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  1. I grew up with a shepherd with that coloring. Beautiful.
  2. Thank you Ben! Stay away from the I840 around Nashville!!! If there is any justice, those responsible for that road will have fleas and worse for generations. 🤬🤬🤬
  3. Thanks! Since you all have been so kind, I will update with some good news for a change, the new doc appointment went well yesterday. We liked the office and the location works well for us since it’s in Smyrna near the son and DIL. The high elbow cast came off! Now about 3 weeks in a wrist brace then the pins come out. We are at Texas T campground this week, maybe next, depends. Cornersville, TN.
  4. That seems to be the case with ours also. One very thin fragile bead of caulk on top of the plastic angle. Ends barely inside the flap seal.
  5. Hi Cory, great news on your truck. I’m sure it feels great to make progress. Will you get to drive it home to KS for the holidays? I’m very sorry to hear about your dog. Words cannot express how sad that must have been. We lost our Paddington early this year. I suppose posting a photo of your best friend would be pretty far off topic. I would like to see him anyway. What was his name?
  6. I finally got a call back from Mike at Parker’s tonight before 5. Thanks for the referral. The price sounds better than expected, we shall see. He sounds very experienced with all kinds of slide repairs. If we go with them, it won’t be until early December.
  7. Good info Larry, the surgery WAS in Hutchinson. We waited an extra week for the first post op checkup. We then beat the NEXT windstorm out of town. We set up the TN appointment for tomorrow, then slowly came back the southern route, Branson, Memphis, then south of Nashville. We are at Texas T campground. re-reading my post, I said “a Friday” not which Friday so I could have been clearer. It was the 23rd of October in Hutchinson.
  8. How was your trip home Rick? I think I read there was a breakdown in the last few miles? I looked again but couldn’t find it.
  9. Yes she was upset. We have had a good week and a half of travel, but today the rough TN roads handed us another upset. One of our slides has a bad floor and it gave up the final ghost today. Hope she feels better tomorrow. At least no accidents or injuries. 🙂
  10. Hi guys, and thank you Rick for asking about me. I finally got the surgery on a Friday. which put pins in my radius bone. We waited a week until the first follow up, and left the following Monday. The next follow up was scheduled here in Tennessee with a new surgeon at about 3 weeks post surgery. We just arrived today, and the appointment is Tuesday. All records and xrays are in hand so the new doc with have them. We intend to change our domicile to TN (after many questions/research) hence all the effort to get a new doctor here. The weather was turning bad there in Hutch. Rick you remember the windstorm plus John K. endured an ice storm with us too. Spending the recovery during an early winter in KS for the holidays wasn’t as appealing as being near our son and daughter in law In TN.
  11. I’m sorry I forgot to mark this as sold.
  12. Beautiful work! In the last photo you capped and welded the rectangular tube shut Right? Nice touch.
  13. I like your approach to the brackets. They look like they will last. (I was kidding with the plumb and square comment, your work looks NC milled compared to mine. 🙂)
  14. Now you’re just bragging..... Plumb and square? really?
  15. I know of another guy who did it this way also. Also mounted on the back of the cab.
  16. Nice job so far. Much better than my attempt. Window wells were a good choice.
  17. I wanted to save what I already had fabbed, so there were plenty of lap joint welds. This made it quite a bit stronger.
  18. I used the step fairing bracket as my guide for steel brackets. (Your top photo on left) They needed more width and thickness, and further outboard. My first version was 1 x 1 angle probably 1/4” thickness, across the drive tire width. These broke from metal stress where they welded to a thicker piece. I kept the 1 x 1 but brought some 2” angle out halfway to the end. That seemed to fix the stress cracks.
  19. I have not tried trees, but I had some huge planks (4000-5000 lbs) so wrapped in chains with binders for the slack. The rear air suspension lifted each plank With no problem. In your case you could increase traction by this method also.
  20. Wholeheartedly agree here. This might require some knowledge of proper behavior, Henry.
  21. Hi Ken, I filled out the online form for a new drivers license. As you said TN requires two proofs of residency. Our son lives here so “fudging” 2 receipts might be possible but might bite me later for example, at tax time. Scratching my head for now. I went back over this topic for some inspiration.
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