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  1. Bigjim I thought I was? Trust me what I wrote is not what I was thinking if you know what I mean? Dennis
  2. Kirk I see what you mean. I guess some of these folks can't figure out what the 501-318-8273 number is for. It is a phone number for those of you who cannot figure it out. So pick up the phone dial the number and ask the guy who was a 2nd time poster and who has not been back SINCE if the the toad is still available don't add another post to a thread where you can answer your own question by calling the phone number in the original posting and ASKING! Dennis
  3. Barb I always figured you for a West Coast Babe. Let me guess Berkeley? I hope Dave is doing better Dennis
  4. When my GD graduated from HS in HI this spring she decided to go to college in Richmond, VA. There are no National Bank Branches in HI. I suggested she setup an account at Navy Federal in HI as there is a Branch about 6 miles from our son's house who lives in Richmond where the GD is stay while in school. That way her folks can deposit money into her account in Honolulu and she has access to it in Richmond. So far it has worked out well. I know that does not help you RV but Navy Federal has been around a long time and is the largest credit union in the States. Dennis
  5. agesilaus Glad it worked out for you. Mine are Resound. The thing I like about mine the most is that they are bluetooth and I have the TV unit with remote. I can turn the TV down to zero and just hit the button on the remote and the TV sound goes right to my hearing aids. I can adjust the volume on the remote and the wife loves it that the TV cannot be heard anywhere in the house. If she comes into my office to watch something with me she often says please turn up the TV so I can hear it. My brother had the top of the line Phonak rechargeable ones that were like $2,500 each back in 2015/16 when he got them and they are not even bluethtooth. Dennis Dennis
  6. I believe you can get new ones every 5 years. They will repair as long as they are repairable. They repaired my fathers dozens of times. To the point when the folks would see my brother come in they would ask if Don had broken his hearing aids again. When one of mine started acting up I sent a My Health Vet private message to Christina who is the Audiologist here in Fayetteville and she said swing by and call us from the parking lot and someone will come to your car get it and take a look at it. So I did someone came out I gave it to them 10 min later they brought it back out with a new amp in it. Works like a charm. I think how you treat the folks at the VA goes along way towards how your service experience turns out. Treat them like they are lazy or incompetent and they will F@#$ you over every time and do it with a smile on their face. I have found treating them with respect and gratitude even when things might not go exactly how you planned or would have liked goes a long way. Maybe just maybe that is why I have my Primary Care Doctors personnel cell phone number on my contact list. Dennis
  7. Agesilaus Here is another Truism. Ya spend the first 25 years of your life worrying what other people think of you. Ya spend the next 25 years of your life not giving a dam what other people think of you. Ya spend the next 25 years of your life realizing nobody gave a Dam about you anyway. Dennis
  8. Bigjim I see your point and I agree with it to a point. Then bitch about the important stuff like I don't know my prosthetic legs don't fit right or my prosthetic arms don't fit right don't bitch because you were f@#$ing inconvenienced about getting into audiology or they had to go to the garage during a pandemic or thinking they are lazy because someone did not return a phone call on your schedule. I don't know what do think maybe they were helping some who had a real problem. I am all for making it better but when you bitch about an organization that has thousands and thousands of good folks who go to work every day trying to do a great job for our vet's because of some piddle A@@ inconvenience then it pisses me off. The VA has done some great things for me and my family and if you are going to come after them for some BS inconvenience then I will defend them to the end. Dennis
  9. Agesilaus Not True. As you can see I am USA Master Sergeant Retired and all my "Disabilities" are Service Connected. My brother who died the 4th of July was a 100 percent Total and Permanent my Father who was in the Navy stationed at Pearl Harbor on Ford Island who died in a VA Hospital. My Mother who was also in the Navy during WWII was treated at a VA Hospital before she died. My Grand Father was a Sea Bee during WWII in the Pacific was 100 Percent Total and Permanent. So yes I have history with the VA Dennis
  10. bigjim It was not helpful I admit that. I just get tired of folks bitching about the VA. If you don't like the care you are getting then feel free to go some place else. Why would you continue to go someplace that provides your medical care if you believe they are lazy and incompetent? If you don't like the treatment you are receiving please feel free to take your business somewhere else. Dennis
  11. agesilaus Here is what I would tell you. Put your big boy pants on and suck it up. The Dumb A**'s in Congress have enough crap on their plate without worrying about your make believe problem. Go to the Garage between 10:30 and 11:30 and try to work within the system. The folks at the VA are doing the best the can given the situation while trying to keep everyone safe to include themselves. Dennis
  12. Jim Just remember that doing nothing and doing it well is an Art/Skill that comes with time. Don't try and rush into it. Let it come naturally. You have no where to be and you should not be in a hurry to get there. Dennis
  13. RV Thanks and yes I do. At least once a month for both laptops. Dennis
  14. So it should boot find off the original repair disk and then you can restore from the latest system image which has the 2004 build? Dennis
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