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Think we have found a truck...but...


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Looked a 2 trucks this week. One has our eye/interest. I would like some input if possible.


It's 2014 780, with a D16 500hp, iShift w/over drive, 3.25 rear end, 239" WB. 538,534 miles.

I'm getting a RigDigs report to see what that might reveal.

This truck is kinda of a cream puff in that it was an Owner Operator, and he bought it with all the features then blinged it out a bit. It looks well cared for inside and out.

The dealer in Idaho, has put $3k in fixes. Radiator leak, oil leak, etc. I went over this truck fairly meticulously and found nothing that makes me want to go hummm. 

We tried to drive the truck today but they could not get it started. 2019 batteries would not take a charge. I think one of them is a gone'er. On Saturday they do not have a yard tech in the sales dept.

The price we settled on is $34,000 with our requests taken care of. (hitch removed, air lines pulled, oil and filters)

Logistically I need to figure out how to get the computer dump. The are a Freightliner/ Western Star dlr. The Volvo dlr is 20 min down the road in Boise. I think that information will be helpful.

I would appreciate any thoughts on the truck configuration... engine, etc.

Big thanks


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When you go to the dealer for the "computer dump", be sure the tech or service manager goes over ALL the parameters you can set yourself, not just what you "want". There's LOTS of stuff you might not know about, time to idle before shut down, etc. Get them ALL one shot, same price, they might forget to tell you.

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Glenn and others... thanks for the heads up on the D16.

There seems to be a reason why they stopped delivering D16s in North American. Significant warranty and relighability issues . Outside the US and Canada, they seem to be fine engines. It's the pollution reg compliance that ruined the engine.

So we're walking away from a really nice cab and frame with a potential money pit of a motor.

We did find a 670 with a workstation (rare) in Idaho Falls. Drove up and looked at it. Not actually what they advertised in some ways. They had the WB listed 30" longer, no fridge and it has one, few other things. The problem is that the salesman is in Boise at Rush's main facility and the truck is hours away at Rush in Idaho Falls...with no real salesman. 

Truck has 630k, D13, EcoRoll, iShift, 2.6 rear end. Needs: tires, Air filter, oil change, valve cover gasket, oil fill tube seal, water separater filter, crankcase filter, passangers side air seat won't air up (I think the line to it has been plugged off). Fortunately this truck has not been steam cleaned so one can see any leak problems. Nothing major like a front or rear seal, etc. Drive lines are good. Shocks, steering parts, air bags, breaks, are all in good shape.

Ext is in pretty good shape. Bit of a chunk missing from the left fairing where you fuel the tank, lots of pitting in the front bumper paint and chrome accents. Headlights need restoring, Windshield has a few chips but nothing that will fail inspection. Drives and shifts fine.

The issue with the deal, is getting a computer dump. They would need to move the truck to Boise. Apparently no place in Idaho Falls to get it done. If they balk at that, we walk away I think. I did get an oil sample so that can be run this week IF they will agree to get the computer dump.

So we keep looking. Utah (home base) has several but unless I go to Knight truck sales or Penskee, the Volvo dlr wants quite a bit more than what is out there for similar trucks. 


We'll keep looking.


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18 hours ago, trimster said:

Where do I start looking?


This site is a great place for information mixed with opinions.  This is a good thing.   I highly recommend the search, even though the results can be overwhelming.

These folks began with older model Volvo’s but you have probably figured out Jack has been repurposing Volvo’s and continues to do so

http://www.jackdanmayer.com/  The history and learning of 2 well known HDT owners

http://www.dmbruss.com/index.html  Also ^^^

I see a lot of chatter on a Facebook group called Volvo Truck Masters.  Not so much on choosing a used truck there.  Maybe another group?

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Go to RDO Trucks in Fargo, talk to John Stearns if he's still there. Several others have purchased there.  D16 had injector cup issues.  Go with the D13.  You can expect the injector harness to need replacing, at least on years prior unless they've fixed that issue.

They will do a complete printout and cleanup and checkout of the truck.  I was also told they could single it as well.

Bring up their site, location, used trucks, make, year. Mine is an 09 and still running strong, a tad over 500k miles.


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