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    My Bed design

    Suggest using some never seize on fastener threads since you are dealing with 3 different metals there.
  2. Sounds like a flow control for air. I encounter this type device in hydraulic equipment. They call them velocity fuses. They can be adjusted to control the speed at which a cylinder will move esp on the return stroke of a single acting cylinder.
  3. Dave's comments are right on point. I will only add that LIFE happens and when it does, changes come with it. They are a significant investment and coming to this forum to become educated is priceless. I have an IH 4700LP for sale as LIFE happened and I need to sell it. Somebody will like it and use it, which is what I cant do right now. Hate to see it sitting. Its a great truck with only 170K miles but has a big block IH diesel and Allison. When I am ready I will buy something that will work for me THEN. In the meantime, I live vicariously through so many that share on thi
  4. rpsinc

    Onboard air

    Yes, larger diameter hoses add volume for things needing higher CFM at start of work. Although difference between 1/4 & 3/8 is only 50% more volume but by 50' of hose. Of course pressure will play into that equation too.
  5. Helpful info can be found at Towing Guides on Trailer Life magazine website.
  6. Why not call them? They listed 2 phone #s for a reason, I would think.
  7. Sounds like the correct approach to me, but this is only my understanding and I am no tax professional and rely on CPAs to keep me legal. Not sure, but does that apply to those who own lots in a park. My parents owned a lot in Benson, and I dont remember them saying they were not allowed to be there full time. I seem to remember that some people stayed there full time.
  8. If you have room perhaps use some rubber hose, slit it and wrap it around your opening. Some Liquid Nails if its a bit loose, but the rubber on the wood should stay put pertty good.
  9. It would interesting to go see how rigs are registered in states other than CA than own lots in Coarsegold and Jojoba Hills SKP parks. And same with other parks, whether SKP or not, in CA or not. This is a lifestyle that allows flexibility for such things. LEOs know this esp those in areas with that sort of population. Dont sweat the small stuff, do your best diligence and ENJOY THE JOURNEY. If your intent is to do the right thing, then it will all work out.
  10. application to determine the correct replacement.
  11. I have search for gas shocks for many different applications and found a couple manufacturers websites. I was able to buy some for a different application using an applications guide that allowed me to use length, diameter and #s to determine best choice. I found it amazing how many choices are actually out there and I didnt need to use info of the SPECIFIC
  12. I resemble that remark. LOL
  13. If I remember right that Southwest style casita is on the highest road.
  14. I bet you will. I have to sell 2 trucks first. It would be a great excuse to go to Benson again. My parents owned the lot just 1 level down from the Southwest style casita built with foam blocks filled with concrete. Their casita has a pull down ladder to access storage in the attic.
  15. Ah, Benson, love that place. I built a casita for my parents there when they owned a lot. We (my kids & I) enjoyed that experience. Only been back once. Nice bike, wish I had time in my life for something like that. I had an '04 RK Classic Smoked Gold over black. Rineharts, remapped, lots of chrome(boy can you get lost in that experience), beachbars, etc. Fun, in fact when my parents moved from Benson, they went to Chino Valley, and we took bike there to ride the area, fun.
  16. We bought ours from a woman who's husband had passed away. It typically was kept in Congress at SKP park. They bought it new and picked it up at the factory. They towed it with an F550, not my personal choice although it did have a service bed. I am using an IH 4700 with a Stalick bed for now, but its for sale. I am looking forward to the remodel but have to get through these working years first. Doing lots of money management work and paying off mortgages(we have rentals). Almost there.
  17. Nicely done Jaydrvr. I have an '04 KA 38BSLE that I bought and am planning of remodeling. The exterior paint has lots of scratches and defects, plus a few body damaged areas that need attention. The interior is decent just needs a bit of updating, blinds, flooring etc. I appreciate what you chose to do esp since you intend on keeping it! I recently got quoted to paint my current rig(in my signature) and was told about $10K for trailer and $9K for the truck, in single stage 1 color with NO color change. Seems typical pricing for the work needed based on your experience as well.
  18. I am right there with you. The reality of what happens to our abilities and capabilities is another in a ongoing path to being honest with ourselves. I dont like it, but continue to work at accepting it.
  19. Given what you have shared here your health issues specifically your leg function, it may be time to "teach" yourself to slow down and leave more room for reacting in traffic events. Since your legs arent moving as well as they used to, leaving a bit more room might be welcome to those around you on the road. Seems as we get older, we all have to realize that we "just arent as young and nimble as we used to be". I certainly discover that every day I go to work and my mind tells me to do some things I have done a thousand times, but my body vetos that thought, most every time. Enjo
  20. When someone's 1st question about my MDT for sale is: "What is the fuel economy when towing?" I know they are not prepared for this journey. If that is your early considerations, then go do more learning. I have no idea what my MPG is, I bought the truck because it was the right truck for the job and MPG is not as important as safety, mine and those on the road around me. I still remember in Driver's Training, the instructor taught we are responsible for 5 vehicles when we are driving. That has stuck with me all these years, and I learned to drive in 1974.
  21. Good luck with that one. Gains are income, at least according to IRS codes, and as such are regarded as income and thus taxed accordingly. That being said, if that was the end of the journey, that would be OK for me, BUT, then you may have to pay estimated taxes because your income in this year would be seen as higher than typical and the IRS may want their $$ up front for future earnings at that level(which they now have figured will be similar to what is reported on those earnings, you know it may be a once in a decade or lifetime experience, but the IRS doesnt provide latitude like that).
  22. That is a VERY BIG group!!
  23. Yes, as a welder, I like working with cable too, but as an equipment installer that does the electrical too, its not practical nor cost effective. If you were going to be building a battery bank, I would encourage you to wire it with welding cable, but if you are running a long run in conduit, use THHN. Still stranded and workable AND rated for that use. Since it will likely be worked with once, then the extra cost is not worth it, at least not in my world.
  24. I have bought those size wires in specific lengths for jobs. Also have bought welding cable(totally different animal and priced accordingly but may be easier to work with in conduit) in specific lengths, at much cheaper than the local welding supply house, sometimes as much as 50% less per foot and many times free shipping.
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