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Man has this Page gone cold


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There was a time that this forum was very active by many different members. Over time it became dominated by one member. For myself, I must admit that with things becoming so much more user friendly and the computer world reaching a point that it doesn't require as much in depth knowledge to use one, I have become a bit lazy and just don't do the amount of technical things that I once did. 

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I think that a lot of the old timers that used to be here like Stan Miller for instance are no longer active. In Stan's case he contributed to the veterans thread a lot.  I also think  a lot of questions that might be dealt with here are actually asked in other threads.  I hope this is just a cycle we are going through on the forum overall.

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Well that is a vary common occurrence when folks move to Colorado.  They all of a sudden get the munchy's their minds go a little foggy and they find themselves spending way to much time lounging on the sofa?



(just kidding RV)

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I do remember this as been very active and  think some of them may have moved over to other RV forums .  I am a member to several others including a veterans RV group and two of them have very active technology threads with  RV also as a member.  Captain Woke here.  Cheers

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Yesterday was Patch Tuesday so I am posting some stuff  today.

Dennis I knew that! You've been a good participant here too.

It has never been a one man show as it as open to all as on the SKPs forums.

I am far from the most experienced here, or the least. If they want to fill this place up the only thing holding them back is themselves.

Y'all need to post more when you run across good tech news or warnings.

My life is busy again and I realized what I realized a long time ago. Folks tell you all about themselves when they project how their mind works on others.

I don't hold grudges. IN 2016 I had Roger jump in when I needed a babysitter overnight after each surgery in case I had a medical emergency. The surgeries were scheduled and then Lynn's dad took a turn for the worse and I would not let her come with me because she had been staying by his bedside with hospice for the preceding year. He died within a couple weeks of my return.

Roger lived near Tampa compared to others and he jumped in, took time out to make sure I was OK overnight in the suite I rented twice after each surgery. Without an adult staying overnight for each surgery they would not operate on my Cervical and lumbar spine five days apart as scheduled. Thanks again bud!

Several folks are real friends and stopped by when they could in person. That's why I've been here when I thought I could with a good pass- alongs (info and articles,) and a link to my source/s to perhaps prevent problems with vulnerabilities and active threats to our systems and tech.

I post for them and won't join the trolls in the mud.

Life is good. If "kb muscle" bullies bother you just remember: Illegitimi non carborundum.


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