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  1. Go to Truckersreport.com lots of good info from some old guy truckers not so much steering wheel holder types.
  2. No camera-no gps-no smart phone-13 speed and an all mechanical Caterpillar. Kewl
  3. beemergary

    ET air valve

    My old 1984 Pete 359 dual axle will hold air for a week. The suspension a couple months. It even has air windshield wipers and air for transmission . It also has rubber lines and flare fittings. No plastic and pushloc type fittings. Guess the don't makum like they used to. Kids bubbles and a squirt bottle usually will find a leak.
  4. Have a folding collapsible stool for wife. Getting old and still having fun requires a little imagination.
  5. You still got to match your speed to rpm's. My old Cat with a 13 speed pushing a million miles likes to be double clutched. The old Cat is slow to respond so the clutch really helps or you would be kinda forcing it even outa gear.
  6. Four got to have in my tool box items. Extendable mirror-extendable magnet and a stethoscope and headband flashlight.
  7. Thats the way Pete is done. 1/2 half way and there's no vent or they would leak. Pushing a million miles and all is well.
  8. beemergary

    Trucker GPS

    Rand McNally and google maps. Can use satelite and its like flying a helicopter. Use the satelite for truck stops for room to park out back and to let dog do his business. Draw my own maps on paper after looking at google maps.
  9. beemergary

    Brakes Frozen

    Had mud dobbers plug the exhaust port of my relay valve. Duh Took me a bit to figure that one out.
  10. Air brakes in rear use a relay valve. The exhaust port can get plugged by mud dabbers and cause the brakes to not release. Or is this something that only happens to me?
  11. beemergary

    Downsizing a HDT

    Wow Pretty close to that back window.
  12. What people don't get is your engine is a ( big ) air compressor that needs a ratio of fuel and air to run. The slower it runs in the most distance is the key without load. 1984 Pete 359-3406B 13 speed I don't really need my 3.90 gears but o well.
  13. Even my cheapo battery tester found a bad battery that would bring the others down after a few days.
  14. I have a 359 and looks like Porky69 has everything covered. Could also lube up the throttle linkage.
  15. Don't know about an ISX but my old Pete with a Cat has a fuel pressure gauge.
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