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  1. I've drank lots of water from "Moving" creeks in Alaska-Yukon-BC-Northwest Territories Montana with no problems.
  2. This one has a messenger Messenger rna never used before and studied.
  3. At 71 when I can't shift my 13 speed-hang it up When I can't drive my racecar in trailer and have to us a winch-hang it up. Still ride a 1969 Harley kick start-race vintage snowmobiles. Had a drop dead heart attack 9 yrs. ago. Open heart 3 yrs. ago. Hernia surgery 2 yrs. ago. Still run on a tread mill for heart stress test. Just make it. Think God wants me to follow my young brain.
  4. Lapeer area about 100 mi. east of Grand Rapids.
  5. I put on my new Michigan Historical plate. Good till 2031 and only cost $35.00.
  6. Your solenoid is nothing but a huge relay with a big set of points. Two big washers coming together. They get burnt and pitted. They can get stuck together (welded). Cheap me would see how bad and if not real bad would file and sand. Haven't check but maybe nowdays there not made to not come apart to be rebuilt and no core.
  7. Relay valve-Will it come apart? Most things air just need a cleaning and new O-rings. Mud dobbers can plug the exhaust hole and you'll think brakes are sticking.
  8. There is no set degree but less is better. You want the trans yoke to be parallel to the rear end pinion yoke. The thing is torque under load will force the rear end up so atleast 1 degree down can be important. Get a degree angle finder.
  9. Smaller the tank the bigger the problem. You want them cold to fill but warm to empty.
  10. Had a situation in Mi. driving this summer going on a camping trip. Woulda have felt safer with a firearm on me or in the side door of truck. Not in the trailer.
  11. I always shut off the disconnects in summer and winter in Mi. Even if I plugged in the block heater and started it wouldn't probably reach 100 degrees in 40-50 degree weather. Would do more harm than good. I do get the urge in spring to start and hear the big kitty purr.
  12. Crate training and don't be a lazy parent. I buried my last boy (Newfoundland) with the bear he had since a puppy at 11.5 yrs. He and my new boy (newfoundland) at 4 yrs. have never ruined a thing. You can only count on one hand the times they both had an accident in house since getting at 8 weeks. 20 years of male Goldens and no problems. Had yellow labs years ago but the lived in a barn. At 70 yrs. wifie and I can't live without our big babies. Enjoy
  13. My 1984 Pete with almost 1 million miles has its original water cooled-oil lubed air compressor. Has three air tanks and can go from 90-120lbs. pretty quick.
  14. Doesn't matter what brand truck. Search for a D12. Truckersreport.com has some good info and also some smart butts. If was an older Cat I could help.
  15. A sure sign you have lost oil pressure is the rocker arms will start ticking. There the last to get oil via the lifters. Shut her down before you destroy the bearings.
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