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  1. These pumps have always vibrated in our trailers, and if one (or more) of the rigid plastic waterlines are against any wooden structure it can really resonate. I've had good luck with placing foam pipe insulation, or just a piece of soft foam between the water line and any structure that it is touching. In the left side of your picture it looks like two lines are lying directly against a piece of wood. The solution may be as simple as isolating those lines with foam.
  2. The original convection oven in our Hitchhiker heated unevenly. A pan of 12 muffins would always have a corner where the 2-3 muffins were slightly burnt and obviously taller than the other muffins. The pan was too large to allow the turntable to operate, and it was always the same corner. After 8 years that unit failed and was replaced with an LG unit and we no longer had the uneven baking. Perhaps you have a similar situation with uneven temps causing the issue.
  3. I'm curious if you looked at any of these links? From the first link: The #1 heater is a natural gas unit clearly intended for sticks and bricks type home. The #2 heater is an ordinary tank-type RV water heater. The #3 unit is intended as a stand-alone, portable water heater for camping. It uses D-cell batteries for power (3 volts) and has garden hose fittings. The #4 unit is likewise a stand-alone, portable water heater. Etc. As far as I can tell, only their #7 unit, the Precision Temp RV-550 is actually intended as a direct replacement tankless RV unit. As far as I can tell, the second link is similar. The 17 best tankless water heaters? I think many of us know there are nowhere near 17 tankless water heaters suitable for use in RV's. A quick glance shows a number of conventional tank-type units, along with stand-alone portable units, house units etc. And the third link is a little better, but not much. Unfortunately many of these "The Best..." articles are generated for clicks only, pulling information from other websites and combining them into an "article" with a bunch of links to Amazon or other stores to generate revenue for the site. I very much doubt that anyone at "RV Know How", "RV Hometown", or "RV Web" has actual first-hand experience with any of these units.
  4. We just returned from Costa Rica, and the US requires a negative COVID test taken within 48 hours of your return. There was COVID testing available at every pharmacy, and even at the airport itself. We did our test at the airport and had results within 30 minutes. The cost was $65. Once testing became required for travelling between countries, the testing facilities were put into place very quickly and made quite convenient. As Barb says pretty inconvenient for a quick day trip, but certainly not enough to stifle travel for those who really want to go. But if you happen to test positive, things will get interesting...
  5. That is too bad. Nothing worse than not being able to hear/understand a performance or presentation. Unless it is the venue being unbearably hot and stuffy...
  6. I generally find them on the output side of the pump, but it should work in either location.
  7. This is often the check valve in the water pump. Most common pumps have rebuild kits available that will replace this valve and solve the problem. Or you can add an external check valve just downstream from the pump. It is also possible that you have other valving, usually near the water hook-up that allows you to fill your tank with city water from the hookup, winterize, etc. If you have this setup it is possible that one of these valves may be leaking, or simply not fully closed. But in my experience the problem you describe is usually the check valve in the water pump.
  8. It got pretty personal and nasty and I am assuming the entire thing was deleted by moderators. It happens now and then.
  9. RV - I'm guessing that is was a 10 MB (not 10 GB) hard drive, and yes, we didn't think it possible to fill that up... I started with a TRS-80 that first used a cassette deck for mass storage, and then updated it to 5.25" floppies that held a whopping 180 KB each (Single sided, single density).
  10. In the designation "i5-1035G1", the "10" after the hyphen indicates the generation of the processor.
  11. Hopefully he will just go away. I was really happy to see this narcissistic troll banned. Well deserved.
  12. It looks like a cot for a bed, a bucket for a toilet, and a 100W solar panel for electricity. No heating or cooling beyond what the minivan itself provides. This seems to be a basic survival situation, one step up from living on the street or in your car. I agree that is is hard to believe that this is what most people are asking about when discussing a budget for "full-time RV'ing".
  13. Understood. My point was that your "rank" will most likely change as your post count, since the update, increases.
  14. My guess is that this will simply be based on post count since the update. Most "rankings" on message boards are done this way. Not much different than simply listing the number of posts as has been done all along.
  15. This makes no sense. There is no correlation between how tight the filter is on the hose and how long a fill takes. There are many other variables that do make a difference, like water pressure, clogging of the filter, length/diameter of hoses, restrictions, etc. I have been at places where the water pressure/volume was so low that it took 3 - 4 times as long to fill the tank as at a "normal" hydrant.
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