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  1. Thanks for the replies. It is a 2018 Ram 3500 AISIN transmission and under warranty but this is the second transmission to go in. Original trans leaked at 3K so they put new trans in but way overfilled it and blew oil all over so I was leery of the new trans and sure enough at 19K she blew up. Open to all replies. Thanks
  2. Finally had a major breakdown and had to have the truck towed 40 miles in one direction and the trailer towed 30 miles in the other direction to get into a campground that was available. Of course it is Sunday so not many places open or answering phones. I will be needing someone to tow my 35' fifth wheel down to Florida a total of about 450 miles from the South Carolina campground. The truck will be needing a new transmission so no sense staying here to wait for it. Any leads on tow companies? thanks
  3. Always use a solid cap for bottles stored inside and cap it tight. Check e-bay about $9.00 for 5 caps 5Pc BRASS Cylinder Cap 1LB Propane Bottle Cap
  4. Where is it located? And as mentioned above, Model # and how long has it been sitting?
  5. When plugged into any AC source (either shore power or a generator) your 12 volt is usually supplied by the battery charger/converter. The charger/converter converts 120 volts AC to 12 volts DC and charges your battery. When not plugged in to any AC source your 12 volt DC is supplied by the battery only. With 1 Honda EU2200i you have 2200 watts max output, 1800 W continuous. These outputs are rated at sea level and decrease approx 3.5% per 1000 ft. You do not mention the size of your air cond, it is either a 13,000 BTU or an 11,000. It is most likely a 13,000 unless you have a small trailer. It could be a 15,000 but these are usually only found on a 50 Amp trailer. Most users are concerned about in running an air conditioner when boondocking in hot weather. If you install an EasyStart on the air conditioner, and disconnect the battery charger/converter while running the air cond you can run the 13.5K air cond on one EU2200i and it may also be able to run on ECO mode. You won't be able to run any other 120 appliances while running that air cond. Investigate the wattage your microwave to find out what it draws. You have to manage your usage. Another option if you decide you need 2 EU2200i's is that you can get 2 standard units and get a parallel cable to join them together. You need to do some research to become familiar with all options. Hopefully this help further your RV education. It took me a while to figure much of it out and every day brings new opportunities to learn more. good luck.
  6. Look at Onan/Cummins P2500i. Much less expensive than the Honda. I saw them at Quartzite and would have bought them if I had not already bought Honda's
  7. X-12 torque multiplier wrench $450.00 This is the Cadillac of torque multiplying lug nut wrenches. Don’t risk busting your butt or breaking a limb with makeshift rigs to loosen or tighten your RV lug nuts. The feature that makes this better than the cheap units is that you can torque the lug nut to 450 ftlbs accurately with a 45# setting on a torque wrench. The cheap units are great for removing but you risk stud breakage due to the high gear ratio.These are very high quality tools. No Chinese junk here. Excellent condition. It has saved me several times. Very hard to find nowadays. excellent condition
  8. RV tire and wheel, 16 x 6, 8 lug see all specs below. Both for $75.00 Pick up in South Yuma, AZ at the SKP co-op park Was a spare but never used and kept secure underneath a fifth wheel. Both wheel and tire in excellent condition. Tire; Goodyear LT235/85R16 Load range G DOT date code is 2008, 20th week of 2008 Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire - 235/85R16 126R Price: $282.97 & FREE Shipping. Wheel; Dexstar Model # AM20759 Price:$50.71 White powder coated, 16 steel wheel features a 8 on 6-1/2 bolt pattern and meets Department of Transportation standards. Features: · Sturdy steel construction · Excellent corrosion resistance · White powder coat finish over e-coat primer · Positive offset ensures that the wheel is positioned closer to the trailer frame · Modular design · High-quality wheel meets DOT specifications · Made in the USA Specs: · Rim dimensions: 16" diameter x 6" wide · Bolt pattern: 8 on 6-1/2" · Wheel bolt size: 1/2"-20 or 9/16"-18 · Offset: +0.5 o Mounting surface of wheel sits outside of rim centerline · Pilot diameter: 4.90" · Capacity: 3,750 lbs · Limited 2-year warranty
  9. No longer needed. $175 each pick up in Somerton, AZ Can ship for additional approx $50 each. HiSpec aluminum wheels Series 02 part number 277865 (same specs as series 03 wheel except for the cosmetic appearance of the 10 lightening holes around the outside. The series 02’s have a tapered hole instead of the series 03 straight hole.) 17.5 diameter x 6.75 8 lug bolt holes on 6.5” bolt circle 4.90” center pilot hole 0” offset Can use ½ or 9/16 diameter lug nuts Max load capacity 4850 lbs at 130 psi Will fit Dexter 8K axles with disc brakes
  10. Dallas, Thank you for your reply. Hopefully aurora54 will add some info on their reason for needing factory support in their remote location.
  11. I am interested in one of these hitches so can you elaborate on the support you required "from remote locations." Sounds like you had multiple issues. A quick search of the BBB came up with many complaints on these hitches. https://www.bbb.org/us/tx/gainesville/profile/trailer-hitches/automated-safety-hitch-0875-90622349/complaints
  12. The Coleman Mach series is very well documented. I did not hot wire the compressor or fan because upon further investigation I was able to figure it out. A couple of diodes on the control box boards were dead. I don't think we got an actual strike but rather just some kind of "back to the future" event" where some electrical energy got to the sensitive semiconductors on the roof. Replaced those diodes with some I had in my "electronics" stash and all is well. Funny how both A/Cs had almost the same bad diodes. Total time invested (other than internet research) 2 hours. Less time than it takes to talk to an insurance clown. Direct TV came right out and replaced my receiver and I had my old 32" TV so for now we are back to normal. They were great. I suspect voltage spikes came in to the tv stuff thru the outside dish. My new 42" TV probably has the same issue with some sensitive semiconductors on the input line, I'll get to that later. According to some of the neighbors who saw the bolts of lightning said that it seemed like 1 bolt came from above and 3 others came from the ground up with my rig right in the middle. Some saw sparks flying but not from my rig. oldjohnt Thanks for the tech input, you pretty much "guessed" exactly what happened. The board in the control box takes all the input from the low voltage thermostat and controls all the compressor and fan functions. Thanks to all for your suggestions and concerns, Bye Till the next time
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