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  1. We've used Charmin for years with no problems. As said, using enough water is the key regardless of the brand. Charmin may take a little longer than some to break down, but it still breaks down faster than my old body can pull up my pants and run outside to dump the tank.
  2. We have XM in both the car and motorhome, and like the "Mostly Music" package. With the sound Bluetoothed into my high frequency augmented and tinnitus reduced hearing aids, it sounds pretty good to me...
  3. We had a friend who has passed now that fulltimed with a teardrop and a mini-van for many years until cancer finally forced her off the road at 84. She replaced both the teardrop and the mini-van a couple of times over the years, but never upsized significantly. She did have a number of plastic totes in the van for her seasonal and other items that didn't need to be readily at hand in the teardrop as well as a port-a-potty. Her adult daughter often traveled with her for a month or so at a time.
  4. That's not "age discrimination", it's just good business. Car dealers do the same thing depending their particular vehicle age parameters. Once the trade in deal is completed, the dealer owns the vehicle and it's none of our concern what he does with it.
  5. The link for the SmokeStak.com (no 'c') Onan Forum is: https://www.smokstak.com/forum/forums/onan-generators.1/
  6. There's so few parks with age rules for other than long term stays that it will likely be a pretty small storm...
  7. Wherever that was stated was wrong. The most Starlink sats SpaceX has ever launched on a Falcon 9 has been 60.
  8. Yes. NSA/ReadyBrute calls them a "clevis".
  9. We're getting extensive thunderstorms here today that keep knocking out sat service for a few minutes. So I've been binge watching some Netflix shows using my Visible service via hotspot for my Firestick for the past couple of hours. If there was any buffering, it was so quick I missed it. Right now, my wife is streaming her favorite soap from a NYC CBS station on Paramount+ on the Firestick, also using the Visible data service.
  10. Double check the APN setting to make sure it was saved and also to make sure there isn't an invisible character like a space on either end of it.
  11. If the owner wants his rules to stick, then the make or selling price won't matter. Letting in an older Prevost or Newel would just open a can of worms over where the line is on what's actually allowed since he's already shown the age rule is meaningless. It's kind of like the old joke where a fellow asks a woman, "Will you sleep with me for a million dollars?" After a bit of thought, she says, "Ok", so he says, "How about for twenty dollars?" Insulted, she says, "What kind of woman do you think I am!" And he says, "We've already settled that. Now we're negotiating the price."
  12. Only 51 laser equipped sats onboard last night's launch that will serve northern Canada and parts of northern Europe.
  13. If the park is staying full or nearly full with the current 6-year rule, why would they want to change it?
  14. Visible makes it pretty clear that hotspot/tether use is limited to 5 Mbps. If you like your other phone better, try putting the Visible SIM in it. That usually, but not always, works. The APN may need to be changed to "VSBLINTERNET" for data use.
  15. My Mobley SIM equipped hotspot has been on almost continuously for the past 2 years.
  16. DTV Internet from the existing sats won't happen because it's not technically possible. Satellite Internet service requires a one to one two-way communications channel for each active subscriber. Satellite TV service does not, nor are the satellites equipped to support it.
  17. The only time I've ever been asked what year our motorhome is was years ago when we had a 1986 Toyata based Dolphin Class C. The only reason the check in clerk asked was because his sister had one like it and wondered if they were the same year. Other than that, I've never been asked for short stays, although have seen the 10 year rule mentioned for long term or seasonal stays. Now that we mostly stay in state/national park campgrounds except for some overnights, it's really a non-issue.
  18. mRNA was first discovered in the 60's, but only seriously studied for disease prevention for the past couple of decades...
  19. One of our neighbors at our NY cottage site had a large tree taken down a few weeks ago. The job was going so quietly that I wondered over to see what was going on. Turns out they were using a hydraulic fluid driven saw on the 50' man-lift, and 18 volt Milwaukee's on the ground for limbing and trimming. The only load noise didn't occur until later when they fired up the chipper. I was impressed by how well the Milwaukee's were cutting and how long the batteries lasted.
  20. When our motorhome broke down last year, Progressive's ERS had it towed to the garage of my choosing, although there was a $40 excess mileage charge since it was farther than the nearest qualified service provider. The tri-axle tow truck that was dispatched was more than enough for our 34' motorhome and the driver was very knowledgeable and professional. Progressive's ERS, like most of the low-cost insurance company provided plans, includes all the usual basics like towing, tire change, fuel delivery, and lock out service, but not the additional "concierge" services that the more expensive "membership" plans provide. Personally, After years with first Good Sam and then with Coach-Net, I'll stick with the low cost Progressive plan unless I run into an unexpected problem with them.
  21. I installed SeeLevel tank level sensors and displays on both our previous and current motorhomes. The installation is relatively easy if the sides of the tanks are accessible. The sensors and display are connected using the existing wiring. There's a variety of setups available to match pretty much any configuration. https://www.rvupgradestore.com/RV-Tank-Monitor-System-s/164.htm
  22. No, I don't think the relatively few people using VPN's was an issue. There is no law preventing viewers from getting stations outside of their Nielsen designated market. Locast was using industry standard geo-locking, so there shouldn't have been any issue on that end either.
  23. Lowes, since they usually have everything I need for the current project, and the 10% veterans discount certainly helps the budget. I don't get near many Menards, and Home Depot's veterans discount program is too erratic to be counted on, so I only go there if Lowes doesn't have what I need. I do prefer Ace for my more specialized hardware needs though.
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