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  1. I believe so, like any other "vehicle".
  2. We recently sold a park model home that we'd bought "just in case" about ten years ago. We've stayed in it for anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months at a time, and most recently 9 months due to COVID and our volunteer gigs being canceled. It was well-built and very comfortable, and with the residential type bathroom, kitchen, and HVAC a nice change-of-pace from the RV. As you note, they just seem more spacious than even a big fifth wheel. We had ours in an RV community where many (most?) folks have added a room on for a second bathroom, bedroom, etc. In Texas Park M
  3. We have full-timed for over ten years and part-timed for 10+ before that. We've never paid to have a gray (or black) water tank flushed, and it certainly isn't necessary on an annual basis. One in a while we'd leave the gray water valve closed, fill the tank, and then "flush" it that way, but that was it. I guess if you allowed a lot of grease or food down the drain you could get some build up, but with typical use no flushing of the tank should be necessary.
  4. Hempsteadc's information was spot on and accurate. Simply saying "I await your scathing criticisms" doesn't even touch the definition of trolling, and I understand exactly what he was saying with that comment. Are you now in charge of the moderating content on the forums?? If so there is a great deal more inaccurate and offensive material to be found than this.
  5. Ah, this old saw. 20+ years with a fifth wheel and never even a close call. It really isn't that difficult a problem to avoid. One good way is to avoid the common two-jaw hitches by using something like a Pullrite with the single 270 degree jaw. It either closes correctly or it doesn't. Someone might be able to figure out how to incorrectly hitch a trailer with this hitch, but I can't see how.
  6. I have been paying Texas sales tax on all Amazon purchases for many years now. Are there states where Amazon doesn't collect sales tax?
  7. That is incorrect information regarding Common Law Marriage in Texas. Common Law Marriage in Texas - Debunking Two Typical Myths.
  8. Simple math. Twenty-four members to a page (in my browser). A quick search to see where the page count changes from 0 posts to 1 post to 2 posts, etc. Not exact but very close.
  9. I did a quick search of Forum Members and their post counts. I recognize that post counts have been reset a couple of times with platform changes, but I found the numbers interesting. This is approximate, but: There are about 39300 registered forum members Of those, 31000 +/- don't have a single post (79%) 2760 +/- have one post (7%) 1296 +/- have two posts (3%) I'll bet this isn't uncommon among internet forums. Easy to join, but also easy to forget your log-in credentials or just never come back. And some people have no intention of ever posting, but prefer to rea
  10. Using a simple plug-in like Ad Blocker Plus will take care of the ads.
  11. Not completely accurate. See the link that I posted above. Or here is another if you don't want to scroll up: FCC License Required for FPV? Since most commercial drones are using transmitters that are not FCC Part 15 compliant, an FCC license is required for the video transmitters carried on the hobby drones themselves. Here is some text from the manual of a fairly small Horizon Hobby drone (Torrent 110): If you are operating this product in North America, you are required to have an Amateur Radio (HAM) license. Visit www.arl.org for more information. The reason that you
  12. The primary reason that you don't need a license for your cell phone is that it is FCC Part 15 compliant. Very few of the FPV transmitters in hobbyist grade drones are FCC Part 15 compliant, which means that you need the license if they transmit above a very low power level, and most do. Some of the higher end DJI camera drones do have FCC Part 15 compliant transmitters which relieves you of this requirement. As far as FPV goes, the frequencies used used are totally different than your cell phone. Most FPV is on the 5.8 GHz frequency, while cell phones are primarily using 850/900
  13. You can fly anything you want inside!! FAA doesn't have authority there, yet... Those tiny little drones are pretty fun in the house.
  14. Having a Pilot's license will give you a leg up on getting a Part 107 certification if you decide to pursue commercial use of a drone, but it doesn't relieve you of any of the rules regarding recreational use. You are still restricted (by law anyway) to flying only within Line-of-Sight, max altitude of 400', and making certain that you are complying with the various airspace restrictions, TFR's, etc. And, expect upcoming rules to add additional requirements like remote ID. That being said, the likelihood of enforcement out in the middle of nowhere is slim to none, but the laws stil
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