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  1. I had a just-out-of-college High School History teacher that asked us this question one day in class: "What is the primary purpose of a newspaper?". We gave him predictable answers like "To keep the people informed of situations in their community and around the world", or "To hold elected officials accountable to their constituents". He responded, "No, the primary purpose of a newspaper is to make a profit for its owners and shareholders.". I remember his words to this day (some 45 years later).
  2. I am curious if you feel the same way about the Good Sam Club? They are becoming similar, with Escapees getting into the Roadside Assistance Game, affiliating with the RVer insurance exchange, etc. And I know many members who have never seen Escapees as anything more than a Mail Service and an address. In your mind, what makes Escapees first and foremost a Club?
  3. It is useful to remember that Escapees is a Business. Not a club, not a non-profit, but a for-profit business. As such they can make whatever decisions they want (within the law) with regards to how they run their business. This forum and their official Facebook page exist as a means to promote the business. And the decision to censor posts on Facebook or in these forums, is theirs to make. Frankly, I agree with their decision to take politics off of the Facebook page for the next month or so. But that is just me. And as with any business, if you disagree with their practices, you are free to take your $$ elsewhere.
  4. That most certainly was not the only question put forth. The specific question that you yourself put forth just four hours ago was this: "Does Jessie A contribute something worthwhile or would you rather that he were blocked from further postings?". Also included in the statement was "Lets hear from everyone what the opinion is." You, as a "Weekend Moderator", asked the specific question and solicited opinions from others. That lends some weight to the discussion as it appears that the topic is under consideration by the "staff" that oversees the forum. So my question stands. Are we going to start voting on who does or does not contribute something worthwhile to the forum?
  5. Why would we single Jesse A out and apply this criteria? There are many people on these forums that would have trouble meeting this incredibly subjective criteria. Are we going to begin voting on others who bother us?? It is simple. If you don't like their content, don't click on it.
  6. Here is a Valtera City Water inlet that is listed as having a 4 3/4" outside diameter.
  7. I had a recent incident with the mail center that was elevated to the Mail Supervisor but never resolved. I ordered an map update from Ford Motor Company that they sent on a USB drive. It turns out that the first files sent were incorrect, so they followed up with a second mailing just a day later. I received SKP notification of two packages being received from Ford. When my mail was forwarded, I received only one of the packages. I called the mail center to inquire, and the call was returned by the mail supervisor. They said that they checked with the "clerk" who assured them that both Ford envelopes were included in my package. Yet, when I received the unopened, undamaged package from SKP's it contained only a single parcel from Ford. After some back-and-forth that was essentially "We are sure that both parcels went into your envelope" with me replying "I only received one" I was happy to discover that the one I had been sent contained the later USB drive with the correct files. The issue remains unresolved to this day, and I can't help but wonder what the resolution would have been if I had not received the correct USB drive. As far as Ford is concerned, their packages were delivered and signed for so they have no further obligation. SKP's seems certain that both were sent to me, yet I am 100% certain that I never received one of them. So while SKP's mail service has been very good over the ten years that I've used them, this incident, along with another more minor incident a couple of years ago gives me some concern.
  8. Internet forums in general are a dying thing, simply because there are different forms of social media that have overtaken them. I am a member of a Texas Birder internet forum that has been around for a long time, but has been in a steady decline for years. One of the reasons is a "parallel" Facebook group that is affiliated with the same interest group. In a relatively short period of time membership and participation in the Facebook group has overtaken the internet forum and is now a far more popular way to access similar information. Why? Instant content that is pushed out to members, allowing quick response, likes, shares, etc. There are still some oldtimers lamenting the fact that the internet forum isn't more active and wanting to revitalize it, but that ship has sailed. I've seen the same thing with every other interest group that I am associated with. And for younger people, even Facebook is a "old persons" format. They are far more likely to utilize Snatchat, Instagram, and TikTok than Facebook or an internet forum.
  9. Picked ours up today. Our mail went out Thursday (8th), and was at the Post Office in Medina, TX (General Delivery) on Saturday. Because of the holiday we weren't able to pick it up until this morning. Ballots heading back tomorrow.
  10. We used to go to the Eagle Nest Campground near Ruidoso, on the way up to Ski Apache. The land was beautiful, but the campground itself wasn't very well maintained, and used regular galvanized trash cans without locking lids. The Black Bears got so comfortable in there that we finally stopped using the campground. It wasn't unusual to see 3 or 4 of them wandering around in the late afternoon, turning over trash cans and enjoying the bounty.
  11. This is a bit like believing that drugs are scarce and hard to obtain simply because there are laws and enforcement. And perhaps you personally have never seen anyone selling them. The amount of fraud that exists regarding drivers licenses, registrations, inspections, insurance, etc. is much higher than many would like to believe.
  12. Back in my younger years when I drove crappy cars with bald tires, we all knew where to go to get inspection stickers without the inspection. It really wasn't much of a secret. I haven't had the need for that in several decades, but have no doubt that those places continue to exist. The entire state inspection program is kind of a joke, and I was hopeful that they would eliminate it in my lifetime. The legislature came very close a couple of sessions back, but never made it happen.
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