progressive jumped almost 50% for us. No claims! As luck would have it we had moved out of NC and were full time anyway. Advice from this site led me to the Herrmann agency, and the policy is with Nationwide now.
  11. Sculptor


    I would drive up to the second story deck on my house, when we had one. Maybe a friend has one you can use for 15 minutes.
  12. I would like to see the finished version.
  13. Gotta join in here, added a new rear license plate lamp. Now that we are registered in SD we have plates front and rear.
  14. Can anyone see the image? I was not able to. West system epoxy covered with a layer of glass would last a long time.
  15. How are your joists fastened to the frame? Flat plates through-bolted to both the frame and the joist? Looks like 4x4 decking. Do you strap the ramps on top when you’re driving? I think about a bed quite often. Last year we left the rental house which would have been a good place to build one. We were there for a number of years, but I was down with surgeries which limited my mobility, and in between there was a pesky full time job to distract me from my true occupation of working on our rig. So I decided it was time to enjoy the fruits of our labor and travel. The smart bed is still just a dream at this point. I have confidence in my skills, but fabbing a big steel deck is no longer a possibility for me/us. On the other hand I still have many of the tools needed for a wood deck, given a place and the time, it could happen.
  16. Thanks for the info! I looked them up, we aren’t set up for boondocking or rustic camping. If we were, I might try them. We are currently “circling” the outer Yellowstone vicinity. Our next stop is Virginia City, MT then on to Cody, WY. I have a short work camping gig lined up, but it doesn’t start until 9-9. This will be my first experience. My hunting experience is limited to northern Michigan deer. But it has been at least 10 years, and I miss it. No freezer space now anyway. 🙂
  17. Is anybody talking about a wood deck with ramps and tie-downs for a smart car? I assume it’s possible. I think I’ve seen a Jeep on a long wooden bed, but I can’t swear to it.
  18. You guys are hilarious. 😜
  19. We haven’t been to Jackson yet. We have been at a casino/campground in Ft. Hall. It’s not bad, could be better. As soon as we got here, I had to call around for an RV tech and to find a cable for our bedroom slide. Very few mobile tech options, though we did find a highly recommended guy, he was booked into this week. Fortunately I found the exact cable in Idaho Falls. With some long distance coaching from an RV tech friend, my DW and I got it fixed. So we have been into Idaho Falls twice, and Twin Falls once, to see the falls in both places. I didn’t get to see the Evel Knievel site. No biggie. Pocatello a couple of times. Oh, and the Potato Museum in Blackfoot. 🙂 Jackson and Craters of the Moon are still on our list to visit.
  20. That’s very interesting, since we will be in Pocatello in a few days. Good to know about that grade in advance!
  21. I hope to get up there today before it gets too hot, and take a close look. Thanks guys for your experience.
  22. Hello, I’m looking for a good reference in central Montana. In April this year, we had one AC blower professionally replaced. The service company owner said he happened to have one in stock and he came right to our campsite and installed it. Early this morning it started making a strange grinding noise so my wife shut it off. It has been cool at night but we leave it on and let the thermostat do it’s job. It has been very hot in the upper west mountain time zone, so I might need yet another unit to replace this one. If, that’s IF, I have to replace it, can anyone suggest a reputable place to buy from in Montana near Bozeman or Billings? We are looking for the purchase receipt this morning. Perhaps there will be a warranty.
  23. Two days ago I had the chance to chat with the service manager at the dealership. He said the 210 running temp is absolutely normal. This confirms many comments above. He further said the viscous clutch has a special oil that, when the engine hits a certain temperature it becomes hard, no longer viscous. That’s a detail I didn’t know. He seemed unsure but guessed the temp would be 225 or so. His description matched comments above, I should be able to feel the fan kick on, and will notice a decrease in speed/power. This info is old news to most of you, but I, for one, learned some stuff. Thanks guys.
  24. There is a switch up high on the brake pedal. It has a feeler to sense the motion of the brake pedal.
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