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  1. Pete's A first time poster. If true to form Pete may never come back but then again he might in a week, a month or maybe even a year. I would guess he posted to 5 or 6 sites and does not remember where he posted? Dennis
  2. RV Does not appear to be a split tunneling feature or button to turn on in her Shark VPN settings
  3. RV Thanks will see if she has that on her shark VPN on the iPad. Dennis
  4. Going to try and use the son who lives in Richmond, VA family sharing of you-tube TV will report back.
  5. Dutch Yes they do have a fake GPS App in the apple store. The highest rated app was only 2 stars? Does this allow you to select the same GPS location as the city you have selected via your VPN? Dennis
  6. Dutch The DW is using her ipad which is using IOS 14.7 I think. That is what we set the VPN up on. So it is not on a PC. Dennis
  7. I have been using a VPN to select a different site to log into a web page outside of a blacked out area. Have being using for several months with no problem to be able to log onto that web page. Now I am receiving a msg when I log into the web page that if I am using a VPN I can no longer log on. So what has happened and is there anyway around this? The DW was only using this to watch a certain baseball team play. Is there a work around so she can once again log onto the web page. We live in a area more than 300 miles from the Baseball teams city. The DW is very upset that she can no longer watch the games even though we live more than 300 miles away. Help if you can? Dennis
  8. Here is an ideal why don't you call the phone number listed in his post and ask? Dennis
  9. Never had that problem on my 2003. Dennis
  10. Mini Cooper Excellent thanks for posting it has been sold. Dennis
  11. Jim Thanks for posting that it has been sold. Dennis
  12. Mini Cooper It is considered poor form to inject your for sale item into someone else's for sale item thread. Just saying you might want to stay in your own lane as your mini cooper already has it's onw thread. Dennis
  13. Price and location would be nice. Maybe some pictures, an e-mail or a phone number. Also please come back and check your listing. Also please come back and post that it is sold because some first time poster 3 years from now will want to know if it is still available. Dennis
  14. riccafrdo99 You do see this is a 29 April 2019 post right? What do you think the odds are that it is still available? Dennis
  15. Turned off and gone from task bar. Thanks Dennis
  16. lappir I have the same thing. It showed up about a week ago. Any ideal on how to get rid of it? Dennis
  17. Boxcar 50 did you not see that the post is from Oct 2019? Dennis
  18. something like this MHL Micro USB to HDMI Adapter Converter Cable for Android Phone Smartphone HD TV | eBay You might plug in which Android phone you have to make sure the connection is the right one Dennis
  19. sure there is go search it on e-bay Dennis
  20. rynosback I might try that. Thanks Dennis
  21. Vladimir Is not using mirroring via Apple Play the same thing as Casting via a android device? Dennis
  22. Chad I believe it is an App. She opens the MLB App which shows all the games that are playing at the time and selects the one she wants. You may be right and it is a MLB App issue not allowing the signal to be exported. Dennis
  23. Ok my wife likes to watch the Cardinal Baseball Games. She has the paid subscription MLB App on her Ipad. I bought her an OEM Apple HDMI adaptor so she could run a HDMI cable from her Ipad to one of our 60 inch Samsung Smart TV's and watch it on the big screen. She can watch you tube videos, movies using the method but MLB App will not transmit it via the HDMI to the big screen even though it is running live on the Ipad. What I am doing wrong? She has the screen recording function turned off on her Ipad as you are not allowed to record the MLB games. Is there a work around? Is there some other function I need to turn on or off on the Ipad? Dennis
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