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  1. Turned off and gone from task bar. Thanks Dennis
  2. lappir I have the same thing. It showed up about a week ago. Any ideal on how to get rid of it? Dennis
  3. Boxcar 50 did you not see that the post is from Oct 2019? Dennis
  4. something like this MHL Micro USB to HDMI Adapter Converter Cable for Android Phone Smartphone HD TV | eBay You might plug in which Android phone you have to make sure the connection is the right one Dennis
  5. sure there is go search it on e-bay Dennis
  6. rynosback I might try that. Thanks Dennis
  7. Vladimir Is not using mirroring via Apple Play the same thing as Casting via a android device? Dennis
  8. Chad I believe it is an App. She opens the MLB App which shows all the games that are playing at the time and selects the one she wants. You may be right and it is a MLB App issue not allowing the signal to be exported. Dennis
  9. Ok my wife likes to watch the Cardinal Baseball Games. She has the paid subscription MLB App on her Ipad. I bought her an OEM Apple HDMI adaptor so she could run a HDMI cable from her Ipad to one of our 60 inch Samsung Smart TV's and watch it on the big screen. She can watch you tube videos, movies using the method but MLB App will not transmit it via the HDMI to the big screen even though it is running live on the Ipad. What I am doing wrong? She has the screen recording function turned off on her Ipad as you are not allowed to record the MLB games. Is there a work around? Is there som
  10. Well that is a vary common occurrence when folks move to Colorado. They all of a sudden get the munchy's their minds go a little foggy and they find themselves spending way to much time lounging on the sofa? Dennis (just kidding RV)
  11. Man has this page gone cold! Once this was a very active page but for some reason not any more. Dennis
  12. DJW

    New Member

    Ray, IN Like you I have been out longer than I was in. I was in for 20 years 6 months 3 days. Been out 27 years 5 months and 16 days. The time sure does fly by. USAFE7Ret. Welcome enjoy your retirement you earned it. Dennis
  13. TXiceman Be happy at least Miss N Mountains was kind enough even after only 3 posts to come back the very next day and post that it was sold. The problem was Sasha did not bother to read the thread which is very normal for a 1 poster. Dennis
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