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Be careful with Propane

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It doesn't seem like a little 1 lb disposable cylinder could do that much damage. At least not until you consider that it holds a bit less than 1 quart of liquid propane that expands to around 67 gallons of vapor if it's all released and my math is close. I hope they all recover ok!

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For visualization purposes, 1# of propane contains approx. 20,909 BTU, 1# of TNT contains approx. 2,300 BTU, 1 stick of dynamite contains approx. 2,000 BTU. . You do the math. Propane is only  explosive between 2.1% and 9.5% mixture with air.

OK, time to stop this, Homeland Security may get interested.

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On 6/10/2020 at 11:17 AM, RV fan said:

Always use a solid cap for bottles stored inside and cap it tight. Check e-bay about $9.00 for 5 caps

5Pc BRASS Cylinder Cap 1LB Propane Bottle Cap


Just be aware, you can still have an accidental release via the valve on the side. Keep propane outside! There's a reason the tank cabinet has an open floor.

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4 hours ago, Dutch_12078 said:

Yes... Leakage issues usually occur after the cylinder has been in use though. 

Yep, I  refilled one, sprayed it with soapy water = no bubbles. I  put it back in a basement bay, 3 days later smelled propane odorant, picked up the 1# cylinder, it was empty. The main valve had failed just sitting there. I quit refilling them for RVing use, now just for around the farm.

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