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  1. Just bought a 340 and love it. Stable heat with very little swing for slow smoking. Quick heat up and temps high enough to be a true grill.
  2. 1. Test electric with a portable EMS. 2. Place rig, use leveling blocks if needed 3 . chock tires.. 4. Unhitch. 5. plug in electric. 6. level. (we have hydraulic leveling) 7. AC on. 8. Slides out, (my water and sewer are not under a slide, if they were I would do them first) 9. Water and sewer connections.
  3. Relax and slow down, you're in no hurry. Have tools and be handy, things will break. Don't forget to lookup, things jump out and try to hit the roof all the time.
  4. Yes, this it is always caused by a worn, loose or maladjusted suspension part. The hard part is that many time it is multiple parts that all contribute to the end result. On one of my vehicle I could not find it, finally found an old school tech, he lifted it up with wheels about a foot off the ground, put a 6ft 2x4 under the front tire and the leverage from that showed how badly the wheel bearings where worn even though by hand they felt fine and you could not wiggle the tire.
  5. The big beast is now ours. Hoping to get the final details done and out of the S&B by the end of Aug.
  6. Iphone 11 on AT&T, but data is on a jetpack through sprint with unlimited data.
  7. Also do a figure 8 with the ear loops. Have the top string go under the ear.
  8. All most! Got the kids moved out and house almost empty. We are scheduled to pickup our new 5th wheel on the 25th.
  9. I used to work in a computer retail store back when the first Compaq portable came out with a 10meg hard drive. Price of the hard drive was 5k.
  10. Sounds like fun, cannot wait to start. Remember you're not on vacation, don't go so fast you burn-out.
  11. Or : down shift and accelerate in a curve instead of natural instinct to brake. ( in a car not a big MH)
  12. Download the daily pricing spreadsheet and check for that station.
  13. Wow, so simple. I could just run the board from the bed of the pickup over.
  14. the timing of these two post is funny😁
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