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Refrigerator in Texas heat

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I’m assuming that you have a Dometic or Norcold fridge.

Short-term fixes (maybe) . . .

If possible, shade the fridge side of your RV.

Put some dry ice in the lower part of your fridge.

Longer-term fixes . . .

Install a fan inside your fridge.

Install a fan on the TOP of your fridge compartment so the it pulls air UP and out of the compartment. Then make a path for air to be pulled from INSIDE into your fridge compartment and BLOCK the existing outside air vent.

Install a adjustable thermistor.

Install a residential fridge,



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If it is the original 2004 refrigerator, it may well be on it's last legs. It is normal for an RV refrigerator to need to operate on it's highest setting in hot weather and temperatures will vary some, but not that much. Mine is able to keep the chill area below 40 degrees in even the hottest weather. 

Check in the back for any signs or a yellow sludge or powder. If it is there that is an indication of a refrigerant leak. 

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If the fridge is on the sunny side (south and west) you need to get it shaded without blocking air flow.  As noted, due to age, it may be on its way to the RV graveyard.  Look on the outside of the unit for any signs of a yellow powder on the piping, especially at the joints.  If you have the slightest hint of ammonia smell it is leaking.

You can also add a 12-volt 4" computer fan in the outside compartment blowing up toward the top to aid in cooling the unit.


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