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  1. I don't disagree. We custom-ordered a Hitchhiker in 2011 and full-timed in it for 9 years. It was solid as a rock, and still in fantastic shape when we sold it earlier this year.
  2. I won't try to characterize what "most of us prefer", but I will say that after many of years of full-timing with an adjustable regulator, I changed over to a fixed, high-volume regulator and now very much prefer it. They are compact, less expensive, and work very well. I use this High Flow Fixed Water Pressure Regulator from the RV Water Filter Store. My experience is that "most folks" with adjustable regulators set them once and then never again mess with them. I had one, but I got tired of the bulk, the need to occasionally re-build them, the fact that the pressure gauge will be damaged in a freeze and need to be replaced, etc.
  3. Just to clarify: A water pressure gauge is different than a regulator. Some regulators have gauges, but many do not. There is not really a reason to have a gauge unless you have an adjustable regulator and want to adjust it to a specific pressure. If you have a pre-set regulator you don't need a gauge.
  4. I suspect that this is an old site that hasn't been updated. For about a year after closing Hitchhiker down, they had Excel (I think) building for them. Then Excel went out of business and that was the end of that. I haven't heard of anything since. Kansas RV Center isn't even stocking RVs any more.
  5. My guess is that he got banned. This type of trolling (join, make several replies, go back and edit reply to include commercial link) has gotten a bit more common on the forum, but is easy to recognize. I've reported several and they've all been removed pretty quickly.
  6. This new member is going back and editing his responses with links to "rvweb.net" website. I imagine that he has an interest in that site. Reported.
  7. Yes, the "CT" part is simply the assembly of multiple images into a 3D rendering.
  8. Teri and I traveled to Costa Rica for two weeks in July, and just got back from a couple of weeks in Ecuador. We are scheduled to visit Colombia (South America) in February, a trip that will by then have been delayed almost two years. We are both fully vaccinated and will get boosters when available and appropriate. The airports and airlines are taking sensible precautions, and the foreign countries we've visited are frankly doing a better job of masking and social distancing than we see here in Texas. Our activities center around birding, hiking, and photography, and those activities are all outdoors and socially distanced. We are still taking sensible precautions, but we are getting on with our lives. We have additional trips planned within the US, but are always ready to change plans or pull the plug if indicated. The vast majority of hospitalizations and serious illness are among the unvaccinated, so we feel relatively safe. But nothing is 100%.
  9. I think that this is where "Life Member" used to appear. I hadn't noticed this before, but I'm guessing that Yes is a life member and No is not.
  10. I've not owned one, but the Chevy 6.0L engine was produced for ten years (until 2019) and has an excellent reputation for reliability. The 2018 Commercial Vehicle Guide from Chevy shows the E4500 chassis used for RV's can come with two different transmissions, depending on the wheelbase of the chassis. Both transmissions include a tow/haul mode and grade braking, so should be similar to what you had in your Ford.
  11. Updated forum software brings with it new features. It is very simple to ignore, or if you want to change your "rank", become more active on the forum. BTW - This change occurred a couple of months ago...
  12. I looks like Locast has shut down after a court ruled against them. Locast Shutting Down
  13. We had an occasion at a South Texas RV park where we paid for a week (electricity included in the rate), and then extended for another week at the same rate, only to be charged for electricity for both the first and second weeks when we checked out!! When I called to fix what I thought to be a mistake, I was told that all stays of over a week pay for electricity separately. No matter that I'd paid two separate weekly rates!!
  14. Really slow. You answered a post from 2018!!
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